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Juergen Schmidt
Life and achievements
Congratulations for this article in Arabic regarding the life and achievements of the great "Savant" Abdallah Lahoud. The article is well written, but needs to be better synthesized. The article style is not so easy to understand and it contains some errors in the typing. But it has a big value as it documents the life of Abdallah Lahoud and I thank the writer and your site for publishing it online, making it available for a wide audience. Regards, Juergen-Sélim Schmidt
Viviane Haddad
Nice article, but needs to be better synthesized
Dear Onefineart Webmaster, I read the article regarding Abdallah Lahoud, a famous lawyer from Amchit (Byblos, Lebanon) and I appreciate to find such articles online. You are really contributing to create a database of our great people in Lebanon. Thank you! However, I had some difficulties in understanding the different steps in the life and works of Abdallah Lahoud and I think, that this article should be better synthesized to provide better profile of this famous lawyer. They may add also that Nabih Berry, present Presidant of the chamber, has worked in his office. Kind regards, Viviane Haddad, Venezuela


Leila Nassrallah
Poetic Music
Nous avons été en 2008 assistés à Baalbek au concert Musical de Mr Abd El Rahman Basha. Musicien extrêmement talentueux... un virtuose du Piano... Un géant du Liban. Merci bien de promouvoir des artistes Libanais et arabes dans votre site internet. Baalbek est ensorcelante... Leila Nassrallah et Mme Hemadé


habib jerdi
Salut Mr Adel je suis un étudiant a l université libanaise institut des beaux arts, j ecris ma these de master a propos de L ABSTRACTION ORIENTALE (al tajamou alcharki ki):ADEL SAGHIR MOUNIR NAJEM Et STELIO SKAMANGA j espere que vous pouver m aider par des articles et documents et une lettre de vous MR le peintre et merci d avance habib


Maroun Najm
Great old time of Lebanon
My mum told me that she once went to Amchit from Jbeil Byblos.. and she was invited to see a play by Adib Lahoud on some roof of a home... and old home based in Amchit.. What a great old time of Lebanon... Congratulation of this site.


محمد مطر
أعمال فنية جميلة أعمال فنية جميلة من وحي الام وعذابات الشعب الفلسطيني المناضل. الله معك


Gilbert Achkouty
Soul for massive sculptures
I love a lot massive sculptures in opens air. Those art pieces of works you expose here showing abstract Iron and steel form of sculptures are amazing... who is that artist I never hear about him before... Massive sculptures gives respect to particles of physics and beside that it is not easy to make from something huge and massive… poetic and fluent forms... I mean gives soul to heavy metals form… these works you expose give nice shape and nice soul. Regards


Georges Zouain
Shbaro in Merhachleh comic show. God bless his soul, what about Shbaro as Abou el Abed who acts with Merhachleh comic shows?


Sahar Daher
Very nice paintings , he s a real artist , I think he deserves more attention
Nancy Jalad
He 's very good artist i really liked


Ghada Daher
Lebanese and proudly I always arrive to this site one fine art when searching for my school and now when i clicked about... i was amazed it is for Lebanese people!! Waw I don't know I thought first that site is related to United States... but am proud to see it is related to my beloved Lebanon.


Mahmoud Kaabour
Courage pour ce lieu de culture libanaise. J’ai lu avec beaucoup d’intérêt le profile de l’écrivain français d’origine Libanaise Amin Maalouf. Courage pour Mr Maalouf et pour cette galerie de culture et d’art du Liban sur internet.


Walid Zein
Lebanese personalities of cultures. O my God this website so interesting. A treasure for me, you helped me several times to know more about some Lebanese personalities of cultures. Love it!


RoseMarie Pfortner
Charline very, very good!


Karl F.
Mr Antoine, your works hide an unwinding of unconsciousness manifested through the brush of colors and forms... in nearly all your works added here in this art site, I see the selfish woman and the nude innocent boy... and if not that subject you put in your work the contrast "the two extreme side" of "Emotive movement and mechanical movement - the first painting", "the transcended movement from inside inner self to creator - second paintings" - "The rose and black heart" - etc.... Anyway I am not judging you at all, I like the style and the philosophy behind the artworks, specially the one showing "Raphael watering the concrete pillars" and "Apple Tree". God bless you and plz keep creating.
Megan S.
I especially like the apple tree - a successfully different take on the classic 'woman morphs into a tree' painting. Smoothly executed and well expressed. I like the subdued color palette, to me it expresses a repression of emotion, creating a nonverbal longing in the viewer. Well done!


Toutes les aquarelles magnifique !!
Youssef Chekri
An elegant touch of watercolors... I like more some works than other... do you paint through other technical paint such as Oil or Acrylic… Anyway in your color I feel the color of the Mediterranean Sea… Youssef Chekri


Reem Yared
Dear one fine art, I was blessed to discover your site one fine art. I found this site very interesting and "Utile" as French say. Your site is Multilanguage and full of information on artists (Multi-facette) of all kind of art, and beside that, the site contains a lot of articles about Lebanese arts in general and artists in particular and Arabs artists... The section Past Artists is really something to say… Can you add some profile of acclaimed poet Nadia Tueni. (God bless the late Hero Gibran. Can you try to add also more articles about Islamic arts and arabesque.
Hanan Hamade
I love visiting your art center. Your site gather huge information and I will rate you high. However I was searching information for artist Fluvio and Flavia Codsi.. I didn't find.. I care more for the paintings of Flavia who I appreciate more.. can you add a profile for her.
Mohammad Moukarem
Can you present a profile about calligrapher Sami Makarem. Plz I need from my research.
James Barsoum
This Art Portal Onefineart presenting Lebanese and arab artist painters, poets, sculptors, photographers and more... is truly an important place of the Lebanese media. Please keep doing well. I can assure you your site can be considered as an art an Arab culture wikipedia for Arab world.

Florence Jamal
Plz add more biography of Lebanese artists. Interesting artworks and style, can you add a biography for artist Hugette Caland, I heard that this artist is controversial.
William MATAR Ok will do. We will work to add the profile suggested.


Karl Hanna
I reviewed your works in this site. I admit some are very nice with a correct mixture and selection of colors. But in some other if the colors are well chosen, I feel either the subject is not well shaped or the strokes of brush are not tender.. they are distributed in the canvas with less love... why?


Nadine Kayrouz
Merci pour ce site d'exposer des artistes contemporains comme Mr Baalbaki, J'ai bien apprecié


Very Talented fashion designer as art accessories and jewelry. We purshased once in Dubai of her rare collection. Abdallah


Nice poems
Nice poems.. it is fluent and also comes with strong Arabic. Are you a also a DR?


Dear Mr Antoine. It was with great pleasure I surf your profile and found your Giant sculpture.. Nice works. The project of the Phoenician ship is quite impressive. All the best.
Tony Bassil
The Dynamism showing in your monumental sculpture works are impressive. It is probably heavyweight creativity but it has some fluidity; I mean those two showing in the OneFineArt: Martyrs' statue of Lebanon, Monument to the First Sailor and Alphabet. If you believe in your First Sailor of Alphabets you should make a donation site on the internet... maybe Lebanese, if they like the idea, can make your dream comes true. Tony Bassil 15.7.09


Michel Khalil Bridi
New painting technique Pioneering and promising development of a new painting technique: Divisionism applied to human body!


Moussa Tabcharani
Hello, I was happy to see in this site your works and profile. I am originally half Syrian. I read your CV. If I visit Syria one day I will try to ask about you in Syrian galleries. What the general price of your works?
Salma Khan
I would love to live with your art on my walls, they give me great happiness. 4
Cathy Daou
Try a little harder making it more realistic and not so babyish, but it is still beautiful
souraya francioli
My dear Adib It's stunning, a blessing for the eyes, I love the whole lot & would want to have them all. A must see art. My sincere wishes for a continuous success. Impressed Souraya


maamoun Lebanese people must be very proud because they have a man like you.


Talal Charbel
Nostalgia of Lebanon. Your windows, doors, make me all near Lebanon. I love you my country.. I miss you.


