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Letitia Gallery Beirut - Sculptures Exhibition

Artist Sculptor Ahmed Al Sheikha - Nov. / December 2019


Exhibition duration:
29 November 2019 to 28 December 2019
Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm
Saturdays 11 pm to 4 pm

A series of sculptures from different times showing different aspects of the artist's practice

Ahmed Al Sheikha is a Syrian artist based in Lebanon. His sculptural practice is distinguished by a technical mastery of multiple media and a historically broad approach to contemporary figuration. Al Sheikha began working in chrome and steel, favoring its strength and longevity. As he has evolved as an artist, however, Al Sheikha has expanded his practice to reference modernist sculpture through his use of marble to capture abstract physical forms.

Ahmed Al Sheikha’s commitment to formal perfection is enhanced by a natural approach to aesthetic style. “I am passionate about my artwork,” says the artist, “and I am moved by a deep instinct to create. I do not rely on a template or model, instead, my hands work with the freedom of my senses so that each artwork is a unique piece and tells a distinct story.” Al Sheikha is particularly adept at capturing likenesses and human physicality, lending his artwork a dynamic quality.

Ahmed Al Sheikha has studied and practiced art-making since his childhood. He is a member of the Syrian Plastic Artist’s Union and received a certificate of appreciation from Governor of Homs and architect Mouhammad Iyad Ghazal. Ahmed Al Sheikha has participated in exhibitions throughout Lebanon and in the Gulf, and his work was featured in the 2016 exhibition Peace Candles at the Damascus Opera House in Homs, Syria.

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