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Anima Gallery Exhibition - Doha

15 January till 31st March 2018


Anima Gallery cordially invites you to the preview reception on

Monday 15th January, from 7 to 9 pm

Ahmed Albahrani’s response to the deficient depiction of political unrest and war is portrayed in his coins. As he evokes the immense deflection of the Arab province, he recreates the coins with a veil of demolition. The engravings are similarly exerted but with a focus on detail. The collection of coins consists of historical moments that conditioned important stages of the Middle East’s current state.

The pictorial components of the coins are presented as a major aspect of the collection, because of its fixed importance. They are issued to act as historical icons, with fictional narratives that communicate the success of the state and its people to the world. Albahrani enlarged the coins with the tally marks, cracked surface, gunshots, erosion of sand ripples and the overwhelming effect of a melting process. In fact, the fusion is a downfall of progress where the act of turning a solid substance into a liquid form is an inundation of a failed state.

The combinations of the original motifs are opaque while the texture yields over the foreground, emerging out of the circular frame. Albahrani’s manipulation of the bronze medium is a deception of the unimaginable. Through these layers, there is a sense of vulnerability that you can approach more intimately.

The exhibition will be on display until 31st March 2018.

T: +974 4002 7437


Ahmed Albahrani CV

From abstract to contemporary and conceptual art, Ahmed Albahrani transforms his medium to address the modern-day conditions in a forthright manner. The art is the outcome of his extroverted opinion; it is outspoken, intimidating and shocking to the viewer. The story that the artist is declaring is announced through the rough and unbreakable metals where the distressing narratives weigh down the rigidity to enhance the debilitating effect of war. It moves beyond the highlight of Albahrani’s identity because of its reinforcement of figural and non-figural representation. He elevates the product to eliminate marginalization; these etched memories are converted into object form, preserved to carry a statement that needs to be disclosed.

1965 Born in Babylon, Iraq
1988 Diploma, Fine Arts Institute, Baghdad, Iraq
1992 - 1994 Taught Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad, Iraq
Founder of Mimar Gallery with Architect Hazem Abu Naba’a, Qatar


2016 Katara Art Centre
2015 Artspace Hamra
2015 Beirut Art Fair
2013 Art Basel Miami Beach (Solo exhibition)
2013 Beirut Art Fair
2012 Art Sawa Gallery, Dubai
2012 Ghassan Ghaib and Ahmed Albahrani exhibition “Nostalgia” at Jacaranda, Amman, Jordan
2012 Al Markhiya Gallery, Doha, Qatar
2011 November Dress Code Project, Art Sawa Gallery, Dubai
2011 Orfale Gallery
2011 Katara, Doha, Qatar
2010 “Beyond the War: Contemporary Iraqi Artists of the Diaspora”, (LTMH) Gallery, New York
2010 Miami Sculpture Biennale
2010 Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain
2010 “My Homeland: Contemporary Artists from Iraq”, Art Sawa Gallery, Dubai
2010 “A Chair and a Painting”, Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain,
2009 “Contemporary Artists from Iraq”, Art Sawa Gallery, Dubai
2008 Albareh Art Gallery (Solo exhibition), Bahrain
2006 Dar Al Fanoun (Solo exhibition), Kuwait
2006 Al Bareh Art Gallery (Solo exhibition), Bahrain
2006 4 Walls Gallery (Solo exhibition), Amman, Jordan
2004 Green Art (Solo exhibition), Dubai
2003 “Contemporary Artists from Iraq”, Green Art, Dubai
2002 Bissan Gallery, in association with the French Cultural Centre, Qatar
2002 Al Bida Gallery (Solo exhibition), in association with the National Council for Culture, Art and Heritage, Qatar
2001 Alfardan Gardens, sponsored by Alfardan Group, Qatar
2000 French Ambassador’s residence (Solo exhibition), Qatar
1998 “Contemporary Artists from Iraq”, Al Afif Gallery, San’a, Yemen
1999 French Cultural Center, San’a, Yemen


2017 Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani Anti-Corruption Hand sculpture; Geneva, Switzerland
2016 Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani Anti-Corruption Hand sculpture; Vienna, Austria
2015 Lusail Hall, Handball installation “The challenge”, Doha, Qatar
2015 Handball World Cup (gold)
2015 Kempiniski Hotel, Horse sculpture (bronze), Doha, Qatar
2015 La Ferrari, Doha, Qatar
2013 to 2016 ROTA cube, Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar
2013 Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Apple (stainless steel)
2011 Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Car
2009 Qatar Foundation, Gate of VCU, Doha, Qatar
2005 Gulf football trophy (gold)
2005 Qatar Olympic rings