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"Art is the most sublime mission of man since it is the exercise of thought seeking to understand the world and make it understood," said Auguste Rodin. The only imperishable accomplishment of human labor and energy is Art.

It was some six thousand years ago that Phoenician art first made its appearance in Tyre and Byblos in the form of glass, bronze, gold, silver and ceramic ware and jewellery set with precious stones. (One hundred Years of Plastic Arts in Lebanon 1880 - 1980, Chahine Gallery, Beirut 1982)

Ever since Ennion of Tyre, artists have followed each other without interruption on the soil which is Lebanon, this land of sunlight, crossroads between East and West, cradle of several civilizations and religions. It is a land of a thousand legends (Adonis, Baal, Europa), the Holy Land so often cited in the Bible, with its painters of frescoes, its makers of mosaics, and its sculptors who, for example, created the sarcophagus of Ahiram I, king of Byblos in the 13 Century B.C., a tomb with superb bas-reliefs and an inscription in that first Phoenician alphabet. Lebanese art is indeed part of a long history. (Idem, one hundred years in Lebanon) presents 'One Art Articles', a section where searchers can find interesting articles about art. 'One Art Articles' is a bibliographic database that indexes articles from books and magazines throughout the world. Full-text articles are included. The section is managed only to gather documentation towards Art in the Arab World and especially in Lebanon.

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