Salim Mousa El-Achi

poet and writer

Dr. Dahesh (1909 - 1984)

Divertissement and pastime are not the object of this address. We have had enough of the vain amusements of life that provoked fatal consequences to humanity. I want this talk to be charged with the thunder of the Spirit, to be amalgamated with the flame of faith, and to be based on rationalism and rigorous evidences.

I have come to you with the food that men have not tasted for two thousand years. This food will be celestial Mama to some, and deadly poison to others. Through it many will be aroused and established, whereas others will still be confounded. But life shall hold no account to its children if they are not strong and pure. To these alone, the reins shall be handed over.

When «The league Of the Spiritual Fraternity» of unlighted university students invited me to give this address and to talk about «THE PRODIGIES OF DR. DAHESH AND THE UNITY OF RELIGION», I was vividly impressed by the gravity of the subject.

On one side, a Man whose personality is ascending and surpassing the terrestrial limits for about the past half century is being affirmed and amplified day in day out.

The people interrogate about his being, making contradictory opinions about him. They make him the object of unjustifiable attacks which are intensified later on by fussy noises around his ever growing reputation.

Nothing can touch this man, as though he were a citadel not built by human hands. The attacks and the accusations cannot reach his fortification, and the looks of pride and defiance against him turn back, humiliated by his eminence.

On the other hand, great importance is given to the Unity of Religions and to the destiny of man and his soul. A general interest envelops the world, embracing the Vatican, America, Athens and up to Lebanon, to such an extent that it appears to the observer that the unity of religions is of a pressing need and that it has been inserted as an essential world reality in the social and cultural trends.

Yet, two reasons have spurred me to tackle this affair inspire of the gravity of the subject:

The first reason is that the lecture is being held is one of the auditoriums of the American University, the home and refuge of bold liberal thinking in Lebanon. And the second reason is the fact that this lecture, and the date on which it is going to be given, take part in Dr. Dahesh's prodigies.

After I had been informed by «The League Of The Spiritual Fraternity» That the A.U.B. ( American University of Beirut) authorities, in agreement with the Student's Council, have fixed the 12th of May as the date assigned for this lecture, I searched in the Daheshite documents at my disposal and to my great surprise I discovered that in some of the papers dating back to 1942, the first lecture about Daheshism was given on the same date, the 12th of May (28 years ago) by the first Daheshite believer, the late Youssef et Hajj, father of Professor Kamal el Hajj, I hardly got in touch with Dr. Dahesh to inform him about this extraordinary coincidence when I discovered that it was not pure hazard as I had originally thought, but a real spiritual design. Dr. Dahesh intimated to me a fact which is even stranger. It was one of his prophecies written 28 years ago by the late poet Halim Damous who used to register down, and in his own handwriting, all Daheshite occurrences, serially, and by order of their happenings, in which he predicted that I shall give today, and at the American university, a lecture on Dr. Dahesh's Prodigies. The day when Halim Dammous wrote this prophecy in his own handwriting I was then only six years of age and Daheshism was only known to me twenty years later.

Everyman with an authentic scientific culture knows, as I know, that the world is governed by permanent natural laws. The law of cosmic movement, that of universal attractibility, that of relativity, the law of the conservation of energy and many other laws have existed in the cosmos ever since the world came into existence. All that human reason can do is to lift up gradually the veil that masks these laws.

But no matter what human determination may be, it cannot penetrate the laws of nature. This is a scientific truth confirmed by the great physician Max Plank (winner of the Nobel Prize in 1918), discoverer of the theory of Quantum, and confirmed by other scholars. The laws of nature cannot be subjected to our will, since they existed long before life appeared on earth, and they will continue to exist after its disappearance.

Yet in spite of my scientific conviction that human desire is subjected to the laws of nature and despite the impossibility for any man existing to challenge it, I have had, however, the occasion, during my seven years in company with Dr. Dahesh, to witness tens of times, the laws of nature being transgressed by him in a very obvious manner. Such happenings led me naturally to serious enquiries and investigations. I never neglected during that time any important book dealing these extraordinary things, whether the book was in Moscow, Washington, London or Paris.

