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Raymond Chouity - Naila Art Gallery

Saudi Arabia: March 26 till March 30, 2019

Naila Art Gallery has the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the exhibition of 

Raymond Chouity
Silent Chants
2015 - 2019

on Tuesday, March 26, at 8:00 p.m
the exhibition continues till March 30, 2019
from 10:00 a.m till 9:00 p.m daily

Naila Art Gallery - Al Takhassosi Street, Bldg #2, 247, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Opening Hours: Saturday 2:00 p.m - 10:00 p.m
Sunday - Thursday 10:00 a.m - 10:00 p.m
Friday Closed Tel: +966 11 5352880Riyadh,


On top of the brush... there is cosmic dust

Here is Raymond Chouity, extending his arms to heaven. His hand is embedded in the soil of colours. It reshapes its existence and its loss as well, wearing his humanity that he does not give up, resisting the harshness of cold weather which is free from the heat of the burning heart of change.

Searching for the meaning of time and how it goes, and why not come back. Trying to drag hope with a wagon made of fantasy wood. He reads his visions and meaning to enlighten us.

He strips things out of her husks and colour us with its growing spring Despite the fall and calcification of hopes It's then, so adventurous! To make astonishment from the womb of endless dimensions.

In this new art show, Reymond Chouity takes upon himself to explore the unknown, to touch it and hold it with his hand to destroy it and reshape it in a shocking way at first sight. But you soon discover that you are the shock, when you are swallowed by the dissolved dimensions in a dazzling abstract environment with a variety of colours that fit this exceptional jump.

You see in the paintings an obscure and very clear language since it touches the depth that you missed it. You become the painting itself and a discovery moment for you, not the other way around.

The significance in the painting is in your innermost and in the depths of your soul. The significance is not only in the painting. This is what Raymond Chouity did in this collection. Most of the paintings reach out to you and take you on a spectacular journey as if you were swimming in another universe.

But you walk through its carefully drawn lines, through its geometrical dimensions that redraw the walls of the soul, the caves of the self, and touch the paths of cosmos, reflecting our concern, our hope and our confused minds with existence. It is a calculated adventure with the same poetic geometry.

It is the poetry of geometry or the geometry of poetry, where art is seen as a chord and you proceed towards the eloquence of the Spirit towards dreams that speak in the languages of the collective human mind It is an experience that can be said to be a leap to authenticity A leap to the first thing that we forgot in a rigorous and professional technique, rich in its tracks, shapes and themes.

Raymond Chouity wanted to draw on our souls, our fantasies and our minds. But at the last moment, all these ideas and projects are mixed up in one crucible and reshaped what we want in his own language. The language that he used in his previous collections. But now different … very dazzling and silent despite the hustle.

It is the language that marks the top of the iceberg and invites you to imagine the rest of the body
The language that gives you margin and text together to melt you with it. How could he do it with a limber feather?

In short, the feather of the artist Raymond Chouity in his new collection drowned in the cosmic dust of this endless vacuum, but he wanted to reshape this dust in an innovative and exceptional way, drawing dazzling paintings while squeezing time between his fingers.

Unleashing his imagination in our glory, he did not redraw the universe as much as we all did but expressed our fears, defeats and joys as if he were armed with the words of the Al Nafaree (You think you are a small star.. And you include the world's largest)

Muhammad Shams al Sawalha