Jacky Karam
Good work Creating a portfolio for Afifeh Karam is amazing. I really appreciate all your effort to serve Lebanese artists, Past and current Arab and Lebanese artists.
Emile Karam
Très bon travail concernant Afifi Karam, mais nom d'auteur d'article manquant. Cher Monsieur, Félicitations d'avoir pris l'initiative d'écrire sur des poètes et écrivains libanais du passé. En fait, dans notre pays et en général dans les pays arabe, aucune documentation en ligne n'existe encore, concernant des écrivains de nos pays. Vous nous donnez ici la chance de redécouvrir une femme-écrivain brillante,mais vous omettez de précisez l'auteur et les références de cette publication. Il serait mieux de citer toujours des références, pour la crédibilité des textes. Merci encore pour nous donner l'occasion de redécouvrir ces perles oubliées du passé, que l'Etat Libanais oublie d'honorer, dans la foulée des guerres et des crises économiques successives. Bien cordialement G. Karam
معجب بالشعر خاصت
Reviewer: علي الجفري
العزيز عاطف هل لديك كتب او أي منشورات أو تنظم أمسيات شعر في البلاد العربية أو لبنان. انا معجب بالشعر خاصتك. أنا من لبنان عمري 16 ولكن أعيش في سوريا مع والدتي أسمي علي
صديقي عاطف
صديقي عاطف، قمت بقرأة صفحاتك على الموقع عدة مرات، وقد حفظت أيضا "قبطان السفينة الغارقة" – "الفارس والذئب". أتصور أيضا لماذا قمت بكتابت تلك القصائد لربما لتقف بوجه الأستبداد في العالم... أنا أكتب مثلك الشعر(ليس بثلاثتك) ولكن بيني وبين ذاتي لربما لأمسح دموعي... وقد فقدت أخي الكبير في لبنان في حرب تموز... صديقك وأخوك علي.
Reviewer: Atef Mahmoud
العزيز... على الجفرى سعيد برسالتك ويشرفنى التواصل معك وليس بغريب أن من شجعنى على كتابة الشعر هو لبنانى وأن أول رسالة إعجاب بالشعر وصلتنى من لبنانى مقيم فى فرنسا والآن وصلتنى رسالتك وهى أيضاً من لبنانى مقيم فى سوريا ولك أن تعرف أننى لم أكتب كلمة واحدة خارج لبنان. أما عن سؤالك عن كتب فى الأسواق أو أمسيات شعرية فأقول لك أنا أقل مما تخيلت فأنا عامل زراعى أعمل فى باريس العرب "لبنان" ولو قرأت المقدمة على الموقع لعرفت كل شئ عنى. يشرفنى التواصل،،، عاطف
Walid Baz
God Bless your soul Mr Rayes. I was your friend and I always respected you and loved your works. As a friend you were my best.. I will never forget your always smile in your face and your smily spirit... Your joke is always in my ears. ;o)
Great Lebanon Great Ameen Rihani. I really loved those past time of Lebanon...
Alex Saleh
Melody and sculptures I like what I am seeing here in the Lebanese art gallery, what a professional Lebanese sculptor. The line of the artworks and curves are so fluent... it is like a melody of music or to be precise a melody of flute.... I don't know I feel myself hearing flute when I saw your works. Amazing!
Raghida Elias
Des belles robes et un beau coup de stylisme. Mes félicitations Mr Basil.
Laurence Moubarak - Hello, Average style and talent of Lebanese photographer... your photo style look old... Regards
Walid Semaan
Artists from Lebano. Very nice works... molding steels like potteries or clays are something unique... He is attaching steels to each other's but creating spirit on the works molded. I am new to this artist who I discovered while surfing website but It was a charming moments to discover that combination of tough and tenderness! Lovely artist from Lebanon.
Eduardo Palma
Remarkable painter, her flowers seem to be alive. Beautiful colors, full of life and expression.
Nagi El Hadad
Tough and no poesy in style
I was in Dubai last years and I appreciate your works. You have some talent I cannot deny. However there is no poesy and poetry ambiance in your works and that is why I didn’t purchase of them. You have good technique but it is quite tough as works. Regards
Sami Issa
Grandeur of Lebanon
Chebli Mallat grandeur of Lebanon, thanks for adding him. All united for one Lebanon. Sami Issa
John Chemaly
Very nice selection
I have a painting from Mr. Fattouh from his old selection 1990. When I was visiting Lebanon this summer 2008... I saw a huge exhibition in Faraya Mzaar and Mr. Fattouh was exposing besides many Lebanese creators. His last works are not as beautiful as before… I think the artist needs to work again for his style... He still has a nice choice of colors… but I didn’t like a lot his new abstract works...
Georges Melki
Phéniciens et Etoile Polaire
J'ai beaucoup apprécié l'article sur Charles Corm posté sur votre site. C'est vraiment quelqu'un qui n'a pas reçu les honneurs qu'il mérite, ni au Liban ni en France... Cela dit, il faut faire attention quand on quitte le domaine de la poésie et qu'on s'aventure dans le domaine de la science. Deux points sont à relever: 1- L'Etoile "Polaire"-ou alpha de la Petite Ourse- n'était pas polaire à l'époque des Phéniciens: cela est dû au phénomène connu sous le nom de 'précession des Equinoxes". L'axe de la Terre n'est pas absolument fixe par rapport aux étoiles lointaines, il est sujet à une lente précession(comme le mouvement d'une toupie en fin de course) qui a une période de 26000 ans. En conséquence, son point d'intersection avec la sphère céleste varie lentement, et passe d'un signe du Zodiac au signe voisin tous les deux mille ans à peu près...L'étoile alpha de la Petite Ourse n'est devenue vraiment polaire que vers le haut Moyen-Age. Dans mille cinq cents ans, elle ne le sera plus, et c'est Véga qui prendra sa place.. 2- L'histoire de la découverte de la physique nucléaire par Moscus est une fable digne des élucubrations mystico-poétiques de notre Said Akl national! Cessons de répéter les histoires abracadabrantes qui n'ont aucun fondement, tant historique que scientifique! La "théorie" atomique de moscus, reprise par les Grecs Démocrite et Lucrèce, a autant de fondement que l'existence de l'âme postulée par Platon, c.a.d nul du point de vue scientifique... Au lieu de tout cela, j'aurais bien aimé trouver dans votre biographie de Charles Corm une confirmation de l'histoire que j'ai lue dans le dernier livre de Roger Machaalani, et qui voudrait que notre poète a reçu, en 1935, le Premier Prix du "Prix International de Poésie Edgar Allan Poe", et cela sur 124 participants venus de 14 pays différents...Je n'ai pas pu vérifier cette histoire, ni par recherche sur google, ni sur le site de la BNF, gallica! Quant à Wikipedia, elle parle du prix Edgar Allan Poe pour les romans, et non pour la poésie...Voilà une histoire qui date de moins de 80 ans, et qu'on est incapable de vérifier! Alors comment ose-t-on parler de choses qui datent de 3200 ans avec cette certitude? 4
Joseph MATAR
Charles Corm - Reply
Cher Mr. Georges, Je suis le père de William à qui vous avez adressé l’e-mail. Les Corm sont mes amis, surtout Georges Junior, l’imminent économiste, prof d’université, écrivain, pianiste, ministre. Son père Georges était mon prof les enfants de Charles sont aussi mes amis. Vous avez oublié que le livre ‘Conférence’ 6000 d'histoires a été écrit il y a plus de 80 ans et que si Charles, ce grand poète était vivant il aurait admis notre thèse, vous avez pleinement raison. Einstein est contesté, Aristote aussi, les Ptolomés etc... Newton, Galilé, Copernic… C’est la rigueur scientifique. Un de mes amis, a à son actif plus de 50 ans de physique quantique et membre du Jury du prix Nobel, écrivain, il illustre ses œuvres par mes peintures, je vous invite à visiter mon site et de lire ‘les mystères de l’amour’ de Charles Corm. Ce qui m’a intéressé c’est le prix d’Edgar Poc. J’en parle à Georges et aux fils de Charles. Si vous êtes au Liban venez nous visiter. J’avais beaucoup du Melki des copains de l’école.
Bill Yoram
Hello, I visited OneFineArt and see the works of Abboud. I did like the choice you selected.. I respect Abboud as an Artist.. but I think the artist is taking a popularity more of what he deserves. Some paintings done by him are not so nice and more important do not have meaning... Also with my full respect of Abboud I prefer artists having strong background of technique of paintings... before arriving to be known as an abstract artist... etc... How many painters pretend to be into the new abstract movement because simply they do not learn the ABC or the first steps of painting.... Regards
Patricia Farhat
Abboud Masterpieces
The selection of the artist's colors for Abboud Masterpieces (The over 1 meter) are very beautiful. I keep checking your site it is evolving. 4
