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Sabah Mural, Assaf Building, Hamra Beirut - May 2, 2019

Elias Zaarour, Karim Tamerji, Jad El Khoury, and Ghaleb Hawila

Two new giant Murals added to the Beirut Skyline - Yazan Halawany - Sabah Mural, Assaf Building, Hamra Beirut - May 2, 2019 - Sub Headline: Art OfChange By Ahla Fawda Returns With New Colors To Hamra Street

If you walk the streets of Hamra on Cairo Street today, you will see two new giant murals appearing high above the streets. Two artists have collaborated to produce two murals interpreting the contrasts, diversity and unity of Beirut-Elias Zaarour alias “zed40”, and Karim Tamerji.

They represent the same lady with two allegoric attitudes in different periods of time, the traditional and the modern, explained the artists about their murals that adorn the wall of the Massabki-Serhal building in Hamra.

The power of the mother represented by a standing lady with children on her shoulder (protection) and stuck in her roots, on the other part of the wall the modern woman full of hope, looking up towards the future and expressing freely.

The two works are the latest additions by Ahla Fawda who are one of the main driving forces behind coloring Lebanon’s streets. The founding president ImaneAssaf has been promoting this vibrant public art form for some time now. Creating murals around Lebanon and collaborating with many sought after international and Lebanese artists.

These murals also mark the start of a new movement started by Ahla Fawda and in collaboration with international partners WhereTheresWalls and London Based RISEgallery called ‘Art Of Change’.

The Art of Change is a project committed to empowering people and communities through the promotion of art and all the positive benefit art can bring.

The murals have been made possible through funding by the owners of the Massabki-Serhal building, our sponsor Tinol, and the public through a successful crowdfunding campaign- demonstrating large public support for this kind of artwork in Lebanon.
In celebration of the completion of the new murals, Ahla Fawda will officially unveil them on the 2nd May and will be hosting an exhibition to showcase other works by the mural artists alongside works by a number of artists that have collaborated with Ahla Fawda over the years.

The show will also feature a selection of artwork from across Europe.

Four artists will be featured in the show: Elias Zaarour, Karim Tamerji, Jad El Khoury, and Ghaleb Hawila.

“The Art of Change Show” will run through May 2019. The artists will be present at the opening reception Thursday, May 2, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Gallery hours are Monday to Friday 10– 6:00, and by appointment. For additional information please contact Imane Assaf on 03907360

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About Ahla Fawda Studio& the Art of change movement:

Art of Change
Art of Change describes a movement within Ahla Fawda and in collaboration with two London based organizations: WhereTheresWalls and London Croydon based RISE gallery.
Embellishing areas and transforming communities to more beautiful and inhabited environments; taking into consideration the importance of maintaining a green ethos.
Offering emerging artist’s opportunities to showcase their work and a solid platform for them to develop their skills without having a large capital investment.
Using Art, artistic influences to enrich people’s lives; introducing murals, creating green spaces and inspiring young talents.
Creating measurable positive changes on people, local businesses and communities.

About Ahla Fawda
Ahla Fawda is a Lebanese based non-profit organization, run by volunteers who work towards
community development. Our mission is to bring joy to the local communities and improve
their immediate environments in a cultural and artistic manner, whilst maintaining an overall
green ethos”- a prime objective.
We also provide humanitarian assistance to poverty-stricken communities of all creeds in Lebanon.

Names of the artists and landmarks in Lebanon
Yazan Halawany - Sabah Mural, Assaf Building, Hamra Beirut.
Jad El Khoury -"Single Man" mural, the blue building in Hamra next to Saroulla, Hamra Beirut.

Aley :
Bridge Entry to Aley From Damascus Road

Local Artists: Elias Zaarour, Karim Tamerji, Diana Halabi, Ghaleb Hawila, Said Mahmoud, Alfred Bader, Dawood Kaaboul, Sara Bou Mrad, Raydan SPAZ

International Artists: Ben Eine, Otto Shade, Dan Cimmermann, Dotmasters, Mark McClure, Cara Jean Flynn, Morgandy, Giacomo RUN – The Bridge and several walls throughout Aley.

Art of Change Globally:
RISE Festival, Croydon, London, 2018, the largest urban art festival in London to date - attracting artists from 65 countries.
Five Lebanese artists participated: Jad El Khoury, Elias Zaarour, Ghalib Hawila, Ilat Knayzeh, Romy Matar.

Other Achievements in Hamra Street:
Creation of green spaces, and the painting of signs on the pavement for disabled access ramps as part of our awareness campaign for the rights of special needs, and as part of our mission to spread joy, we have organized three major festivals and 3 Halloween events that attract up to 40,000 visitors.