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Arabic Type Design Beirut

Vahid Jazayeri in Beirut from 3 to 7 July 2017

Arabic Type Design – Beirut
Participants of the Arabic Type Design

Beirut program will embark on an intensive foundational course in Arabic type design. Using traditional and digital techniques, students will be guided through drawing an individual typeface based on principles that are essential and unique to the Arabic script. Calligraphy, lettering and type design will alternate with theoretical and font production sessions to provide students with a comprehensive base for designing high-quality Arabic typefaces.

Vahid Jazayeri in Beirut

Vahid is a teacher of the first week of this intensive course, from 3 to 7 July 2017. Vahid M. Jazayeri is an established Master calligrapher, graphic designer, and expert in early Arabic Kufic script. He holds a Bachelor of Art in Graphics and has been awarded the Excellence in Art Certificate, the equivalent of an honorary Ph.D. Ustaz Vahid began his study on Thuluth script in 1982 and his study on Naskh scripts in 1991. After nearly ten years of training he began teaching and within a year he was developing two complementary fields: historical calligraphy in a range of media (ceramics, coins, plaster and stone, manuscripts) and contemporary type design. He has published several books on Arabic calligraphy and logotypes and conducting tutorial workshops in different countries.


The Participants

If you are: A professional in the field of design who has been dreaming of getting an in-depth understanding of the Arabic script and finally making the step towards type design; a typographer, a print or e-media publisher who would like to learn how to create your own Arabic typeface; an educator who seeks to add richness to your educational work and gather some curated practical and theoretical principles that shape the Arabic script; a design student who misses not having a highly specialised course in Arabic type; a programmer or a historian or someone who is simply passionately interested in diving into the vast field of Arabic type design…then join us; this program is made for you!

How to Apply

Candidates are asked to submit the following application materials to:, with the subject heading “ATD Application”. Your e-mail should include your full name, phone number and postal address. Please include these materials in a single PDF (A4, print resolution, maximum 10 pages / 10 MB):

– A brief letter describing your experience and interest in Arabic type design (250 words maximum, in English or Arabic language).
– A portfolio of 8 images (one image per page) with a caption highlighting your work and experiments in Arabic typography, lettering and vector drawing. For team projects, please state your personal role.
– A one-page CV including your education, courses and selected works that are relevant to this program.

Please name your PDF as such: “your name_application_2017”.

For more information, you can contact us at with your questions. or visit its website: