Georges David Corm

The woman, the source, and Nature: Extracts from an article The Uncontested Master of Nature

The woman, the source, and Nature:
Extracts from an article The Uncontested Master of Nature (Le Maître incontesté de la nature), by Ethel Adnan.

Here we must mention one quite particular painting, one of those works in which a great painter manages to express all the dimensions of his own being.

On its left this painting shows us a woman making a gesture that indicates that she might be bathing. The nude is seen from behind. The flesh has like that of most Mediterranean woman the colour of ochre. Following the classical tradition, the body is pure, strong and sculptural. The woman is bathing at a spring against a mountain landscape that is lofty and sombre.

This picture should be analyzed as a complete work. It is a philosophical essay, as might be said of a work by Leonardo representing the thought of the great Italian painter.

I find in this painting a sort of microcosm. The woman is surrounded by nature but she is herself also nature, which explains this feeling of energy that she communicates to her surroundings.

Nature here is not just an image, a detail or any precise place. Precise and evocative of those caverns and valleys of Lebanon, mysterious despite the blaze of the daytime sun, nature in this painting attains another dimension which we cannot describe as pantheistic, because of its relationship to the female personage and the feeling of an eternal presence which it also possesses. Here we have a masterpiece that makes us regret how the works of Georges Corm are scattered here and there around the world and regret also that the vicissitudes of daily life did not allow him to develop to their highest degree in his painting the infinite riches of his thought and of his talent.