Joseph El Arid

Article - Joseph El Arid


Joseph El Arid was born in 1963 in the beautiful Lebanese city of Zahle, famous for its ancient churches and architecture. Joseph is a self-taught artist and studied at the Royal Art Society of Sydney. He has exhibited widely both in Lebanon and around the world, and in particular in Australia for the Marian Apostolic Movement and Paris where he has exhibited in many locations, and in 2001, he was the guest of honour at the art salon of Compiègne.

Joseph El Arid is an artist of remarkable skill and notable dynamism. He paints using oil on canvas in different styles. His abstract works are geometric and of great profundity, seemingly being characterised by many levels of depth. His landscapes are mostly of his homeland, and many of them depict the city of Zahle with its white houses, terracotta tiles, and Cyprus trees. In these paintings, his impressionist style is both dreamy and enchanting.