I was amazed by the diversity in your work. I know that you work hard to achieve your goal. It's been nice to see you in this site. Very interesting.
Daniel Enright
I have recently opened an online gallery by the name of Starving Arts Gallery. I am currently seeking submissions for the site and came across your work. If this would be something you are interested in, please feel free to contact me for further information. You can view the site at I look forward to hearing back from you.
Omar Eid
Art in Lebanon
Darine, I appreciate your art works some have very beautiful meanings.
Peter Homsi
Thanks Mr William
I order from you the watercolor showing a Lebanese house. Your system is quite reliable and you are very quick. I am happy to own the masterpiece. It will keep my entrance beautiful and remind me Lebanon.
Marcel Nader
Honest Opinion Great artists, lot of hard work and beautiful results, still need to refine work few niches which are the hardest.
Marty Barnhard
Very satisfied, I am very satisfied with the paintings I ordered.
Laure Kallab
Good Sale
Thanks for your good service. The work is same and even much beautiful... when I open the DHL package... I was really impressed.
Joe Daoud
Excellent Purchase
Excellent Purchase and service. Very polite. Keep doing well. Your Artfully
Claude Agostino
Colors of the artworks
I can inform you, when I opened the package (DHL is the best), the first reaction was being astonished by the colors of the art work. It is an excellent work and very talented artist indeed. God save you for bringing beautiful art works to internet.
Jihane Bared
Fast and very polite people. I agree the shipment was very well done and with good care and tough package. I guess as my British friend mention, Lebanese are very friendly people and helpful. I get what I expect.
Thanks, I sold my masterpiece of old famous Lebanese artist through your site. I wish to thank you.
May Kamaradin
Excellent for this Arab oriented art site. Very positive feedback for art sale... and extremely polite.
A. Karam
Very Satisfied dealing with you and being owner now of a new artwork from Lebanon for a Syrian artist. Again thanks
International Artistic Consultancy Group
William We are so happy to have a trusted and honest friend in Lebanon.
Reply - It was a great experience with this website. safe packing, safe money transfer ,responsible manager & everything else you wish.
Garbis Saatjian
Pink Sonata
I ordered this painting from, the artist is Mr.Joseph Matar, I was fascinated as how beautiful the painting was, almost like a Degas impressionist, had that ethereal feeling that gave you, I urge collectors to see the list of Mr.Matar's paintings and order some, you will not be disappointed.
Abbass Seif
Merci Mr. Matar. Personne correcte
Moustafa Nachabe
Cedars paintings
The painting is great, shipment was quick. Service was great and professional. Thanks.
Omar Eid
Art with meaning
Dear Artist Donia, I came here to congratulate you, very interesting art works and we feel how much you give from you to produce them.
Joe Ajaca
Jesus Christ
All what is exposed here for Dr Dahesh is interesting. of course Dr. Dehesh is a unique person.. and rarely people comes to this world with this gift in hands, in mind and in Spirit. But the question is why to follow him? And I don't believe that much in a way to approach all religion to be under 1 intelligent thought... It is Impossible!! Christian and the way they see God is not at all how Islam see their God. Not to mention Israeli and they are still waiting... and wait what.... Christian with the God of Redemption and Love... The God who came to save human... and to be equal to them... is not the God of Islam.. the God of words.... I will not deny that us Christian a lot of us are living not from what Jesus Christ comes to teach us.. sadly...
Yolande Bassila
Interesting... but who can proof that all this is correct... I was seeing yesterday Future TV. I admit it is a unique personality.. but that story of head being on table and the body of Dr Dahesh out.. is a pure Joke! And why we have to follow him if already we have our religions
Nouf abdulrahman
knowledge comes from reading Answer the first review. Why should we believe in him if we already have our religions? well the simplest answer is that the world evolves that's why there was pluralism christianity, and islam for instance. The truth of the prophet is that he is a true prophet not just a unique person like the 2nd review mentioned. alot of recorders and highly respected educational ppl , and writers and journalists and more have seen by ther eown eyes those miracles happen and have written it all for it to reach for people. but this belief can only be seen truley by the people that god allows them to see. tell me have u seen the christ or have u read about him, have u seen mohamed or have u read about him, this is it the only way to knw and find out wats right from wrong is to search and read and read. and as for believing in it and making daheshizm ur religion that is not required byt daheshizm wat is truley required is the act of good and honesty and morals that human beings should have! so u can be a muslim and a christian who read about daheshizm for light up there minds and conscious .i hope i wide range of people get to read this i knw little about daheshizm in terms of knowledge but im still searching and searching .
ahmad ymany
by freedom i mean SIMPLE freedom as in if you are a muslim you pray 5 times a day you can't do most things that bring humans pleasure and most of Muslims can become close minded living in such a closed world that can't accept anything but their own for Christians its pretty much the same and to say the truth i don't think this is what humans came to earth to do.. In my opinion i say Christianity and islam date back thousands of years and in a world filled with liars cheats and powers freaks.. id bet anything that they have been manipulated.... any way this article is very well written and its great for people to discover the prophecy of Dr. Dahesh
William Matar
Welcome Ahmad
From United Kingdom
Nice works, great artist David Corm. Very Talented master!
I like your photos, they are soooo cool.. the first one showing two rocks and one plant in the Middle.. hehehe... is something strong…
Stefan Abdala
To Mrs Dana Khrais: I work in a magazine about photography; we are targeting international and Middle Eastern female photographers. Can you send me more of your photo to my email… also if possible to update your profile in this site.
عمر مطر - شكرا للفنون الجميلة الموقع المميز لتقديم قائمة من الفنانين والشعراء من لبنان والعالم العربي. أنا دائما أقوم باستعراض موقعكم للقراءة ومعرفة المزيد. أحبكم دائما
Martine Akra
Hello, you have an important site... extremely important... not only because of the "haute couture" profiles you list and all the important profiles of other Lebanese prominent people... but all this site section is so rich… Lovely... Mes félicitations. Bravo pour tout ce votre travail sérieux. Pouvez vous ajouter un profile du styliste Reem Acra.
Dolly Salloum
Une amie a Etel Adnan
O! J'etais une grande amie a Etel... que Dieu soit avec elle. Peintre intelligent.
Stephan Hajj
Effort appreciated - I keep watching your site. I really give you credit for continual updates and change in this site. Gooood works in general. Keep all your effort to the top. All FOR Lebanon
Rose Marie Korab
Salut pour le Liban - Excellent ce site culturel Je trouve toujours des suivies intéressante.
Lebanese Poets
This web site presents important, useful, concise information. It also presents a Good sampling of poetic work.
Toufic Daher
Noir et Blanc et confusion
Vos tableaux en bleus sont beaux... de même ceux que vous exposez dans la section "Direct Sale" sont bon, mais les autres nommés Installation... je n’ai pas aime du tout... c'est un abstrait vide est sans aucun sens... et même si je peux dire les installations donnent l'aspect d'une idée absurde avant d'être exécuté en installation... D’une idée fausse vous ne pouvez pas faire quelque chose de beau…
Best article ever :) Thank you for making this awesome post about my uncle. i love him. his art and painting fill our homes with happiness
Abe Ash
Faouzi Al-Kach impressionist artist uses a bold and daring approach to color and movement. @faouzialkach