I saw with my own eyes and touched with my fingers tens of the prodigies realized in front of me by this astonishing man. These miracles left permanent evidences which were seen by persons who did not know Dr. Dahesh and were plainly convinced by their authenticity.

This was not sufficient to me. I contacted a great number of people who have witnessed, like me, Dr. Dahesh's miraculous performances. I listened to them directly, analyzed what they reported and compared their reports with other witnesses. Then I tried to make approaches between what I have gathered and their relation to the natural, psychological and social sciences as well as to the religion and logic. Out of all this, I made the following conclusion:

1) The strange occurrences by Dr. Dahesh are nothing but real miracles which cannot be classified as among the games of a conjurer or attributed to suggestion, witchcraft, spiritism or hypnotism.

Dr. Dahesh does not accomplish his miracles through his own free will, for his will, like other human wills, is bound to the laws of the planet it is born in. What therefore performs these miracles is a spiritual force, not a terrestrial one and not subjected to the laws of our world because it is far superior to it.

Dr. Dahesh may be considered as a spiritual media to God or an instrument of choice to execute God's will.

2) The thing which has necessitated the manifestation of the Spirit and the realization of the prodigies in this century is the tragic condition of a wretched world which is badly in need of a savior. The aim is purely spiritual, I mean to say: a regeneration, a renaissance, the confirmation of the existence of the Soul, its immortality, the existence of the Creator, reward and punishment, with palpable materialistic proofs, necessary to our materialistic era.

3) The unification of religions is their clear and profound significance, the return to pure and veritable faith, living a just and honorable life - these constitute the inevitable consequences of the miracles of the Spirit, and the essential needs for the man of our century.
As for these three points, I shall analyze them successively, supported with decisive proofs.


Before treating this subject, it is necessary to start with three explanatory remarks:

a) Those who have seen Dr. Dahesh's prodigies, and witnessed them either before me or at the same time, were, the majority of them, of an educated class of people, well-cultured and perfectly enlightened. Among them were physicians, engineers, journalists, professors of universities, bishops, learned men, keen reporters, attorney-generals, judges, lawyers, and a great number of deputies (Members of Parliament), ministers and executive officers – all of them have declared that what they have seen was certainly the objective truth, undeniable, even if their interpretations to these phenomenal miracles differed at certain points.

b) A huge number of these witnesses who had their faith affirmed in the same manner as St. Thomas, and who had the Daheshite truth illuminating their souls, believed in Dr. Dahesh's mission and did not recoil no matter what the sacrifices were. They endured persecution, suffering and disagreements of all sorts even from their own parents.

As for the lady of letters, portrayer and author, known as Mrs. Mary Chiha Haddad, she had to suffer persecution from her sister, the late Laura, wife of the late Besharah el Khoury who was then the President of the Lebanese Republic. Her sister imprisoned her for the sake of compelling her to abandon her new faith, but as Mrs. Haddad insisted on keeping her convictions; her sister circulated the rumors that she was mad and ordered her to be confined in a hospital for mental diseases, but soon Mary went out from the hospital, perfectly sane, faithful to her belief, respected as she was before, and continued to profess literature and arts and kept on maintaining her relations with the miraculous man. She is still alive. Her sister and her brother-in- law, the ex-President, both passed away a long time ago.
Mr. George Haddad, her husband, at the time of the persecution preferred to leave behind him the terrestrial glory and wealth, and be jailed for months for the sake of his beliefs. He also witnessed a great number of miracles and the spiritual teachings of Dr. Dahesh brought back to him his faith in God, in the immortality of the Soul and made his life a decent one.

The late Dr. George Khabsa, the well know specialist in skin diseases, renounced his chair as Professor in the French Faculty of Medicine and gave his resignation as a protest to an article published by the Jesuit newspaper «El Besheer» against Dr. Dahesh.
Dr. Farid Abu Sleiman resigned his official post as Government Medical Officer after he was left with the choice of either doubling his salary or renouncing his Daheshite faith.
The poet Halim Dammous suffered for more than a year in prison because of his tenacity in his faith. He preferred preaching the Daheshite truth on the vanities of the word.

