Wajih Nahlé

Artist Statement: Meditation through the inner self by Wajih Nahlé

Artist Statement: Meditation through the inner self by Wajih Nahlé

What is artistic innovation? What is artistic creation?

As science controls one’s mind to meet man’s materialistic requirements, art also controls the depths of human emotions. So art is a vast space within the inner self.

Art is the shining sparkle reflecting the mind’s contribution.

In abstract terms, art is a sea of fog whose secrets are unraveled whenever you sail against its waves or when you dive in it and touch its bed. To this day still crawling and anxiously trying to swim in this sea.

In art, the process of innovation starts off with adventure and travel in the world of the unknown when you take a close look and concentrate on the white canvass. When you concentrate on the depth of meditation, interact, react, dissolve and spontaneously enjoy the pleasure of the emotional relationship between the conscious and the subconscious. This process attracts all your powers and your inner feelings to gradually release you from the materialistic world to the spiritual world. You gradually get to see faint pictures that move in a confused way or clearly at times. The process involves mixing your colors spontaneously and nervously when you first touch the canvass and begin the adventure.

In fact, you do not know how to launch your adventure in this mysterious and unknown world as though you sail in a small and single boat from an endless shore in the horizon and you want to sail when the fog is thick. You set off on your adventure with soft and gentle touches. Then, you gently touch with your brush the canvass that at times becomes hard and at other times tender. You try to create all the noble feelings with a will that is mixed with the freedom of relationship. It is a freedom of sailing in the world of the unknown. At this very moment, you get the sparkle of innovation that is produced by the wealth of innovation charged with strong emotions, senses and bliss from experiencing the total integration from breaking free, to the state of overwhelming obsession.

This is the secret of venturing into the world of artistic creation.