Elias Aoun
Culture du Liban. Votre site internet que j'ai trouvé en utilisant Google est une référence, un dictionnaire de la culture du Liban. Mes felicitations.
Rabih Assaf
مثيرة للاهتمام مقتطفات من المقالات والكتب حول هذا المؤلف. أنا اشتريت عندما كنت في زيارة لبنان الشهر الماضي ، واحد من كتبه. أطيب الأمنيات من ألمانيا
Karim Shaaban
Photography or artworks with smart background
Interesting art works... I like them because they are based on big format.. however I feel the impression if they were too much inspired from a photography...or by a photographer's eye with nice touch in background. Anyway I like them, if you have good price am willing to buy from them.. let me know...
بشار اسعد [email protected] jonada كل اللوحا ت حلوين بيجننو
فوأد فرام البستاني عزيزي المسؤول ، أكتشفت بفرح كبير هذه الصفحات عن العلامة فوأد فرام البستاني من خلال البحث في غوغل. عندما كنت طفلا لم أكن أتصور أبدا أو أقبل الاستماع اليه في تلفزيون لبنان... وكان مملا بالنسبة لي وأنا لم أدرك لماذا والدي كان يستمع إلى الدكتور. وبعد عدة سنوات رأيت عند صديق لي شريط فيديو من برنامج بستاني على شاشة التلفزيون. أخذت الأشرطة من صديقي واستمعت اليها، وأنا أعترف اليوم ما من شخص عظيم مثله... انه هو نفسه الموسوعة... و من أكبر الرجال العظام في لبنان. أنحني أجلالا وأحتراما أمام روحهي الطاهرة. - القاسم من أيران
From Austria to Lebanon - Hello, Indeed there is some Sadness in the paintings of Farid Aouad. I like his style from the moving color he used to the sepia black and white works. Thanks for adding such Lebanese art master... A real Art Master from Lebanon.
George Chamaa
A family Story - Dear Georges, I saw one of your creative dress on the cover of Los Angeles Magazine. My grandmother used to tell me when I was a kid that long time ago there was a wedding in a village in Lebanon where the Bishop would preside, and the Hobeikas' were invited, as they arrived the Bishop said who are those handsome candels (Chamaa in Arabic), and since then those hobeika who attended this wedding would change their family names to Chamaa. I don't know if you knew this true story. George Chamaa Multimedia Artist "The Senior Messenger" Editor Bernardi Senior Center
Julie Bou Farah
My great teacher
In life, people may come and go, some will be remembered and some are forgotten. But one thing is for sure, I'll never forgot the person who is known as my second parent. Who did efforts for me to gain knowledge, the one who has been my guide .Allah Yor7amak George my great Teacher.
Grace Toutounji
Dessins illustrations
Mr Toutounji, vos dessins sont très beaux, j'ai bien apprécié la finesse et la candeur du travail, pouvez-vs ajouté plus d'œuvre et de dessins illustrations dans ce beau site.
Patricia Bedran
Mes condoleances pour la famille Royahem. J'aimai bcp les couleurs chaudes et brunes que tu utilises Mme Gisele. Patricia
Jason Nasr
Interesting , Can you tell us more about you
What this kind of Art.. I didn't like it that much...Do you have another style??
Proud of you ya I do love the painting of great Georges Corm. Please add more Lebanese artists...the collection is quite good.. but it would be better to add more artists... God Bless.. Alla Ma3kon
Coulter Watt
To the Editor - Thank you for the link to Georges Cyr's paintings and the joy of discovering an previously unknown artist to me. The power of Georges Cyr's paintings brings to mind the beauty and richness of Middle Eastern life and culture that is lost in todays political turmoil. His work is a powerful reminder of the goodness and beauty of peace. Peace, Coulter Watt
Matt Korab
Paintings.. detail and technique Galina, I like your paintings and how you paint.. I mean the technique of painting you execute is wonderful.. I love it because you go deeply in detail.. Nice very nice..very warm colors and paintings.
Gaby Helou
Couleurs agreables - J'apprecie votre effort pour peindre. Le choix des couleurs et les potteries sont agreables. Mais il restent encore a beaucoup travailler.
Purity and beauty! It is the young soul of our young artists, it is the touch of god coming from far yet close! it is the love that is easy to feel when i see this beautiful transformation of thoughts and vision coming together in a painting that is nothing short of breathtaking ! keep it up)
Firas Cheaib
I respect the works - I do like the art pieces you expose in this site, it can fit nicely and exactly to modern decoration and not always modern of course... Take care from Holland
Maria Henri
Any update regarding this photographer. Seems it is an old profile.. but I love a lot the touch and care in his photography
Noura Abou Radi
Une belle peinture abstraite.... comme un tableau disloqué en une simple touche musicale... des bandes qui peuvent être imaginées a chacun sa façon! Des couleurs qui viennent du printemps.
Tatiana Torossian
Mon ancien ami et peintre et artiste Torossian, j'ai ete contente de te voir dans ce site de l'art et de la peinture du Liban. Que Dieu te protege.
Nadine Abdallah
Father not like Son, God bless his name.... the late chouchou was so cute. I was happy to read what that site wrote about him. Khoder his son is not at all as original as his father... he is repeating what his father created. I saw his last show Waslet 99... the show is nice but repeating and imitating same play was not intelligent.. he should creates instead of copying!! Creating a comic show is better than imitating!
Imad Alameddine
Great Art. I knew Hassan as an Uncle and a great person. All the warmth found in his personality is illustrated by his paintings.
Andree Coury
Peinture vivante du Liban. Vos œuvres montrent un Bonheur possible du Liban des années 1960. Le Liban d’aujourd’hui a changer tellement. Votre peinture est vivante et sensuelle avec un gout de la couleur et de la pate.
Abboud Zebib
Dont Appreciate. Hello, I reviewed that artist in, I can't understand after all what that style is... ?? I understand each artist build after time of works and experience some unique style... some style... people recognize him when they see the works! Even the birds or repetitive theme the artist exposes! I don't like that much.. The last two paintings shown in the site are only accepted.
Dutch Painter
Art mastery. I like the talent of Mr Hrair. His last works added in are to me as Golden piece. I love them.
Carla Adem
Great sculptor. I visited years before Lebanon and when we were in Mount Lebanon around Jbeil region or Batroun, we visited with friends the house and museum of Halim El Hajj.. What a great day it was.. the house is surrounded by trees.. the place was so peaceful. Artist Hajj is a true master.
Silwan Ibrahim
tres libre maitre . Salutations au grand maitre silencieux, très libre et volatil dans les limites de son casque...Hesss
Mary McGuire
Abundance of beauty. Well, Monsieur Jurdak, how wonderful! On a whom I typed in your name and what an abundance of beauty I saw. You and your paintings are fabulous as is the whole site - all the sites. Bravo. You look wonderful. Please contact me dear friend. Mary McGuire
Saber Mary
My condolence to Artist Helen El Khal, sincere love to her family and specially two sons. Mary Saber - June 2009
Good and faithful works... Allah Ma3ak, I like very much your profile on this site.. I also visited your private site...
Antoine Aoun and Mounir Hassanieh
Masters from Lebanon I was amazed to see new paintings I never seen before from the collection of Great Lebanese Master Honorable Habib Srour
Philippe Perrin
Beau Travail. L'Iraq a été toujours connu par ces talentueux artistes. J'espère une paix prochaine pour ce pays.
Mohammad Allawi
Hey Poet Hanan, Who are you, please can you reply to me.. I liked reading your poems.. they appear sad.. but i love them.. and you appear nice in the picture.. plz reply.
Amal Kassar
Amazing this Art in Lebanon website. Very utile. I use always in my research. Great Lebanon.
Toufic Kaurab
Hello Musician
O the Nice Ehssan Munzir of Studio ell Fan.. great time of Lebanon.. Love it
Beshara Khazen
Interesting article about Ismail Fattah. Keep adding more profile to make more rich middle east and Lebanese culture.
Leila Shoubaty
Martyr of art
I was touched to see that you have artist painter Ibrahim Marzouk in your site. I knew this artist before being killed as a martyr in Lebanon. Ya haram. How many people was murdered in this Lebanese war.. How ugly it was... Hope this war will not come again in 2007!!
Paula Crane
A shame
Excellent artist. It is a shame he died so young because he had so much more to give.
Bilan Sayegh
Call from Nature
I honestly like and appreciate your watercolors and illustrations... The subject you paint.. are a call from Nature.. very clean subject.. One idea I don't understand.. is those paintings are taken live from real nature or taken and copied from photos??
Fatma Chokeir
Very primitive artworks.. but two are nice.. and even making old the stone are not bad.. keep working
Rabih Yaacoub
Best Man
Mr Jabre, I am a lover of Lebanese poets and writers, I am so happy to see a new profile in this site. Very important profile is yours. Allah Ykhalilna Yek
Janette Rached
Beautiful tonality of colors
Beautiful tonality of colors... and art composition. Bravo!
Omar Eid
Banker and artist
Mr Joe, I didn't know you are as well a talented artist beside your work as a banker. Congratulation.
John Swizawski
Joseph's paintings capture the true Lebanon. His landscapes make one remember the time when Lebanon was a natural jewel...For those who left and those wishing to return !!!
Johnny Charbel
Very kind RIP Sakr
Yes indeed Joe Sakr I loved him
May Baba
Beau Profile tres interessant ce Mabrouk and chears.
Guy Coura
Arab-oriented art talents
You do well.. very well for this Arab- oriented and worldwide site by adding specially talents of Lebanese musicians, painters, illustrators and more. Please continue with same enthusiasm. My deep recognition.
Geoffrey Bruce
Splendid captures
Nice eyes of macro for Flowers. I like what you did... What kind of digital camera you use? and Lenses.. ? Best Regards, Bruce
Great Job Jean What you are doing is really fantastic and extraordinarily good. Keep up the good work.
Bassil Roula
Hello, I will rate you only 2.. I can give you 3 because the colors you use are nice and the Bouquet paintings are good to see...But I will rate only 2. maybe that way you work more.. and why not putting more information in your Curriculum Vitae. It looks really small. Anyway... I am happy to know about you and visit your profile...
May Bassil
Beautiful colors I loved the colors used in the pics It brings life to your home and lots of imagination
Derek Kater
Cosmos Brilliant...simply brilliant!!! The internet does not do the painting any justice. Seeing it in person really moved and mesmerized me like no other work of art.
Antoine Daher
Interesting Lebanese personality of culture, author, painter and director, Good luck Mr Daher.
Ali Ballout
Photographer and Journalist
Mr Faddoul, Are you a photographer and journalist or only a photographer of newspapers? I appreciate a lot nearly all your capture found on this site. Very interesting! Do you take photos of Lebanese Landscape or only Photos of personalities! and I am interested to see more photos of Lebanese personalities!. Take care
Kamal Antoun
Nice colored composition
The selection of colors red, fading green, golden yellow and blue, give nice effects to your works.. and opting for large brush is also very good choice. Maybe the only negative aspect.. you must create more composition and not doing any repetition of the motive. But overall captive works! My regards for all Lebanese artists!
Katia Haddad
Very Nostalgic time of Lebanon Dear priest Mr. Jean Jabbour. I like what you do.. painting mostly the Lebanese villages... Colors of your watercolors are very well chosen. Please keep that kind of works... very Nostalgic...
Diamant Abinader
