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Youssof Ghemrawi, a great master coming from the old Italian school...

I met Youssof through Instagram, I was fascinated by his talent, I saw posts of him drawing and teaching how we sketch using a pencil, steps by steps, nose, eyes, lips... A fascinating talented young boy, he must be an example for other young Lebanese... He has a great talent and potential... such a great master coming from the Renaissance period of old Italian school...

OneFineArt - William Matar - 13.6.2020


I am Youssof Ghemrawi, a young artist-painter from Tripoli, Lebanon. I am 16 years old, and it’s my last year in school. I draw since I had 4 years old, and with practice, my drawing level is improving year after year. Drawing is not my only talent, I also sculpt, write and I read a lot of books with various subjects. I am inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, and my idol in art is Davinci... I won many national drawing competitions, one of them was organized by the ministry, and the others by important universities in Lebanon, like LAU. This is me, And here are some of my artworks.