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22.10.2009 > Sculpture of pioneer artist Zaven Hadichian - Photo has been taken on 22.10.09 between Aoukar and Dik el Mehde. I add that photo... to show surfers how we do not respect art in Lebanon… It is a Shame…
I hope this can be fixed soon… OneFineArt Editorial


6.11.2009 > I had this morning a very polite phone call from Sukleen, they assured me that the sukleen container has been removed. I would like here to thank the responsible of Sukleen for taking care of the issue and for their effort to work for a better Lebanon.

I went this morning to see the place... I was shocked by the view! The container was removed and set quite far from the sculpture... but now the garbage is replacing the container! "WE LEBANESE" who pretend to be educated, in less than 24 hours we made the place a horrible mess again.... I don’t know now who to blame... better be realistic and blame ourselves Lebanese who lie to ourselves saying that "Lebanon is the country of culture...."


7.11.2009 > Lebanese No Mercy!!, After Sukleen has removed the container... the second day... I past by again... and it is back... probably by people of the neighbors who are used to live in dirty... SHAME OF LEBANESE....! :'O(

20.11.2009 > Cat VS Mouse... Shame of that Lebanese Mouse!!


12.01.2010> Quite a Good end! We cannot be perfect...Sukleen was the first to follow and was very serious, therefore, I wish to thank Sukleen who does its best to clean on daily basis our country and big thanks to all the effort of its employees and workers who clean all the roads and corners of Lebanon. I would like to thank the lebanese people who reach their goals when there is clear and clean Will to change!

Comments from internet:
23.10.2009 > Ya 3aybechoom, akeed it is a shame
27.10.2009 > c normal, ca peut faire un nouveau art d'assemblage de matériaux.
01.11.2009 > Maybe that soon will be overloaded by rubbish and a new Karantina or Saida made in Soukleen
06.11.2009 > Ugly, you shouldn't be sad, you did your best
06.11.2009 > What that campaign.. it is disgusting... ya 3aybeshoom
07.11.2009 > That is Lebanon... desorder...
08.11.2009 > Ma3oule L3ama!
09.11.2009 > Es-ce possible quelle honte.
11.11.2009 > Suklin or the other, all irresponsible simply.
12.11.2009 > Good Shot.
14.11.2009 > Remove it, you cannot do anything kellon Mafia b Mafia wel 3alam bala akhle'.
19.11.2009 > Lebanese are not clean, that simply. N. Abou Saad
25.11.2009 > C impossible.. quelle patience... c enervant c des cochons ces Libanais
07.12.2009 > What happen next can you follow?
09.12.2009> I have many works to do in this period.. I cannot follow now.. I hope later when I will pass by the region I will check.. sorry... I feel I cannot do more... Admin (William Matar)
12.01.2010> Check up the last photo added (Admin OneFineArt)
15.01.2010> Good Job Mr Matar, that is a work you should be encourage to accomplish. Saleh Mughrabi
15.01.2010> Houra.. that is nice.. bravo Sukleen and Lebanese for Once!
19.01.2010> All Idiots... I see same dirty on the basement of the sculpture.. never we learn us Lebanese! Follow in images and you will see again shit!! Dany Karam
20.01.2010> Come-on Dany what he can do better.. be optimist plz. Dergham Alice

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