The former Attorney-General in Beirut, Mr. Dimitri Hayek was forced to renounce his post after he had refused to direct a false accusation against Dr. Dahesh. He had witnessed a great number of the miracles and had believed in Dr. Dahesh's mission.
It is not necessary to enumerate further the names of those who made sacrifices to the cause of the new Spiritual Mission. I shall not tell you about myself and the things I went through, for that will take too long to relate.

Now, would it be reasonable to consider all those named above as victims of imagination during tens of years? Would they all renounce their important positions, their considerable wealth, their pacific way of living, their friends and their own relatives, preferring the trials, the sufferings and the discomfort for a fictitious object?

No and a thousand times no. Had the truth not been so obvious, they would not have testified for it! Had they not touched at with their own fingers, verified it with their intelligence, and accepted it as something superior and to the welfare of this world, they would not have left, with no regret at all, the glory of this earth and its inducements.

c) The miracles which took place and those which are still taking place through the intermediary of Dr. Dahesh, are not all of one kind, not even of ten kinds, but rather of hundreds of types embracing men, animals, plants, and inanimate objects. These miracles are of a materialistic nature, palpable, unchanged as to their existence, unchanged when examined and unchanged when in photographic pictures. The one who can throw a glance at the ensemble of these miracles cannot but bow down with respect and glorify this grand and extraordinary spiritual force which created them. If we were to register all the miracles of Dr. Dahesh we would have used numerous huge volumes.

Dr. Dahesh with Dr. Khabsa on his right and Dr. Abu Sleiman on his left

Among the miracles which were accomplished and which are still being fulfilled through the intermediary of Dr. Dahesh and the spiritual force, I would like to mention the following few examples:
- Curing instantaneously incurable diseases.
- Saving from death or from damage to bodily injuries.
- The reproduction of life’s happenings and the exact recording, in a most astonishing way, of people’s talks no matter how secret and far they were.
- The predicting in details of forthcoming events no matter how different, difficult or numerous they were.
- Knowing the thoughts and the dreams.
- The ability of speaking any existing language.
- The giving of life to plants, dead animals, and inanimate objects.
- The creation of things prior to their palpable existence and the bringing them back to life after their annihilation.
- The growing of plants, the ripening of fruits within an eye glance.
- The changing of the nature of things and their functions, making them bigger, smaller, taller and changing their form and colour.
- Transformation of ordinary ore into precious one, the ordinary paper into real currency notes.
- Changing a losing lottery ticket a winning one, no matter how much the value was.
- Tracing lost things and making them appear within a glance.
- The transfer of material objects from one place to another regardless of weight or distance and so on.
- But the greatest of all these miracles is, in my opinion, the plurality of «the personalities» of Dr. Dahesh and their miraculous power.
These are some of the miracles operated through the mediation of an extraordinary man – a Lebanese. He must be considered as the miracle of the 20th century.
I shall limit myself now to relate only six of his miracles keeping the question of the plurality of his personality till the end. However, I shall not limit myself to what I have personally witnessed, but will also use examples of what others have seen. All these facts made me fully convinced.


No doubt medical science has attained a very high degree of progress during this century. But there are limits and obstacles which cannot be cleared yet and which should be taken into consideration. On one side, there are numerous diseases and natural disablements which are beyond any medical control; and on the other side, although medicine can cure numerous diseases, it cannot cure them without the application of drugs or within a glance. This miracle differs; it cures abruptly and can turn incurable refractory illness to permanent cures. I shall relate only one example:

MRS MARY MIZRAHI, a Palestinian woman, living in Jerusalem, suffered from officially identified leprosy. She was treated for a long time by several doctors, but the horrible disease invaded her whole body. Her fingers, nose, ears, and part of her lips became putrified. The woman was in a desperate state and her appearance became horrific. She heard about Dr. Dahesh’s miracles. So she went with her brother to see him. A spiritual session was held for her. About 30 well educated persons attended this session. Among them were five Doctors, namely: Abdul Ahad, Khoury, Ashy, Abu Sleiman and Khabsa. All confirmed that the nature of her disease was incurable. During the spiritual session Dr. Dahesh touched with his hand the body of the woman and immediately a new flesh began to appear replacing the putrid one, and the empty hollows in the body started to get filled with every suffering member being healed. The worn out body which was calling death regained its agreeable aspect of good health.

