Jean-Paul Mansour

CV in English - Jean-Paul Mansour

CV in English:

Born in Beirut in Lebanon in 1956, he lives in Paris, in France, since 1981.

Autodidact, Jean-Paul Mansour was always attracted by arts, but also sciences, in particular astronomy, a passion which is revealed in some of its paintings.

Since its childhood, its affections the drawing. It is after its arrival in France that it begins painting, initially by tests with the acrylic resin then quickly while passing to oil.

Constantly in the search of a Master, it does not wish to integrate a school. He surveys the museums and especially that of the Louvre, where he will find his mentor, Paul Mantes, great painter and copyist. This 65-year-old Mister initiates it with the Flemish techniques.

He did very few exposures because he likes to only work in his workshop. He refuses to confine himself on only one subject, this is why he as well paints planets, landscapes Lebanese, Corsican, and even of the particular paintings carried out on order.

He always lives in Paris and continued to paint for the satisfaction of his composition. He is also an author of poems.

Collective exposures:

July 1987 Denver (Colorado)
Exposure on the topic of the horses

November 1988 Patterson (New Jersey) 
Exposure on the topic of the American houses

June 1989 Brandford (Ontario)
Exposure on the topic of the revolts of the Indians of America

May 1993 Paris (France)
Lebanese Arts centre

Individual Exposure:

August 1994 Paris (France)
Egyptian Arts centre