Lebanon legacy
Hello abbouna jabbour I was so happy and surprised when I found your web page ,your art is so special and it preserve the lebanese legacy ,when i looked at your paintings i felt home even if I am miles away, GOD BLESS YOU
RoseMarie Pfortner
Maison Paroissiale
Sehr, sehr schönes Aquarell! Das Bild THE OLD HARBOR OF BYBLOS ist aber ebenso schön!
Nina Homsy
Elegant Elegant works Mrs Jacqueline Jabre. Very Elegant works. I like them in general I will rate you 4 to push you a little to work more your art creation :)
Georges Zem
Hello Mr Lahoud I saw your works with great pleasure. It is interesting to see the way you paint...Are you influenced by Picasso. Some paintings you did are nice...
I am very interested in how you painted 'in the mirror' and i was just wondering what the date of this original piece was and where it currently resides? thank you
Jean lahoud Replying to Ashley: This piece was painted in 2001 and it is currently with my collection. For any information, send me an email to [email protected]
Sujets modernes et techniques anciennes
Votre travail est très original et votre cursus spécial. La vibration des couleurs est au rendez-vous, ainsi que leur harmonie. Si j'ai bien compris vous avez suivi une filière à l'ancienne. En tout cas j'aime beaucoup vos oeuvres. Je vous souhaite bonne continuation
Nancy Wichrowski
Knew Jean Paul I knew Jean Paul in Brantford, Ont. when he was visiting his family. I am so glad to see he is still active in the arts and living in Paris. How wonderful. I have kept an unfinished canvas of his for twenty years and although it is unfinished it is a prized possession. He has a most special place in my heart, as he has influenced me deeply. I wish him the love and happiness he gave me. mail:[email protected]
jean hajjar
Really the diversities of ur painting are so impressive the items are out of the usual painting hope all the succes in your talent my best wishes for your cariere
Joanne Danielski
Hello from the past
I was a friend of Jean-Paul in Beirut in 1978 and would love to reconnect with him to let him know that I wish him great success with his art - and his life! He was multi-talented back then, very focused and it reflects in his work. I appreciate you passing this message along to him, Thank you, my email: [email protected]
Lori Raad
The Talent itself Mr. Matar, You are an extremely talented artist, and your poems are very nice...Please keep doing well. I visited before your site lebanonart. Now I am visiting your page in onefineart and I enjoy... what a Beauty of Art work.
Ali and Leila Taan
LebanonArt what a site! This web page is a door to the heaven! Your site is amazing Dr. Matar. I stayed to tell you the truth from 10 PM till 12 PM that day discovering the magic behind Lovely Arts of a Lebanese maestro artist painter and poet.
Jean Nahlé
Elégance exceptionnelle dans vos œuvres
Quelle élégance exceptionnelle dans vos œuvres ! Une composition solide jetée sur la toile ! Thèmes locaux du Liban modulé avec amour… vous changez le regard du spectateur et les données de la toile. Bravo !
RoseMarie Pfortner
Grandiose Bilder! Was mir besonders gefällt, ist die geschichtsträchtigkeit! Die Werke sind alle wunderbar - darum gebe ich allen die Bestnote!
Hello, a small sentence… to tell the priest that his works are not excellent... I like the idea and the subject he chooses.. but I am sure he can makes better compostion... It is very weak
Jean Sader's paintings are sublime. His compositions are very fresh and open. Spaces between the textured lines give the illusion of depth, allowing parts to advance to the fore while other parts recede. There is also an overall balance of colour within the paintings which is continually exciting, reminiscent of a good dancer on stage.
Juliana, Mon Admiration pour toi.. Que Dieu te garde dans son eternel... Tu etais plus qu'une amie pour moi... Je pleure ta séparation... T'es admirable...
Elie Yammouni
Braking the despotism is Arabic countries
This what happen now in 2011 in Arabic countries.... they are awake from Despotism... all From Libya to Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and very hope soon in Saudi Arabia. Poet Khalil Hawi had a deep and apocalyptic feeling. God bless him. But sadly who might benefit from all this.. is USA and Israel... . Poet Hawi would kill himself again if he see what may happen today in Arabs countries..... Hawi was dreaming all his life in a new strong middle east... (Hawi made a suicide in his end of his life when he was suffering from depression and also because of Arabs losing to Israel. When he saw Israeli troops marching in Hamra street next to his house he shot himself...
Jimmy Moutran
A Giant is Khalil Moutran... his spirit has metamorphosed in Khalil Gibran. A brilliant Lebanese man, poet and thinker.
Georgio Zakhia
Congratulation for this site to keep updating Lebanese poets, writers, painters, musicians and more. God Bless
A prophet
I admire so much Gibran Kahil... Plz try to add more about him... The best luck for I keep visiting your site from time to time.. I love it since it contains a lot of Middle Eastern, Arab and even some international artists and creators.
Nabil Mjahess
Important cultural site Hello, this Lebanese cultural and art site is excessively interesting for our Middle East and Arab region. Full of information, profiles of artists and some are very well-kown, literacy in Arabic... I found as well in your section of articles in Arabic etc.. Why don't they use for wikipedia.
Nadine Kawkabani
Interesting Articles
Mr. Mortimer, one of my Lebanese friends was a student in NDU. He always told me that you are a very kind person and excellent professor. I reviewed the articles you post on this art site. I can say it was very interesting. Regards
Alain Saleeby
Un Must d'ajouter le grand peintre Khalil Saleeby dans votre site one fine art. Je vous souhaite bonne continuation. Est -il possible d'ajouter le peintre Ibrahim Marzouk (1937 - 1975)
Jean Cherfane
Artiste Libanais ou Japonais
Mr Zohrab, on sent la touche japonaise dans votre style, avez-vous vécu au Japon? Dans vos œuvres vous-puisez vos éléments de la réalité du génocide Arménien... mais comme je connais l'art japonais... je me sens devant un artiste du Japon et non pas du Liban ?!
RoseMarie Pfortner
All Pictures - very, very beautiful! Wunderbar und inspirierend!
Nabil Sari
Ugly cubes
Dear Artist Leila, the concrete cube sculpture are really ugly... those kind of sculptures someone get bored quickly of them... no not mention they will be full of dust. Your other works are beautiful.. cheers! Nabil Sari
Mark Tamer
Art In Lebanon I can give for your site 4 up to 5, even you may deserve 5/5, But i can't cheers you a lot since you must work more to expand OneFineArt which is already today extremely important. You guys did a very important job for Art in Lebanon. I really pray you expand more and more your site in the artist profiles pages and the links pages. May God be with you and protects you. Mark Tamer
This is a very nice arts web site with a lot of artist information including the marking I like this site and it is deserve to join it,I am taking this decide to join it
Jennifer Marzouk
Distinguish works of sculptures Dear Lamia, very Stylish and distinguish works of sculpture. Mabrouk
Mona El Murr
Lina, You are an important person for Lebanon. I always respected your books... Nice to see you are there in this site. Keep doing well. Lebanon needs Revolutions not sleepy peoples.
Joulia Karroum
Courant patriotique Libanais libre
J’aurai aimé voir d’autres écrivains Libanais qui aiment tellement le Liban comme Mme May et sa fille Lina Murr.., dans ce même courant patriotique libre. Courage. Tous pour le Liban.
Elie Khoury
This site is the one of the most comprehensive and useful art oriented websites. Great job and keep up the good work.
Samir K.
10/10 for this site
TOP for this Art site based in Lebanon. Plzkeep doing well
Mike Mansour
I did like visiting this site and of course now reviewing it... it is a good pleasure. I am giving you 5/5 in case you add more Lebanese and Arab artists. Also I rate you the most because the site already contains really interesting artists and information. Please continue that way...
Sylvie Stephan
Thanks Mr. Matar for giving me a free ad in your site. Nice from you...I really wish the best for this site which shows Arabs artists... It is a good database you have.. it shows good cultural aspect for Middle East... May God Bless you too
Ahmed Daher
Arabs deserves onefineart
Hello, Great site showing Middle Eastern Artists as well International and Lebanese artists. I really respect this site. I like it because it is done like a book showing Personnel photo of the artist, biography, comments, specimen of works...Really Great, Good Image for Arabs! We deserve that.
Fadel Fadel
Good results
I come to from Is your site related to I can congratulate you.. since they are well presented in search engines. All time I search for Arabic and Lebanese arts and artworks I got them in the results.. good.
Riad Zbib
Excellent site... You did a great Job till now... I hope you can work harder and add more artists. What about Musical profiles of Lebanese Musicians?
Cynthia Fawaz
Le temps de Byblos
Votre site est vraiment un trésor pour le Liban. Le Liban que je n'oublierai pas de ma vie. J'ai été avant la guerre le 7 Juillet (ou 6) à Byblos et on a été au vieux souk serpenté les vielles ruelles à Byblos... Quel plaisir pour le corps et l'âme! On a même été au Yard Club de Byblos!. Votre bannière à la page d'accueil me donne mémoire de la couleur des parasols! dans un coin si charmant et intime au vieux Souk. Cordialement
George Hiram
Arab Art
Very interesting Middle Eastern art portal. Can you add a page for Maestro Walid Gholmieh, Marcel Khalife and more musicians. Thanks
Richard of Eire
This is an excellent Middle Eastern online art gallery. Quality and the creativity radiates from every page. I feel honoured to be strolling in the shade of its many talented artists. And it is with gratitude that I accredit Mr. William Matar with having been the first to bring my own humble philosophical-poetic works to the attention of worldwide audiences. Cordially, Richard of Eire.
Roger Azzi
Great art place
Extremely important art site since a lot of artists are either Lebanese or Arab. It is great to have such art data and information in our Arab world and Middle Eastern part of the world. I really appreciate! Thanks to add as well a new section I discover recently about Actors of Arab celebrities. I hope you can add more profiles. Your site is a must for Middle East.
Dr. Tabet
Dictionary of art for Lebanon
What a selected dictionary of art for Lebanon. May God push you to work more and add more artists. I give you 4/5.
Rafi Kayrouz
It is an important site of Lebanon with a lot of profiles of person into culture. Keep expanding. Great for Lebanon.
Nabil Ajaca
Congratulation of this Arabic Lebanese culture portal.
Roberta Vieliute
Information about stone sculpture workshop
I am grateful for all the detailed information provided by William Matar. I got the respond to my inquiry about the possibility for a stone sculpture workshop locales in no time with all the contacts and links needed. Best Regards/Roberta
Gibran Eid
I admire Majida el Roumi a lot, your voice is so beautiful in many songs.. I was there during the vocal concert in Lebanon Beiteddine Festival.
Firas Maad
Love your country
Each time I listen and I am part of a Khalifeh Oud Show... I feel I love my country Lebanon again... I feel I am coming to the source the spring of music and life to feed myself of beauty, love and patriotism! Love you Marcel
Omar Eid
Nice beginning