There were dozens of such miraculous cures. Different persons who were attacked by incurable diseases and different disablements were cured. Among them were: Elie Maalouf, Zeina Haddad, Magda Haddad, Ceylani Rahmeh, Suzan Kamburji, Grace Gabriel and many others.


Mr. Edward Noon, an ex-Minister after having seen and witnessed a number of Dr. Dahesh’s palpable miracles, wanted to increase his spiritual knowledge. So he wrote at home 72 questions relating to the history of humanity, its obscure ages, origin, and about the unclarified matters about man and religions - things which science has not been able yet to report on their final truth. Mr. Noon had spread those questions on approximately 30 full-scap pages, type-written, with a space between one question and the other to allow for inserting the corresponding answer.

He went to Dr. Dahesh’s house. There were many people there. Among them: The Haddads, Halim Dammous, Doctors Abu Sleiman, Khabsa and Ashi. All went through Mr. Noon’s difficult questions. The question papers were put in a sealed envelope and the spiritual session was held. All of a sudden Dr. Dahesh touched the envelope and said: «You have the answers». This did not take more than a glance. Those present were deeply surprised when they opened the envelope and saw the 72 answers, clearly written and set properly under 72 questions distributed over approximately 30 full scap sheets. Theses miraculous documents are still in the possession of the great lawyer who keeps them preciously.

I know dozens of persons who have witnessed such written answers and I am one of them.


Hundred and thousands are the miracles through which the nature and the function of objects were changed.

- A visitor brought with him a chinaware dish bearing identification signs and it was changed during a spiritual session into a wooden, glass and golden dish. The original signs and identification remained unchanged.
- Water was changed into wine.
- Paper into stone.
- Stone into precious metal.
- Several were the times when I cut white ordinary paper into small dimensions and registered my name on them with other written indications. These papers were changed in the presence of Dr. Dahesh into Lebanese currency notes of different values, bearing my name and the written indications.

Such miraculous transformations occurred in the presence of hundreds; amongst them were the delegate of the «ARAB WEEKLY» magazine and Mr. Hafiz Khairallah, the delegate of «AN NAHAR» newspaper. They both photographed the different stages of the miracle at the time of its occurrence. Its veracity was confirmed in the photographic picture, as it was also confirmed to the public eye.

The changing also of losing lottery tickets winning ones occurred more than once. One these miracles happened in my presence and that of Mr. Mohsen Sleem, an M.P. of Beirut, and in the presence of many others. A losing lottery ticket was converted into LL 10.000 winning number. Many still remember the great fuss which resulted from this change in the presence of two judges Mahmoud Bekai and Mahmoud Na’aman and the lawyer Chafik Sardouk and Dr. Farid Abou Sleiman, to such an extent that the National Lottery Directorate was compelled to deny the rumors, fearing that the people might not be any longer interested in buying the lottery tickets. The National Lottery Directorate had to pay nevertheless the 10000 L.L. to Dr. Farid Abou Sleiman when he presented the miraculous ticket after they had examined it for several days and ascertained its complete validity.


Giving life to inorganic substances!

Reviving the Dead! And why not as long as the Divine Spirit is Omnipotent?

It was prior to the campaign of persecution launched against Dr. Dahesh, and in the presence of Sheikh Mounir Takieddin, Alexander Riachi, Yousef el Hajj and Halim Dammous that the astonishing man stood in front of a cage for birds and with a movement of his hand converted all birds there in into dead ones. Ha said addressing his visitors: «This is what we can do also to people. » It was the Spirit which spoke.

That same afternoon, and in the presence of Mr. Edward Noon, a spiritual session was held during all those present requested that life be returned to the dead birds. Their corpses were brought in from the garden and were placed again in the cage. The miracle took place and the birds returned to life singing.

