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Beirut Art Salon exhibition - June / July 2018

Ahmad Ghaddar, Antoine Mansour, Bashir Bou Raffoul etc...

The second edition of the Beirut Art Salon exhibition "Talent Unbound" opens June 19th at 6 PM till July 19 at 6 PM, 2018

BAS cordially invites you to celebrate art and local emerging talents on its opening night. You will not only get the first glimpse into this year's beautiful selection of art pieces but also enjoy your night meeting the pioneering artists behind the unique art. The organizers look forward to meeting you as well and personally welcoming you into the greater artistic community.
Feel free to swing by with your art-loving friends to witness talent, raw and limitless, over some drinks and live entertainment.


Ghaleb Hawila
Jean-Marc Nahas
Mona Knio, PhD
Walid Sadek, PhD


Ahmad Ghaddar
Antoine Mansour
Bashir Bou Raffoul
Diana Mehrez
Dima Nashawi
Mark Samaha
Mayassah Alsader
Nathalie Weis
Rodolph Makhoul
Ramy Matar
Salah Eddine Missi
Sara Richani
Tala Sharafeddine
Zarifi Haidar Marin


Lighting Art
Recycled Art
Beginner Fine Arts
Sketch Jams
Origami Sessions