Marina Matar


Date of birth: 09/02/67 

Nationality: Lebanese and French

1991 DIPLOMA IN HIGHER STUDIES IN ARCHITECTURE. Lebanese University - National Institute of Fine Arts - Section II.
1984 LEBANESE BACCALAUREAT - PART II (Experimental Sciences) Ecole de la Sainte - Famille Française..


Jan. 00 – August 15 MESC Bureau d’Ingénierie et d’Architecture

Oct. 95 - April 96 Planning, Design & Development Group - Paul Eddé
Development and Urban Planning Study for the village of Eddé - Jbail. (1st and 2nf phase)

Dec. 94 - May 2014 SOLIDERE - Land Development Division, Corporate Reporting, and Publications Division.

Work as Assistant Architect to Urban Management Department.
Main Projects :
- Detailed Land use analysis in Development Block.
- Preparation and updating of Codes and Manuals.
- Participation in New Development Projects reviews.
- Preparation of the "Technical File", "Developer Handbook" and "Development Brief".
- Preparation of parcellation and regrouping projects.
- Participation in Foch Allenby Urban Study.
- Land Development Projects Tracking.

Jun. 94 - Nov. 94 SOLIDERE - Town Planning Department
Work full - time on an hourly basis temporary assignment related to BCD Handbook production: French and Arabic editions and preparation for the English version.

Jun 93 - Jun. 94 MAURICE BONFILS Architect.
Work as a junior architect on conceptual designs, preliminary designs, and working drawings.
Main Projects :
- Schools in North and South Lebanon for C.D.R.
- Proposal for "Grand Sérail" extension in BCD.
- BCD Souks Competition.
- Private houses in Fakra.
- Commercial Center building in Bourg - Hammoud.
- Leisure Center in Jbail.

Nov. 91 - Feb. 92 PIERRE EL - KHOURY and Associates.
Work as a junior architect on conceptual and preliminary designs.
Main projects :
- Private houses in Fakra.
- Remodeling for a house at Yarzé.

1987 - 1988 - 1989 GEORGES FEGHALI Architect.
Work as trainee architect.

1985 - 1986 ABDALLAH CHEHADE Architect.
Work as trainee architect for summers periods

AutoCAD, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Visio, Access, Microsoft Outlook, Internet.

- French, English, Spanish, and Arabic: read, spoken and written.

- Member of the Engineers and Architects Order of Beirut.
- Member of the "Architects Association" at the Engineers and Architects Order of Beirut.
- In charge of drawing and manual training for children of "Eddé Social Club".
- Member of the "Jazira Club".
- Member of "Association Libanaise du Sida".
- Member of "Club des Vieux Sentiers".

- Drawing, classical dancing, and lyrical music.
- Writing.
- Various reading interests and traveling.
- Sports, walking, hiking, and camping.
- Cooking.

Contact: [email protected]

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