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Lila Maroun Frem Exhibition

KAF Gallery - Beirut - 11th Nov. till 1th Dec. 2022


Lila Maroun Frem
Les touches - Tout de Lila" - 2022

Opening: Friday, Nov 11th - 5-9 pm
The exhibition continues until Dec 1st, 2022

Monday - Friday 11.00 am - 5.00 pm
Saint Nicolas District Achrafieh Beirut

+961 1 334984 - 3 114922
KAF Contemporary Art Gallery

Artist, Painter - Lila Maroun Frem

Born in Lebanon, Lila (Liliane) Maroun Frem has been interested in painting and arts since her childhood. Lila grew up in a family sensitive to the arts. Her mother Nadia Boulos Maroun was a landscape and expressionist painter.

It was fascinating for a little girl like Lila to grow up among the large canvases, the smell of oil paint on her mother’s palette and easel. Her studio was a refuge and a wonderful and beautiful world where Lila spent her time drawing.

Lila Maroun Frem graduated on 19/12/1991 with "Diplomes d’etudes superieurs" of Fine Arts at "Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts" ALBA and received her Master’s degree with honors in Fine Arts.

After graduating she taught at the ALBA for one year and then traveled to Paris for two years 1992-1993/1993-1994 where she studied and joined several workshops like Art mural/Vitrail/dessin du Modele vivant in many schools and academies such as, "L’ecole superieure des Arts-Appliques Duperré", "Lucas de Nehou ", and "Academie de la grande chaumiere".

Currently, she is a professor of Fine Arts in several universities and founder of her own studio "Atelier des Lilas" since 2004 where she teaches Arts.

Enthusiastic and unprompted, Lila Maroun Frem is a painter offering generous colors and good mood through her work.

Despite having lived through the civil war in Lebanon (1975-1990) and the sadness of people who endured a lot, she wanted to show through her paintings and colors that life is beautiful and that her country Lebanon will remain beautiful with art and culture.

Her art studies and her culture and experience brought her to be naturally concentrated with passion to creating art.

Colors play a main role in her work. She uses a lovely color palette to translate her strongest emotions. She creates an extraordinary composition in each of her work to tell stories.

She uses spontaneous lines and colors which result in expressive shapes. Her paintings and sculptures express joy and cheerfulness. She’s a colorful, figurative, and abstract painter.

Her biggest inspiration is her feelings.

Her role model is the famous artist Pablo Picasso.

Her favorite subject is the human, and the relationship between all kinds of creatures; and especially the woman that represents beauty and love, where she simply wants to offer an optimistic view of life. She shows a society that is always on the move. She uses acrylic paint on canvas and on wood and sometimes she uses acrylic with pastel oil and mixed media work collage to create interesting shapes with strong colors.

Lila participated in many local and international exhibitions like "Salon d’automne" Grand palais Paris France 1992 et 1993, "Duperre" Paris France 1993, ALBA 1992 et 2017, "Maison Libano_Aĺlemande " Kultursentrum 1992, Galerie Alwan 1995 _1997, "Jabal"2005 et 2006 Muse Gueraguossian, Couvent Saint Paul et Pierre 2016, In addition she was awarded a certificate from the Luxembourg Art Prize of 2021 hosted by La Pinacothèque, she as well has a permanent exposition on the platform Artsper 2021, 2022. She participated in the NfT international art exhibition during march 2022 in Spain and Italy by M.a.d.s. art gallery, in addition to an exhibition held at ALBA during June 2022 named "l’expo du Coeur".

Lila’s work is telling stories, exploring the emotions with spontaneous shapes, and touching the soul with contrast colors. Art brings joy into Lila’s life and makes her very happy.