Direct Sale offers for artists listed in its site the possibility to have their artworks shown in our new section "Art Direct Sale".

In this section, art-lovers will have the possibility to surf the pages of and check available authentic and original artworks ready to be ordered and shipped as soon as payment is made. The section will have a secure credit card form to make easy the acquisition of artworks.

For secure credit card payment, we are accepting only original works that are priced less then US $ 10.000 to be listed... for above that price kindly contact us.

The price of each work covers cost of shipment. OneFineArt is chargeable for the shipment through first class international courier, so you will not be charged. You can expect your work to arrive within 10 days from the date you place your order!

In general we do not sell the artwork with a frame unless the artist offers a free frame with his work

We list only works of artists who have already a profile in

Disclaimer: The paintings shown in this page are not owned by OneFineArt and the site does not approve or disapprove originality of the works.

To eliminate fraud, AVS electronic verification of the credit card must be available.

Artists are listed in Alphabetical order