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Saleh Barakat Gallery - Nabil Nahas

Thursday 12 September 2019 at 7 pm till 24 October 2019

Saleh Barakat Gallery would like to invite you to the opening of Nabil Nahas’s latest solo exhibition will revolve around his fractal paintings. A fractal is a mathematical object, in which every component part identically corresponds to the whole. The fractal, part, and whole, in Nahas’s work, is analogous to the geometry of nature in its laws, processes, and overall logic. Each work is composed through the execution of the boundless interweaving and enfolding of different moments that constitute differential and variegated compositions, while always yielding a singular artwork. In gesturing from the finite to the infinite, Nahas alludes to a Sufi transcendentalist aesthetic, wherein the sublime in both its natural and architectural forms is evoked (think the Islamic architectural feature of the muqarnas), and the elasticity of scale between the part (micro) and the whole (macro) is preserved.


Opening: Thursday 12 September 2019 at 7 pm (till 24 October 2019)
Venue: Saleh Barakat Gallery, Clemenceau, Justinian Street, Beirut, Lebanon
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 11am-7pm, closed on Sundays.
Phone: +961 1 365615