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Kuh-Rupt - Exhibition Urban-Contemporary Artists of Revolution

Art of Change: December 11th 2019 until January 19th 2020

Headline: Kuh-Rupt – A group exhibition featuring some of the most prominent Urban-Contemporary Artists of the Revolution Sub Headline: Art Of Change brings the Social Narrative of the Street into the Gallery

During the 47 days of the Lebanese Revolution, Art Of Change have worked with some of the best Urban Contemporary Artists of the moment, creating more than 75 street art murals across Beirut, Tripoli and Choueifat. The Art produced in the streets by the Artists has become one of the defining pillars of the Revolutionary Movement, expressing the feelings of the people and the hopes of a new Lebanon, generating worldwide exposure. Long before the Revolution started, Art Of Change was one of the main proponents of the Street Art movement in Lebanon. We have elevated ‘graffiti’ into a recognized and valued art form, transforming the streets into open public art galleries for the people to enjoy and engage with. We are incredibly proud to see the Artists and their Art finally getting the recognition they so rightfully deserve. They have worked tirelessly in support of the revolution and have given their heart and soul in support of the movement. While we continue to pursue our mission of reclaiming the streets and beautifying the concrete jungles we live in, we also want to give a platform for these artists to present their studio work and give the admiring public an opportunity to acquire the art that has become so iconic of this movement. We will be featuring Original and affordable Artworks along with Limited-Edition Prints featuring many of the iconic street pieces. This is just the beginning. The exhibition will constantly evolve and reshape itself through the introduction of new works that will continue the narrative of the streets and the feelings of the people. Starting in Beirut, we will be taking the exhibition to Paris and London to promote the Lebanese Talents, telling the Story of the revolution from the perspective of the people.

Artist Line-up:
Roula Abdou - Zayna Ayyad - Marie Alice Berberi - Brady Black - Lea Bou-Habib - Dew - Jad El-Khoury - Negin Fallah - Mark Ghsoub - Ghaleb Hawila - Ilat Knaizeh - Selim Mawad - Moestr - Phat2 - Rasha Rahal - Renoz - Karim Tamerji - Weesdom - Sumer Ziady - ZigZag Zein

“Kuh-Rupt” will run through from December 11th 2019 until January 19th 2020. The artist’s will be present at the opening reception: Wednesday, December 11th from 18:30 – 22:00 Gallery hours are Monday to Friday 10:00 – 18:00. Private viewings can be arranged by appointment. For additional information please contact Iman Assaf on 03907360


Notes For Editor:
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About Art of Change: 
Art of Change is a partnership formed between Ahla Fawda and Wherethereswalls with the mission of empowering people and communities through the promotion of artistic talents along with all of the positive benefits art can bring. We have a working studio where artists can gather and collaborate, developing a growing reputation for the creation of public art across Lebanon. Embellishing areas and transforming communities to more beautiful and inhabited environments; taking into consideration the importance of maintaining a green ethos while Offering emerging artist’s opportunities to showcase their work and a solid platform for them to develop their skills without having a large capital investment. 
Art Of Change Locally & Globally • Twelve iconic murals around Beirut; Sassine Achrafieh, Hamra Street, Makdissi Street • Redecoration with calligraphy the interior of the Mosque of Khaled Bin Walid in Sakiet El Janzir, Kfarmishki Village, West Bekaa - Murals by six Lebanese artists on designated walls around the village. • Aley - Murals by 15 local and 15 international artists on a Bridge on the Damascus International Highway, residential buildings within the town, and several walls throughout the city. • London, United Kingdom – Artistic Curation of 75 Artworks for the largest Urban Art festival in London including the participation of five Lebanese artists out of 65 artists from around the world. Since the beginning of the Thawra / Revolution we, with partial support from one of our partners, have created a number of Revolution Walls. We have facilitated more than 80 artworks at ESCWA, The Ring, The Grand Theatre, Electricite du Liban, Chuoeifat and Tripoli.