Hello Maria, I was surfing the site and went into your works. You know how to choose colors. However you should work more into the basic of your artwork, I mean the sketch before the colors, the idea what to paint before coloring. I give you 3 stars. Keep working you can do better. O. Eid
Abou Ramia
Revenez à vos sculptures
J'ai passé pour voir dans ce site les dernières œuvres de Mr Hakim. Je n'ai pas aimé ce style mix-media ou l'idée prédomine sur l'œuvre en tant que œuvres. Aussi beaucoup de couleurs et de formes pour ne pas grande choses... sa donne l'idée des universitaires dans leurs diplômes de fin d'année... bcp d’idées pèles mêles…. Aussi ce genre de mix-media ca donne à la fin un dégout malgré que le premier regard puisse attirer. Cependant quelques une les moins encombrés sont agréables et on une homogénéité. Revenez à vos sculptures... votre ancien style et travaux sont fort agréable.
Abboud Abboud
Hats Off To You Great Maroun Abboud Hats Off To You Great Maroun Abboud. Yes It is same family named but the Grate Abboud is not my relative.. I always loved to read his writing since my school days. I love you, May God save your soul in eternity until we meet you in heaven...
yara labban
maroun abbud maroun abbud
samouh Nour
Le maître du Liban
Mon père insistait pour qu'on lise deux livres à la maison: Kalila wa dimna et Les mémoires de Maroun Abboud. Pour lui Maroun est le maître du Liban. Je n'ai aucune raison pour en douter
Bad Character
Mr Barakat, why you have bad character? 3
وسيم أبو رجيل
الشعر الأشبه الى أستطع ان اقول شعركي في اللغة العربية جميل جدا. بارككي الله على هذا الشعر الأشبه الى الصلاة
Muhammad Ali
Oriental style and Islamic design , Mr Mohannad Ezzo, Indeed very interesting Oriental style and Islamic design of copper. I love them... Will visit you once when I visit Lebanon. Take care
Suhail Boulos
Excellent biography of Mouazzez Rawdah as an artist and human being.
George Gerard
Jiddo, I agree!
Well, as Jiddo Suhail said, this was really an excellent bio. In some ways, it informed me in ways I hadn't considered, and adds additional perspective to much of the art I saw around my home growing up.
Adams Gallery
Outstanding Photographer for his time Hello... I heard about Manoug Alemian the talented photographer, the 4 photos you added here are really something to see.. brilliant Manoug!! And of course knowing about Sculptor El Howayek was great.You are doing well
Alexandre Raad
My best man
Dear Mr Maurice, It is with great pleasure I found you in this site. I really love to read your books. I already have some... : Ana rayeh... I don't have the one you put extract from it in onefineart, I mean your "Masrahiat Amariss" I read as well Zahrat Al Nektar, and Youssef Bek Karam.. Haida Houweh Al rijal.. is fantastic..May God bless you and save you always..I will be today 7/5/05 to Meet General Michel Aoun in Beirut.. I will be so lucky to see you somewhere in the place.. Yaret.. I love you.. You are the best... I love your 3onfowen w sarahtak
William MATAR
Alfred Basbous, known as "Sheik El Nahhatine" (The Master of the Sculptors), started his career as a simple mason and apprentice in construction, before converting in the beginning of the sixties, to sculpture; At that time he was working with his brothers Michel and Youssef. Basbous began to master stone and wood like no one else, creating by his genius forms and beautiful shapes, full of meaning! Basbous gave his first art exhibition in 1959 in Beirut, and since that year he has launched many exhibitions of his stone and wood sculptures in various European and Arab capitals. His monumental sculptures and installations have received many prizes and decorations on both the national and international levels. His works have occupied several squares and public spaces in Lebanon, and in Arab and international museums. In 1994, the artist chaired the installation of the first international workshop of sculptures in Rashana and many symposiums were organized with the assistance of several foreign artists, Arab and Lebanese. Most of the sculptures are to be seen along the way leading to the residence of Basbous. Rashana becomes a cultural emblem of international scale, especially in 1997 after the UNESCO proclaimed the village as an international open air site of sculptures. Since 1994, groups of 20 sculptors of various nationalities have been invited each September by the Basbous family to carry out sculptures and to expose them in the village. The sculptures can be in stone or in wood but the material used must be Lebanese. The Lebanese sculptor of international repute Alfred Basbous passed away on the 1st day of 2006, in the Rashana village (north of Beirut), after a long illness. William MATAR
Mohammed Atta
Hello, I didn't like a lot this kind of art... It is not well presenting Morocco. 1
Dib Helen
Excellent art site
Excellent to find about Moussa Dib, Excellent site... Hope you will add a page for Kanaan Dib as well
Georges Mehanna
Nice selection of Art
You choose nice selection for Michel Elmir's paintings.. nice flowers painted... Hope you can add more artists and maybe more paintings by Elmir
Generous Art hands Hello, I love and LOVE THIS SITE.. it keeps me feel more close to Lebanon beauty and culture.. My respect to the late Mostapha Farroukh. I really appreciate this artist
Nicole Khreish
Excellent crafts, I appreciate a lot that Lebanese craftsman. You are very talented Mario. You bring the oriental soul to stay in our heart. It is very elegant and fine what you do.
Claire Korkmaz
A mosaic work
Dear artist, I was impressed to see your Mosaic works through my computer screen... Very Elegant Mosaic and Arabesque way of creating Art. I congratulate you again... When I will be passing by Lebanon again I may contact you to see those works more closely... A bientot
Kamal Antoun
Average price
Hello, what is the average of your prices for the painting displayed in I like the purity in your works...
Justin Stern
Middle Eastern Story
Hello Montaha, Very nice book and good work of Author.. I read the extracts and it quite Middle Eastern.. Very brilliant
Bill Smith
Brave Lebanese women Poet May, My admiration goes to you and to all Lebanese people. Even though what Lebanon is passing by in this hard end of year 2005, I still believe Lebanese are the most brave men on earth.
Rouba El Ali
Glorious Time of Lebanon for Rahbani Brothers! I was visiting Lebanon during 1974... From what I remember... (My visit was one or two years before the war) and I saw the theatrical event in Baalback for Rahbani brothers. It was amazing those days of Lebanon.... I can't remember the name of the composition maybe something like "Louli"or "Leila". Lebanon was truly a jewel of the region and I hope soon Lebanon will be again in its glorious days of the past. Be the Best OnefineArt... and help Lebanon to not come back to war as it seems these days sneaking again with Palestinians hostility
Peter Arid
God bless his spirit... Rahbani was a giant of Lebanon. I was sad but happy as well... A master entering the second life! We will pray for you.
Hala el-masri
Great biography! his death is a great loss not only to Lebanon, but also to the Arabic music world. He gave so much to his art. 0
J. Pfortner
All watercolors... one more beautiful than the other! *Cedars from Lebanon* I like very well!
Claude Sakr
Impressive works Mr Michel. I wish I could see your works on real.. and touch them.. they appear really nice over this site. Regards
Maria Zarzour
Phoenix bird in art - Elegant works of art. It is very pleasant to the eyes to see those works reproducing mythology and important moments of the History of the world. Do you have any work representing the rise of the phoenix... The male phoenix bird symbolizing immortality, resurrection and life after death? I am sure such ideas modeled through your touch and fine work will be splendid.
m_ziadeh Nimfa H.
I am extremely pleased to see that something is now being posted in English on this super-intelligent pioneer of women's rights. I've been most interested in reading English translations of her writings ever since I read for the first time so many years ago, her correspondence with the great poet Kahlil Gibran. If this great poet was so enthralled with her keen intellect and her passion about her subject matters, her works are worth publishing so that the rest of the world may come to know about her. Please note that I wrote "..the rest of the world...", which includes the WEST. So, please find some way to publish her works in English, too. I'll buy all her books/writings if they are published in English. THANK YOU! :):):)
Wakim Massaad
Hello Nabil, Do you have the illustration on books, I mean do you have books who published from your illustration and cartoon works? Is that available in Lebanon?
Joseph Naaman
Dance or a piece of music itself I was passing I guess on 1973 to Galerie Lacloche in Paris and I visited your exhibition. I remember that day your works and specially you! How you were moving in the gallery, amazed me.... all was dancing in my heart... your touch in paintings are extremely strong... the painting is a dance or a piece of music itself! Also you were a charming lady! you are still a kind person Nadia... Except you are old now... but I was so happy to see your face again... it is the same shining and active! the time didn't kill that on you.. Bravo Nadia Saikali... and thanks for that international art site to post a profile for this talented Lebanese artist painter.
Sonia Barakat
An interesting new profile, Mr Matar. A talented person.
Ghada Eid
Lebanese actress
I laughed a lot when seeing the movie... brilliant ending! I wish you always prosperity and best luck on your future endeavors for the Lebanese actress Nadine Labaki
Jason Reem
Nadine Labaki peut mieux faire J'ai aimé cet article assez réaliste d'un cinéphile Libanais. Je ne suis pas contre les films qui se tournent autour de la guerre Libanaise et même si on fait un peu d'humour sur la société Libanaise civile et religieuse. Pour moi aussi on parle et on a parlé beaucoup sur ce film que je trouve ordinaire.. ce n'est pas un film banale mais cet un film ordinaire.... Il ne faut pas exagérer est faire de Nadine Labaki comme un 'Créateur' Je suis certain qu'elle peut faire mieux. 3
Tallal Kabara
Interesting sculpture
In general beautiful sculptures I admire... and fluent works... but I guess you can make even better.
Salim Bassil
Interesting to know about a Lebanese Russian artist. Good luck
Naim Bader
Bonne couleur
Un bon gout et beau traitement des couleurs. Parfois décoratif et naif, mais en général c bon.
Frederic Gaven
Elegant works
Only a quick review... I can't stop seeing those works before leaving this message: "elegant Good works"
Gilbert Tiyar
bois pour sculpture
Combien ils pèsent les travaux en bois que vous sculptez. Quel moyen et quel genre de bois vous utiliser, quel est aussi le traitement sur le bois??
Naji Haddad
The Greatest Lebanese Diva
Great voice. Great music. Great history. Lebanon would have not been the same without our beloved Fairuz. God bless her.
Tony Khadra
صوت من السماء صوت من السماء، فيروز صدى سحري وصلاة الغروب
Elias Chaer
Admire I admire this multi-talented Lebanese artist sculptor. Many discipline.. very clean artworks
Ralph Moussa
I am not here to rate Mahfouz page, but to admire this site which many times helped me on my re-search for Arab culture. You do a lot congratulation... I hope to see more rich Arab culture profile in the near future.
Nouhad Zaki
Interesting Poet. I respect your choice adding Nazek al Malaeika
Nicholas Attalah
Qabbani was a real master. I do love reading about this poet and revolutionary. Thanksfor One Fine Art to add a page for this great Arab poet.
يوسف البيالي . الفنون الجميلة م تحياتي الحارة لهذا الموقع الممتاز. يحلو لي تصفحهو دائما... و رؤية مواضيع الفنون الجميلة من لبنان. البلاد العربية


