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Tiro Association for Arts 2019

Program from March till December 2019

Tiro Association for Arts organizes free training and workshops including Fine Arts, Theater, Cinema, photography, and Dabkeh for two targeted groups children and youth in Tyre and Nabatieh, in addition to events and festivals all over the year.

As for the festivals, five main festivals are always held during the year: Tyre International Music Festival, Lebanese International Theater Festival, Tiro International Arts Festival and the Lebanese International Short Film Festival and Women’s Theater Festival.


During 2019 the festivals will be held according to the following schedule:

1- From 8 till 12 March, Women’s Theater Festival in its first version.
2- From 27 till 30 April, Tyre international Music Festival in its third version.
3- From 24 till 28 August, Lebanese International Theater Festival in its sixth version.
4- From 26 till 30 October, Tiro International Arts Festival in its second version coincide with the opening of the Lebanese National Theater/Cinema Rivoli.
5- From 7 till 10 December, Lebanese International Short Film Festival in its sixth version.

Moreover, the association organizes a weekly film screening from different countries, languages and different categories. Some of the film screenings are done in villages and camps in the south of Lebanon using the Peace bus.

The overall objectives of this project aim to enhance the art and culture education for all citizens in the country, build peace and citizenship, reduce violence, spread symbiosis through culture movies and accept each other.

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