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Cheriff Tabet Gallery presents

Andrew Iacobucci - Beirut, February 19, 2019 till March 21

Cheriff Tabet Gallery


Andrew Iacobucci performs his artistic music sheet

Beirut, February 19, 2019 - Andrew Iacobucci was born and currently works in Rome, where he graduated in Architecture in 2013. His thesis was research on concurrent musical and architectural composition. The theme was based on the variation in rhythm, and how it articulates a series of musical and pictorial elements. This research on music and architecture continued in his artistic work, through a first phase of large paintings done in Beijing in 2014, where large masses of black paint fill the canvas with deep sounds. It then developed with a series on paper: a quick fire of thin lines (sometimes with ink, sometimes with paper cuts) inspired by the mathematical and aggregative compositions of Steve Reich. The latest works are focused on a new kind of code: one of the street-based paints and colors, and how they are interpreted. As with music and its set of codes (notes, pauses, and lines) so there is a code on the street, a proper language. This language is translated and articulated in a series of large paintings where the traces made with a specific instrument (the striper, used for road signs) is able to simultaneously constrain and enlarge the exploration of the trace.

Andrew Iacobucci is presenting his exhibition "The Minor Third" at Cheriff Tabet Gallery from February 19 to March 21, 2019.

About Cheriff Tabet Gallery

An art lover and a passionate collector, Cheriff Tabet decided to devote his time to sharing his passion for modern art.
After a career spent in communication, traveling the whole world, he has now established an art gallery in Beirut which will be exhibiting artists from different countries.

Located in D Beirut, a venue dedicated to design, it is the ideal place to exhibit modern contemporary artworks.

Since its opening in November 2017, the gallery has held 9 exhibitions and is planning for more in 2019.

The exhibition “L’Artiste en Elle” held end November 2018 was the first of its kind in Lebanon as it showcased 7 non-professional women, who paint for their own pleasure.
The aim was to encourage them to reveal their talents but also attract other silent artists to show their work.
The gallery will host similar activities in 2019.

2019 will see more exhibitions by Lebanese Artists, and the opening of a new space which will be dedicated to all kinds of Art and cultural events.

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Andrew Lacobucci