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Michel Zoghzoghi’s new photography book

November 15 starting 2018, 6 pm at Station Beirut


The official launch of Michel Zoghzoghi’s new photography book "Cattitude and the Unbearable Lightness of Woofing" will take place on November 15 starting at 6 pm at Station Beirut.

This event will be accompanied by a photography exhibition and will continue until November 18 from 12 to 9pm. This is the facebook event page -

In "Cattitude and the Unbearable Lightness of Woofing" Michel focuses on cats and dogs in a studio environment portrayed as unique individuals with different personalities. Some are survivors who were abandoned and suffered at the hands of humans, others come from pet shops or breeders and were sold as commodities, yet despite their adversity, they have all forgiven the cruelty of humans and continue to bring joy to our lives.

All profits from the book and photo sales will be donated to Nonprofit Organizations, mainly Animals Lebanon in order to fund the effective implementation of the Animals Protection and Welfare Law.

We are also seeking media coverage on the day of the event on November 15. For more information please call 81-972764.

INFO: Michel Zoghzoghi -

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Safaa Hojeij
Animals Lebanon