Tarek Al Ghorayeb
A master painter is the great Omar Onsi. Good works you do for Lebanese and arab artists...I knew Mr. Omar from that old time of Mayrouba... That time Lebanon was all clean lovely... pure country it was...
May Onsi
Thanks Mr Ghorayeb
Dear Tarek, I am proud of your words and would like to inform you that I am now the General Secretary of Omar Onsi Cultural Association. For more information please contact William Matar at [email protected]
Ghassan Sobeh
Beau Travail de l'art de l'abstrait
Olivier... Waou j'ai aime beaaacccooupp tes tableaux expose dans ce site... tres belles couleurs... .. L'abstrait de vos tableaux a une touche speciale.. comme une calligraphie moderne. Tooop
Merlin K.
I rate 4.. but soon will rate 5
Your English and French version of the Artists of the past section.. is something to say... I am keep watching this section.. it keeps growing. I wish you can add more artists such as Michel El Mir, Amin Sfeir, Farid Awad, Rayes Aref and other. But you did till now a great job.. it is not easy to gather all this information and portfolios of artists.. I know that...
What a nice site Extremely important site. Keep updating.. I wish i was there in Lebanon to be with you working for this site. I really admire it! Keep bossing!
Salah Steitie
Favors done to the Art
The Lebanese painting, and usually, the Art in Lebanon, the Art in all its forms, is among the most significant expressions not only of this country but also of the entire Middle East. Since the end of the 19th century and during the 20th century, which was rich in all kind of inventions, the Lebanese put a lot into their local circle that had been reproduced in their works. As the Lebanese emigration extended to other countries and had a widest view of the World, this last one seized, through the artists' intuitions, the large filed of their imagination. These new visions and techniques allowed the Lebanese to renew and rethink the Art that was before limited to their country, where they will introduce their experience of life, of rhythm, of space and of color. They will also learn from their contemporaries who represented in particular the sensibility of their time. This had been expressed in Paris, Berlin, Milan London or New York. It is a big chance for this country and its people, for the inspired bards of this country and its people to be at the cross-road of cultures and creativity. Despite the fifteen or twenty years of fights where Lebanon felt far from everything due to its vile war, violence that had been partly imposed. We can say that the Lebanese artists lived and experienced a lot in their country and inside them. They observed their surrounding sphere, understood many things and looked at the nature of the Art and of the World. I consider those artists eminent since they have begun their careers in Beirut and we all know that the most important artistic and poetic works of the Arab World was born in Lebanon. I would also like to stress on the fact that the cultural future of this country resides in an open and generous dialog between Lebanon and its Arab and Mediterranean partners. If the Art looks for outrageousness, it also lives of moderation. The moderation that the Art are searching for is its material need. A work has a cost, a price. These prices determine the big auctions that happen in the World (as Sotheby's Christie's or Drouot Hotel) and the experts and specialists appraisal. These criteria decide of the artist, the painter, the engraver and the sculptor quotation. Each year, official guides are drawn up where the auction prices of such-and-such work and of such-and-such artist are recorded. These guides constitute the compass that will help the art lovers to be familiar with the prices so they will not be victims of a wrong evaluation. The artist will also have an important idea of the place that he is occupying in the market. These guides are a benefit to everybody. In Lebanon, till now, such a compass was absent. And the auctions as described above didn't exist, the works prices were decided by amateurs or galleries, subjective appreciation, by falling in love or by sudden impulse. Why not? There is now, despite the feelings that we cannot suppress, objective requirements, as a will of rationality, a need to understand the market rules, an open market that meant to remain... The Lebanese Art will be for sure grateful of such a precious guide. From now on, artists and amateurs will be able to admire the star brilliance and to see on and through it a route and a direction. Salah Steitie President of the Lebanese Section of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art)
Mounir Kabbad
Sarrafian brothers
Rita Murr
My condolence My sincere condolence to his family and to Beirut Lebanon.
Elias Jabali
Un Brute
Mes condoléances, mais il était un homme brute et sans délicatesse.
Carol Civita
One of the finest artists of our times. Speaks to all nations, religions and cultures.
Laura Mattar
Hello, is terribly important site for Lebanon and Arabs people and even for all the world. Can you add more information of Mourani. I am interested to know more of this controversial artist.
miri helgesen
Exellent music by the rabani's especially (i love lebanon)
Rana Kaadan
Nice choice of colors I love seeing these paintings. I wish I can visit Syria to see the paintings more in close and to discover talented Syrian Artists indeed. The choice of colors and the way you put them on the canvas and merge them are amazing. Good Luck
Georgette Khoury
Talent d'un artiste Syrien
Vos taches de couleurs sont très agréable... c'est une interpellation personnelle du vécu... une intelligence dans la saisie plastique du tableau. Bravo. J'aimerai bien correspondre avec vous.
Antoine Osta
Delicate painting
I feel Rana that you are a delicate personality of painter working on delicate paintings. All over I can give you credit. For the Squared happy and gay colors you choose show beauty... For the illustration draw... the one showing 3 men in ties is nice... So overall is nice... But I am sure you can give better if you work more to strengthen your style. Did you tried to work abstract paintings not in arabesque or triangular form and superposition of colors…. But more through colors inside each other? All the best. 4
Xavier Hanna
Human care photography
Rania, what a human and feminine touch in your pictures.. I loved them, you care to take photos of daily life of human condition... poorness and capture hidden and forgotten people... I love your works.. and also the photo "sisters" I discovered in this site is so nice.. it shows innocence of girls...
Noha Moussa
My respect goes to Raymond Jbara and thanks so much for this site for providing so many cultural articles about Lebanese personalities. Thanks.
Joyce Habib
My condolence for Lebanon and the Raymond Gebara family.
Desireé Grosse
Inspiring! incredible insight to this artist soul. I have come to know him through his MySpace page. To discover more on Richard of Eire...I think you would also like to subscribe to his always thought provoking blog. Cheers to you Richard! Desireé BC Canada
Alfred Ghazal
Lebanese fashion designer Robert Abi Nader is world top in fashion culture. He is a unique and exclusive person with creative and enjoyable aspects of working in the fashion world. His personality has captured the interest of many people inside and outside Lebanon borders. He has as well an intriguing shy and modest personality… I consider him as much important as Elie Saab or others… to not tell more... Abi Nader has no rival. Design dresses, necklaces, hairstyles, accessories and more.... I love that person.
Emilie Farah
Mr. Farah, I like some of your photos of Lebanon exposed in However some photos presented in the site are not so original... it is very common photos... it needs more poetry. But as I told you at the same time some are very nice and very beautiful. Regards
Nayla Moawad
OneFineArt thanks! I appreciate a lot your site; it is full of interesting cultural information of Lebanese and leading Lebanese pioneers in art, poetry, writing, philosophy etc. I wish I am living in Lebanon only to help editing your site. God saves you always for the goodness of the effort in middle-eastern and Arab culture. Your information of Great Past Rachid Nakhle helped me for the article am writing for the University.
Imad Massihi
I was happy to review the profile of Mrs Reem... Is there a lot of Saudian woman with such brave works? Very warm colors and strong brush. I wish woman be equal to man in Arabic world.
Serge Achkouty
Very talented artist, what a nice colors and bright selection of colors you use The Dimensions of your paintings are something to say... Lovely!
Hadi Cherfan
I admire your achievement
Mr. Rudy, Being Mentioned in Guinness World Records for the monumental sculpture Lamartine Cedar in the cedars forest of Bshareh, is an important step for your career. I am very proud of that. I saw in 2005 the sculpture myself when I was visiting Lebanon in Mars, I admire a lot and I love it.
Elie Kaltoum
Dear Rudy Rahme, We would like to congratulate you. I, Elie Kaltoum, secretary of Rahme Charitable Association NSW Australia announce that we are proud to read the article in the An Nahar and the El Telegraph Lebanese newspapers in Australia. On behalf of the Rahme Association in Australia, We extend our congratulations to one of our fellow Becharrie descendants like Gebian Khalil Gobran & Patriak Arida. Yours Truly, Elie Kaltoum
Randa Wahbe
Artist family
I wonder who inherited the late artist Rachid Wehbe? I am not hearing today anymore about that famous Lebanese artist... no exhibitions for his works.. I don't know if he has someone after his death looking for his works... I know that he married in his end of days to some lady who was working in his house first, then was considered as friend.. and she was devoted and a nice person... and she married him even he was quite old and sick... I know that her name was Samira I guess... I don't know what happy to his wife or if Mr Wehbe had any sister or brother to work after his death to keep his name alive. I respect a lot this artist. I met him few times in 1982 during the Israeli occupation of Lebanon.. and I remember he was in this time living in north of Beirut in the Christian Town Jounieh to escape the hostilities and the Israeli occupation of Beirut. God bless his soul.
Natalie Sadaka
A charming woman of Lebanon, I like her because she is truthful person and Sabah is so helpful for other. Maybe her life will be something to speak about specially in Arabic Islamic countries... but an artist, so devoted to her artist's life, will be difficult to her to have a regular live of family, I mean an ordinary one... I love you Sabah, your songs.. all about you. (Désolé pour mon message en anglais, je ne suis pas bonne en Anglais).
Jimmy Abou Assaf
Best Lebanese singer, Sabah is better than Fairuz because she did and built her own career all alone.
Joyce Youness
I love your smile and eyes.. Love you Sabou7a. Rest in Peace Habibiti
Aida Ghaleb
Vitalité fascinante de son pinceau
Aida Ghaleb Rating: J'étais toujours impressionné par les œuvres de l'artiste Samir Abi Rached, une vitalité fascinante de son inconscient peint l'imaginaire... le fantastique et le rêve comme échappatoire de la condition humaine.
Raouf Hinnawi
A phenomenon There are more to Professor Sami Makarem's character than statistics. This man is a sage; a humanitarian phenomenon that exacts more attention and deeper study by experts of fine arts as well as of mysticism.
Nassib Makarem
Sami Makarem I will miss him.
Sylvestre Harb
Le Liban que J'aime - Lebanon which I love
I am impressed to discover with that art site the Lebanon of the past.. the Lebanon of old time.. I have tears in my eyes when I see such beauty. Plz Lebanese let's try to preserve what remains of Lebanon... please for our future.. for our children.. for hope...
Grace Lotfieh
God Bless your soul
Hello, I met painter Said Akl in one of his exhibition in Beirut (I think around 1973 or 75) at the Ministry of National Education. I was that time a young girl devoted to Art in all its aspect. All respect to your Soul Mr Akl. God bless your family.
Roy Nohra
Curious and mysterious Lebanese artist What a curious Lebanese artist… you have sure a unique personality... I am discovering page after page your talent from your paintings... you look curious and very mysterious... to each works and one after one... extremely talented…You use a lot the Blue Red and Golden yellow… did you visit China.. I don’t know I feel China when I see the choice of colors.
Alex Saleh
Hello Mr Silwan, Can you send me to my email some paintings by you, so I can use them as desktop for my computer. I love the stylish design of your works. No need them in very high resolution, about 1000 pixels per images... 3 let's say are very fine or even 2 works. Thanks for making our days bright through your works and art.