Once Dr. Dahesh referred to a painting made by Mrs. Mary Haddad, and which showed a bird on a tree. The colours of the painting moved and took the form of flesh, blood and feathers and the bird in that painting was converted into a living bird which was placed in a cage and remained there for several years. Its place on the linen remained white.

Some months ago, Dr. Dahesh went into the store of Messrs Elie and Hady Hajjar where toys and stuffed birds are sold. He placed his hand on one of the stuffed birds. The bird began to move, left its perch to which it was nailed and was later placed in a cage where he lived several months.

Glory to the almighty, master of death and life!

How stupid man is when he gets drunk by the vanity of his scientific inventions. His pride blinds him and makes him and makes him deny god.

What is the intelligence of man compared to the power of the spirit?

The National Lottery Ticket which, from loosing, became a win prize... and the payment


- Creating something not existing.
- Creating a newspaper several days before its appearance.
- Creating something after its annihilation.

All three are identical vis-à-vis the Spirit. For the one who can create and who is master of life and death can accomplish anything.
Documents, currency bills and pictures were burnt in the presence of several people and were recreated within a glance.

It happened to me more than once I filled a piece of paper with different writings, and then burnt it with my own hands and kept its ashes. Dr. Dahesh used to bring it back to existence with all my handwritings appearing there-on. This used to happen either in his presence or at home far from him.

The two following miracles could be considered among the most extraordinary miracles which provoked the greatest admiration and glory to God and humiliation to man:

The first occurred to Mr. Philip Hadshiti who entered once Dr. Dahesh’s house carrying along with him the French written Lebanese daily newspaper «LE JOUR» While reading and turning the pages, he was writing on the margin questions which he wanted to ask during the Spiritual Session which he was promised. The session was held in the presence of several persons when Dr. Dahesh asked Mr. Hadshiti whether he believed in God.

- “To tell you the truth,” answered Mr. Hadshiti, “I do not believe in God and I announced that frankly in Paris during my sojourn there.”
- “What do you want me do to make you believe and show you that you are greatly mistaken? Asked Dr. Dahesh.
- “A miracle,” replied Mr. Hadshiti.
- “Very well,” said Dr. Dahesh. “Look at the newspaper you are holding.”

Mr. Hadshiti looked at it and suddenly his voice shrieked with surprise. The newspaper’s edition which he brought along with him was dated 28th of November and a new edition bearing the date of December 3rd superseded the first, i.e. Four days before its issuance. All the questions which he interested on the margin of the first edition were reproduced and appeared on the new one he now had in his hands. On December 3rd he compared that day’s edition with the one which was miraculously created four days ago, and found both issues identical containing the same happenings and events, same local and world news. This miracle in itself contained thousands of prophecies.

Philip Hadshiti entered Dr. Dahesh’s house as a non-believer and went out believing in the Omnipotence of God.
The second miracle took place in 1943 in the presence of Messrs. Edward Noon, George Haddad, Dr. Khabsa, Mrs. Mary Haddad, and many others. The miracle was really a strange one.

While they were all gathered around Dr. Dahesh during a spiritual session a young beautiful girl suddenly appeared in front of them. They were surprised and thought they were victims of hallucination. But the girl told them that they were not and that her name was Nada and that she came from another material world other than theirs. They could not believe their eyes and everybody hastened to touch her to ascertain whether she was in fact a reality. They all found that she was of flesh and blood, wearing a dress and carrying a sack which were not of the fashion of that year 1943. Nineteen years later, the same young girl who had now become a member of the inhabitants of this earth, visited Dr. Dahesh. She was putting on the same dress and carrying the same sack and was the same age she had been 19 years ago.

Dr. Dahesh explained to those present that this miracle confirms the continuity and renewal of life and the principle of reincarnation of the soul, its transition from one stage to another whether on earth, or from one planet to another, depending upon the merit of the soul.


These miracles induced many to become believers.

Dr. Khabsa had lost his agenda in Paris 12 years before he came to know Dr. Dahesh. During a Spiritual Session, his agenda was brought to him and all of a sudden there it was in his hand.

