Mohamad Seifeddine

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Throughout my artistic development, I have explored many phases in my artwork: abstract, realistic, expressionistic, and pop art. Since I have enjoyed working in all these different styles, my newest work collectively incorporates the styles to achieve an eclectic vision of beauty.

My subjects are the various faces and personalities of the female psyche. My work attempts to explore the independent, beautiful, confident, and self-satisfying woman; the kind of woman we all strive to be.

Most of the female physical characteristics I draw are overstated-drawn on large canvases - as a reflection of the modern definition of beauty placed on women. The inspiration for such works is derived from the world of beauty, fashion magazines, and the glamorous lifestyle.

Lebanon is a very trendy cosmopolitan country whose women strive to be seen at their best. I love exploring that aspect of women and their fight for independence and freedom through the application of the material world.

My main goal as an artist is to continue creating something innovative and novel that will undoubtedly attract the viewer’s attention.

Sally K