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I had the chance to discover online, the artistic works of Rouwaida Mallo, wife of the artist-painter Joseph El Arid. Born in Zahlé, she began her artistic studies at home, she is self-taught. After her university studies at the Lebanese University, she obtained a degree in psychology. Rouwaida becomes passionate about art.

She deeply loved visual art from her youth; she began by using colored pencils, pastel, and others, she taught plastic art in the Saint Anthony of Padua - Rayak School, and continued her passion through decorating various theater rooms.

Rouwaida continued to deepen her passion through oil painting and to learn, studying the great and renowned artists such Matisse, Vangogh, Joan Miro, and others ...

Rouwaida is a painter who paints in silence without making any noise, she is sincere with herself, she reduces her patterns to geometric shapes, cubes, circles, lines ... Everything is built solidly, forming a united and homogeneous art composition, a bundle of houses, buildings, constructions which appear as if it were a single bouquet of flowers full of charms and luminosities.

Rouwaida, courageous, masters her colored ranges, reds, oranges, greens blended perfectly with each other, while releasing the artist's expression, Rouwaida keeps her colored surfaces clean, and far from being pretentious, she recognizes that she is still learning, evolving, and perfecting her technique and her designs alongside her husband.

For Rouwaida, the work is creation, it is a colorful poem ... her works are pleasant to observe, they exude happiness, optimism. It's true, she has a lot to work on and to evolve ... she recognizes it, knowing that to be a good painter you have to be an excellent student.

William MATAR

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