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To be listed in you should send two copies of our registration art form, after filling them in according to the instructions and send them signed to our email [email protected].
When we have received the required information, we shall set up your pages in and send back one of your copies signed.

Artworks registration form - Registration for 14 items (Images, extracts of poems or extracts of music)

1-Member Information:

-Contact name:

-Contact address:

-Artist's biography (Please include on an attached sheet)

-Artist's text or article (Please include on an attached sheet)

-Your personal email address:

-Your phone numbers:

2-Artworks information:

OneFineArt policy is to add 14 items of your product for each contract. Please send to [email protected] the images or text with 72dpi resolution, digital files, Jpeg formats at 800 pixels for the longest side of the photo.

Please fill in the art works information:

Ref. Title Size Technique US $

NB.: Optionally you may also include a sales price. does not act as a sales agent and charges no sales commissions.

Please send with your artworks registration form:

- A personal photo (Passport photo) with the same resolution described above at 400 pixels for the longest side of the photo.

- A curriculum vitae.

- A page of text or article.


Participation in will be charged at a rate of US $ 120 for each year. The fees must be paid at the commencement of each year.
Our editorial staff will review each artwork submitted prior to the exhibition on
You will receive an email once your artwork has been approved.
We maintain the right to refuse to exhibit any item.


-Each artist will have a free opportunity to list his name in our Email advertising plan, which reaches about 20.000 friends of our sites.

-Each artist will be listed free of charge in our featured listing section.

-The artist's name will be automatically disseminated through worldwide search engines.

-Artists listed in OneFineArt have the possibility to add their artworks in our new section art direct sale and rent an art space.


OneFineArt accepts to make only one update every 4 months for each artist listing his works in our site.

We charge a rate of US $ 10 for each image or text file.

We are not requesting any payment to update the CV of the artist, who has the right to ask for his CV to be updated whenever he desires.

Paying an update will give the artist the right to be listed in our featured category for 10 days free of any charge.


-The artist's rights respecting his work are assured and guaranteed.

-Please send another registration form if you want to add more than 14 items.

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