Joseph Panayoti

Extracts of articles

Extracts of articles:

Al-Sayad revue

-Between wood and stone:

…Despite his art on wood, on stone Panayoti is near to the abstract art, without losing his humans' feelings that characterize all his work. A touch of symbolism, surrealism, and a big fantasy seems to be in the nature of the artist. The "skirt" is a good example and hides a new dimension, which goes beyond the subject to reach an atmosphere of meditation.

-The woman:

The woman is almost everywhere in his work. 
The aim of sculpting the body is to reach the beauty as a value.
The work of Panayoti has an expressive force and a unique beauty.
He is a professional in all the materials; he knows how to deal with them and how to respect them. 
Finally, he is giving them the dimension of time: the mythological time, the present and the future.
His work is a marriage between reality and symbolism.

AL-Anwar newspaper

Panayoti find a part of his inspiration in the antique Greek art (mythology).
A big lover of Beauty, he sculpts women bodies. 
He said: "When a sculptor is able to finish a classic work, a nude, he is a professional."

Al-Khawater newspaper

What is new in the exhibition of Joseph Panayoti?
We can see forty wonderful masterpieces in different materials and sizes.
Under the light, all of those sculptures are superb, done with love and nicely finished.
They have the touch of this excellent and creative artist who gave them life.
Hundred eyes visitors have a dialogue with our statues; significations, symbols call you upon while you are meditating in front of those talkative statues.

La Revue du Liban

Joseph Panayoti's sculptures are in different materials and always with a perfect finishing; Nudes in wood, ivory, Plexiglas or stone, bust-women in onyx Plexiglas or stone. He is sculpting with a big love and respect for the material. Classic or stylized, his sculptures are magnificent.