Where to go

Exhibition of Mazen Rifai on December 7

Espace 9 - Galerie d'art - Verdun - Beirut

We have the pleasure to invite you to the exhibition of MAZEN RIFAI on December 7 starting 6 PM!

Espace 9 - Galerie d'art - Verdun - Beirut, Lebanon

Call 01 810 877



Born in Baalbeck, Lebanon, MAZEN RIFAI has studied in Lebanon and Italy. He holds a Diploma degree, which he got from Marceta-Italy in 1974, and a Diploma of high study in "Decoration Arts" from the Lebanese University (Interior Design). He practiced architecture and interior painting, from 1981 to 2005 and participated in many solo exhibitions and group shows in Lebanon and abroad.

Workshop leader at the Beaux Arts, he left teaching to devote himself to architecture and painting. He never stopped painting his hometown and source of inspiration, Baalback. His work is characterized by transparency and luminosity and it captures an interpretation of feelings.


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