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Artist Statement: Esmaeil Rashvand, Calligrapher & Painter Master

Author, Scholar and Art critic Grade A, Art Specialist

Born 1957, Zanjan Iran - Lives and works in Tehran - Iran

About My Paintings:

I use calligraphy formations and words in my painting works. I think by using calligraphy formations I can better express my sensations in paintings. In my most works using Persian Calligraphy (Nastaliqh and Shekaste) and when I painting I do not know what really happen to work. Most works created in my painting time and this is my sensations which form my painting works. While painting I surrendered by thought and senses.

Teaching for more than 30 years Art and Calligraphy in Art schools, and higher education:

- 1984 to 2004 teaching art and calligraphy in national schools and higher education.
- 1985 to 2000 teaching in calligraphers association and Iranian Red Crescent in Zanjan Province.
- Modern and innovative method of Nastaligh teaching on Zanjan TV.
- 2006 to 2009 introducing modern methods in teaching line scribal on Contemporary calligraphist institute of Tehran.
- Authorship of modern methods in Nastaligh teaching and apply it for Education System since 2001

Solo Exhibitions:

Expositions contain 20 collective expositions and festival arts, and also 7 solo expositions, as:
- Practice Love One: Sohrevardy Hall, Zanjan, 1991.
- Practice Love Two: Sun Home, Tehran, 1992.
- Practice Love Three: Ershad Culture Home, Zanjan, 1992.
- Practice Love Four: Sun Home, Tehran, 1994.
- Practice Love Five: Amirkabir Gallery, Tehran, 1995.
- Practice Love Six: Ershad Culture Home, Zanjan, 1996.
- Practice Love Seven: Ershad Culture Home, Zanjan, 1998.

Group Exhibitions:

Expositions contain 20 collective expositions and festival arts


A Review Of Half Century Of Iranian Contemporary Calligraphy-Painting
2July-11September 2011-Tehran Museum Of Contemporary Arts.

Names of God - Acrylic on canvas - 2007 - 100 x 100 cm - Artist:Esmaaeil Rashvand

This painting consists of 99 imperium names for God in Quran.
Green color that is religious color of Islam world expresses the Islamic essence in painting.
God names are calligraphed in Nastaliqh and show the Persian nature in painting.
Gold colors also induct viewers to glory and magnificence of God names.
Calligraphed words and ground is worked in green and only shades separate words and ground.
The mono green tones of color in this work also perform the unity and oneness that reveal the unification in creation.
Names are calligraphed by small and big font, in order to perspective the work.and…..

The First Day of Creation

The First Day Of Creation - Acrylic on canvas - 2005 - 60 x 60 cm - Artist:Esmaaeil Rashvand

This works created immediate and sensually. Dark space and azure ground induct viewer to vacuum of space, the space which is so far from history and earth then calligraphy formations come fast and warp as if it perform the first day of creation. God is alone in this work and there is no man while the existence is created.

Of course this is my viewpoint of work and you can have your own viewpoints.