Rana Hicham Bissat

Booklet: Hang your Dreams while you are going up or down the Gemmayze Stairs

Hang your Dreams while you are going up or down the Gemmayze Stairs


Installation by Rana Bissat - Gemmayze Beirut, June 2009


The bed is without dreams...

The bed is now filled in with dreams!

Why I chose this subject?

I liked the idea of a bed that wouldn?t look as a regular bed , at first glance!
The bed follows us from birth till death.
The bed includes both pleasure and pain.
The bed listens to all our hopes and fears, its pillows are soaked with our tears…
The bed hides all our unspoken fantasies…
The bed is both osmosis with someone, or terrible solitude…
The bed is the Kingdom of Dreams!
This little booklet is a glimpse at this unusual experience...
I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did !

Rana Bissat
June 2009

This installation is over…
The dreams came in and then left far away, like birds…
And now… what has lingered in my heart and my mind, and between my hands?
People of different ages an walks of life, using various languages, wrote down their thoughts and thus added to the tapestry of hopes and dreams that made p this bed.
They all stopped…
People wrote down words and hung them on the bed.

Or got surprised by the installation, discussed it with me, and then went their way.
Some people dreamt about love, about uniting again, or finding a mom or a child, or wishing for a happy nation, some people imagined a trip…
Others aimed for the bliss hidden in a pillow, or even just wished to forget.
A lot of visitors expressed the sadness of lost dreams, or the pain of a lonely night, sometimes even the scent of the wrinkled bed sheets…

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