Joseph Matar

Poetries by artist-painter and poet Joseph Matar

Chant à l'astre du jour

Or éblouissant
fulgurant, fascinant,
tu aveugles les yeux
en pénétrant illuminer les âmes…

Cercle de feu
sans limite
ta chaleur traverse mon corps
pour rassasier mon coeur.

Astre ensorcelant
semant la vie,
la résurection,
la joie, la grâce,
l'espoir et l'amour…

tes rayons palpitants
activent les battements
de mon coeur

chaque matin
dans nos rencontres
c'est l'éternel refrain:
A ce soir! ou demain!

Joseph Matar

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Hail to the Daylight Star!
Translated from the French:

Gleaming like gold,
shining and shimmering,
dazzling the eyes that you pierce
to give light to the soul.

Circle of flame, orb without limit,
beckoning to me,
sending your warmth
deep inside me
to quench the thirst of my heart.

Star enchanting,
life to all granting,
resurrection and grace,
a laugh on my face,
hope that will guide me
and love deep inside me.

Glorious sun, your warming blaze
makes my heart throb as I gaze
and feel the beating of your rays.

Joyous sun,
each morn I greet,
but always ask,
When shall we meet?
This evening or tomorrow

Joseph Matar

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