OneFineArt is more than just a place to expose your artworks! Add your reference!

If you'd like to have your site included in OneFineArt directory the only charge is a US $50.00 lifetime membership fee. This moderate amount is dedicated to promoting your art site..

What your membership includes:

Your lifetime membership of US $50.00 will assure you an active URL of your site in our pages with its description.

Benefits of being a member:

OneFineArt works like an artist cooperative, so the membership fee goes to covering the ongoing costs of Internet promotion, which attracts traffic for the benefit of all exhibitors. Most of this promotion is directed to advertising in order to attract certain clientele to our site, such as interior designers, doctors, lawyers, corporations, movie studios etc... This kind of targeted promotion can get rather expensive for a single; however by spreading these costs over the entire group, no individual artist is saddled with a big advertising bill. OneFineArt is dedicated to continually bringing new visitors to its direcotry who are interested in art . These visitors are potential customers who can then easily choose to visit you or any of the other exhibitors in the OneFineArt community.

OneFineArt is not in any way involved with your sales. Potential customers contact you directly and go to your site, and all transactions are between you and them. With no "middleman", there is no percentage for you to pay.

- You pay no fees or commissions on sales. You deal direct with all contacts
- No email is monitored or even passes through us.
- More hits to your web site.
- Increase of link popularity for your site.
- Free support for your site questions.

How to apply for membership:

If you have not received an invitation from us but would like to apply, then send us an email at [email protected] If your work and site meet our high standard of quality then you will receive an invitation to apply.