Mahmoud Layla
My full respect for this cultural Lebanese and Arab website. Brilliant. Plz add more authors. I am always searching and reviewing your site.
Brilliant Ya Lubnan
Brilliant poet Said Akl... I am half Lebanese... I respect and love this Lebanese poet...
Zahle ya dar al salam
When I was young I did not understand how GREAT is this man. We took him for granted... Now, every day I feel the urge to read his WORDS! We are really lucky to have an outstanding personality gifted, and hard worker like him.
Joseph Choceir
Rest in Peace. My condolence.. a cedar has fallen in Lebanon. My your soul rest in peace.
A. Norma
Hello! Interesting arts and works added in the portfolio of Mr. Samih Attar. Some works done by attar are impressive like the one of "Le Vin et la Poésie" by Bachus... but I didn't like a lot the one of Amine Nakhle. Ok in general it is an interesting artist.. I wish you can add more information about him.
amine nakhle
Would like to see on the net the sculpture of the poet amine nakhle made by samih attar
OneFineArt Reply: The Sculpture of Amin Nakhle is located inside the pages of Attar
table s_audi
Elie Kalab
Beautiful Lady. Shereen I think your work is superb and your ability to connect with people is reflected in your art. You are also a truly wonderful and beautiful person.
Claire Laba
Hello Shereen, is your abstract faces art work available in UK? Please let me know?
Gilberte Saroufim H.
Master and Great Artist. His paintings reflect the everyday life, the folklore. He found success as a portraitist of folkloric life. It is an honor to have Saliba Douaihy an Artist from Lebanon, Ehden.
Ramy Mahmood
Beautiful and simple works. You look beautiful and your paintings and style reflect your beauty... I did like seeing your profile in One Fine Art. I like the simplicity of your works... amazing.
Sada Khaled
Hello, I've been looking for an art lessons in riyadh then I found an article about the you .. I want to know is the lessons still running ? If yes , in which city ? Regards
François Akl
Keep ahead with your illustrations. Extremely talented Mr Stavro, please keep ahead with your illustrations... Showing the ugly side of those Lebanese politicians and especially if you can criticize those Lebanese politician millionaires who things that Beirut is all for them... And they already had eaten the heart of Beirut… Keep ahead with “vos jeux de mots” they are lovely… Dam of those Dictator of the world.. all present in USA.. Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Syria and more…
Eddy Jaoudi
Art for life and not art for decoration. Hello Sally, Are you painting yourself through these glamour girls? Are these dreamy girls you paint reflecting the interior of the painter? It is pleasing to eyes the portraits of girls with big eyes and shinny ruby lips. However this subject of paintings you choose to paint must be concretized and executed to be more into artistic form and artistic public target… Seeing your artworks let someone forget that he is in front of paintings and artworks... and can feel instead that he is seeing a billboard made to attract maximum eyes through colored exaggerated figures… Such art can be seen as “Art for rapid billboards”… Sadly if this is the idea… it is does not let people memorize and appreciate for long times the work… a person can be tired of it in few weeks… it is same feeling as someone seeing for weeks the same billboard or an advertising on the television… whatever is attractive the ad… after a while the person will be tired and the ad will than exhaust the mind of the person. Anyway I am not criticizing your works to destroy it again there is something beautiful in your painting but you must improve a lot your style and put your mind you are painting for art... for life and not for decoration and “catch eyes”.
Fouad and Noor
Lebanese girls and flowers. We like a lot the work named Blossom.... I feel nice smells of flowers when looking at the artwork.The flowers beside the girls are so tender. The girls without the flowers are beautiful but rather sexy... with the flower they turn to be romantic. Question: Are those Lebanese girls you paint from the coffee trottoir or bars and restaurants of Beirut? Also do you know the artist Seraphim Juliana... you paint like her but with a modern approach and more colorful and vibrant brushes.
Ramy Moudarres
Dear Artist Muller. First I am interested to know if you are Lebanese... you look like a Lebanese person. Second I was very interested to see your works.. it really look beautiful and those Jar you make fit exactly a living room and will be lovely to be next to candle on a table... I emailed you some days ago but you didn't reply. Please if you watch your profile, please check your email to be able to reply.
Sami Awad
Elegant vivid expression Dear Artist Salwa Zeidan, I appreciate a lot your paintings, the colors you manipulate to create your paintings are nice for eyes and spirit. Your paintings shows a dialogue of colors which stands for the vivid simplicity of artistic creation.... I like those two paintings: and I am not probably at the stage of owning paintings now... But I will give your portfolio to my father and relatives maybe someone is interested... What is the rate of your paintings..?? Can you tell me please. What do you think when you create such nice abstract works?
jack brel
the best of salwa. This one of most talented artist in the Arab world. She poses the transparency that fries you to a different world and can take your breast away. I am very proud of such artist from my place of birth.
Chris Jacob
Abstract Style to the limit
I admire this abstract style to the limit of edge, let me know the price of your artworks?
RoseMarie J. Pfortner
Very nice mosaic work! Real works of art! My compliments! Regards
All work, very beautiful!
Art Anonymus
Are you Student?
Courage Are you a Lebanese student..?? I just saw your works... ca a l'air pas mal.. mais un peu look étudiant.. Regards... hehe
Kamel el Bacha
Music Folklore. I appreciate a lot the Folklore hits and music of El Bacha. Can you add a profile for Melhem Barakat plz. The best cultural portal for Lebanon.
Cynthia Alpern
Dear Artist, your works impressed me a lot... it is really something so realistic.. I wish I was in Lebanon to see with my eyes your works.. and appreciate the beauty of your touch.
Zeina Al Khatib
Elegant decor paintings I saw your paintings and feel you are a decorator before being a painter... That do not means your works are not nice.. I like them and like specially the Historical aspects of those paintings.. Good job in General
Jean-Paul Mansour
Harmonie de couleurs
Bonjour William Comment vas-tu? Je voulais te dire que les peintures de Monsieur Victor Haddad sont de toutes beauté. Les diagonales de ses tableaux sont d'une harmonie parfaite, elles annoncent les couleurs dans une déclinaison subtile et poètique. Merci pour ces peintres de talents que tu nous fais découvrir. Bonne journée Jean-Paul Mansour
Delia LaBarre
Lebanon's Sage Painter After the end of Lebanon's 15-year Civil War, Victor Haddad, among the most esteemed artists of the Arab world, embarked on a study of the land's ancient history. Poured into the crucible of his genius, his findings were transformed into a series of oil paintings in a style resembling cubism, but a cubism of time and light rather than form. As if he were working in stained glass, he pieced back the shattered country out of the collective unconscious of its people. But it is the mythical heroes and ancients who are dreaming of modern Lebanon and its people, whom Haddad reminds of their origins. In Colonia Julia Augusta Felix Berytus, Beirut's namesake slumbers on the swayed back of a mythical sea horse at the edge of the ancient unruined city. In this series, as well as in others, almost all the figures are sleeping, beckoning the viewer into their dream state. Haddad counters Goya: "The insomnia of Reason induces madness." In 2002, when Haddad's mythological/historical series was collected in a volume under the title Victor Haddad: Liban à travers les âges / Lebanon Through the Ages in Fifty-three Paintings, he was awarded letters of commendation from the President of the Republic of Lebanon, Emile Lahoud, and the Prime Minister, Rafc Hariri. Seven years earlier, Haddad had been chosen to decorate the National Palace, a commission that included the acquisition of eleven of his paintings. The following year the governor of Ras el Khayma, United Arab Emirates, invited him to decorate the Governor's Palace and acquired 20 of his paintings for the palace collection. Haddad has received numerous other prestigious awards, recognitions, and honors. His paintings have been exhibited extensively, including in Lebanon, Spain, Britain, Cyprus, and the United Arab Emerates. Haddad is currently completing a painting commissioned by the Vatican to be unveiled during the Beatification of Père Jacques Haddad (1875-1954)—a Capuchin monk, and the artist's uncle—scheduled to take place on June 22. This work promises to be as exquisitely edifying as his other historical canvases, for to view Haddad's paintings is to be, as one art critic put it, "in the presence of a storyteller, a remarkable historian." A sage who speaks silently in, and about, the sanctity of light, we would add.
Passionne par la Mythologie
j'aime beaucoup Victor Haddad . il est passionné par la Mythologie et si je peux dire aussi des Légendes et Histoire du Liban, des Côtes libanaises et son art reflète bien cette passion. j'aime beaucoup votre article.
Adel Akl
Site culturelle du Liban. Un génie du Liban, de la composition et de la musique du Liban. Dommage qu'il est décédé si jeune. J’apprécie beaucoup votre site culturelle du Liban.
Bin Saleh
My Condolence goes to a giant of Lebanon, a unique music composer Mr Walid Gholmieh. God bless your soul.
What a cool images
You Guys behind this section... and all the funny not standard image you add.. are very cool.. I visited this section twice a week... I love it... Plz try to add more photos if you can...
Splendid. I love so much in your site, the section of Lebanese web shots. It is splendid extraordinary images you added day after day... For a non Lebanese.. I am in love of Lebanon now.
Patrick Maatouk
Lebanese photographer I visit weekly this section of onefineart since many months. Your presentation of Lebanon (mainly) through photos is outstanding. The images you exposes are the creation itself... Brilliant... Can I know who is the person behind those photos... Indeed he/she is a brilliant Lebanese photographer! Long Live Lebanon!
Jinane Jabbour
Very sensible soul. Overall not bad, but needs more experience and exercise.
woroud ajami
Reply to Mrs. jinane jabbour
thank you for reviewing my work and if you have information about painting activities or you are involved in such domain so you can register your email or contact with my email
woroud ajami Reply to Mr. toufik khatik
thank you for appreciating my art works
Ahmad Chahine
nice job..keep going, don't give up :)
Khalil Karam
Art or Clouds!
Very nice works and very nice selection of colors...This artist seems living in clouds.. I don't know why I feel myself flying up in the clouds!
Nagla Arayis
Amazing Lebanon
Really ur painting catching all z colors that exist in our heart, it's so joyful let u feel that u wanna fly.
Omar Chebaro
nice post, very important staff
chadia El-Hage - Gedeon-Hajjar - Yussuf Alkhal was honored by Najib Al-Rayyes Publishing Company in UK(1985?) who paid tribute to the author and his work where major Arabic poets spoke: the late Nizar Kabbani; Ounsi EL-HAGE; Adonis; and others.
Michel Ghazi - Merci pour avoir ajouter un nouveau peintre Yvette Achkar. J'apprécie fortement, très beau travail.
Claire Howayek - Impressive works - Unbelievable works.. lovely those black and white sculptures you expose. wonderful pioneer sculptor from Lebanon.
Lina Tomb - Hello Yolande, I respect your choice of Art and the way you paint. The colors of the paintings are nice as well they look pretty for eyes... but the subject is not so strong and it is little a repetitive idea of paintings.. Anyway good luck
Dumping data for table zuhair_murad
SevagAzarian - Lebanese talent Fashion designer. Extremely talented Lebanese fashion designer, what I like in Zuhair Murad if classical simple wear and haute couture as well extremely classy. No one is like that brilliant Lebanese stylist... talent with simplicity...!
Zohrab Abraham - A master Sculptor - Mr. Zaven, You are a master from Armenia and from Lebanon....You are an artist creator and a fine hand worker. I followed your works since years and I am very proud of your talent. The works Monument of Armenian martyrs or the resurrection of a nation is out of the world. I hope God gives you better health to continue your will and your projects for the planet. You are an artist for the Planet!