Dr. Farid Abu Sleiman lost his right hand glove, and could not trace it. After he became acquainted with Dr. Dahesh, three years later, a Spiritual Session was held during which Dr. Farid wanted to examine and ascertain the real existence of the spirit and its power; and therefore asked Dr. Dahesh to indicate the whereabouts of his glove. Dr. Dahesh immediately replied: “You have it on your hand.” Dr. Farid took the glove to home, compared it with the other part of the pair which he kept at home. It was really the lost glove! Later on he showed it to hundreds of people.

Mrs. Edward Noon had lost her golden fountain in the snow while skiing in Laklouk with Mr. Fouad Khoury, brother of the former Lebanese president, Sheikh Bisharah el Khoury. This was long before she came to know Dr. Dashes. During a spiritual session and in the presence of several people, and upon the request of Mrs. Noon the golden fountain pen reappeared on the spot. This miracle was sufficient to spur Mr. Noon to go and inform the president of the republic that what Dr. Dahesh was doing was not the product of witchcraft or hallucination, and that his relatives, the Haddads and others were not misled but were convinced with palpable evidences and proofs.

Miss Odette Karah had lost her watch in Libya three years before knowing Dr. Dahesh. The watch was miraculously restituted to her during a Spiritual Session.

Mrs. Fatina Baltaji, wife of Mr. Mahmud Baltagi, had lost her valuable diamond ring. She called on many so called wizards for a year or so without succeeding in recovering it, until finally she was introduced to Dr. Dahesh. A spiritual session was held in the presence of her husband and her son, Ali and Messrs. Wafik Zantout, Salah and Hassan Baltagi and Dr.Farid Abu Sleiman. Dr. Dahesh addressed her husband saying: «Open your hand». Mr. Baltaji did. Then he was told to close it and again he did. Dr. Dahesh touched his closed hand and told him: “Open it now”. There it was! The valuable diamond ring itself. All who were present witnessed this miracle.

The English Quaker, Daniel Oliver, principal of the Friends School at Ras el Metn, attended a spiritual session on the 10th of January 1944 in the presence of Sheikh Mounir Usseiran, Doctors Toufik Rizk, Antoine Gedeon, George Khabsa, Farid Abu Sleiman, Najib Ashy, Shaheen Saliby and Mrs. Rose Salibi and Messrs. Edward Noon, Naser Razzouk, Secretary to the Iraqi Consulate in Beirut, Boulos Francis, Amine Nimr, Sharif Baidawi, Commissioner of the Police, George Najjar, Tanios Majdalani and many others of both sexes.

During the spiritual session Dr. Dahesh spoke in a general way saying: “If any one of you wants anything let him ask for it”.

Daniel Oliver said: “There is a world war at present; the financial help which used to be sent to me from America for the upkeep of the Orphanage had not been received for more than two years, because of the present circumstances and the lack of safe means of transportation. I demand a spiritual help which could transfer to me a sum from the existing funds at the Association in the States so that I may be able to carry on the work at the Orphanage. As soon as Mr. Oliver had finished his words, Dr. Dahesh told him: “Put your hands in any of your pockets and you will find that your wish has been fulfilled”. Mr. Oliver drew from his pockets Lebanese pounds 23.000. He came to Dr. Dahesh as an unbeliever and went out fully convinced, believing in God, in the Spirit and its force, as well as in the Daheshite faith.

Dr. Dahesh went once to Shbaniyyeh woods accompanied with Dr. Khabsa, Yusuf el Hajj and Halim Dammous. They all sat on a big rock in Hajj’s property and began to chat. Mr. Dammous wrote the following two verses of poetry on the rock:

“We sat on a rock under the shade of a wood,
Drinking our water in memory of our ‘Educator’
Telling my friends ‘and the Dear’ sitting by me,
On the rock of faith, we shall build our hope.”

After they had gone back to Dr. Dahesh’s house, the three of them told him that it would be agreeable to sit on that rock again if another opportunity arises. Dr. Dahesh said: “Nothing can prevent us from doing so right now, as long as it is your wish”. “But how can this be done and the rock is in Shbaniyyeh woods and we are in Beirut?” They asked.

“Look at the ceiling”, he said. And there they saw an enormous block coming down gently, as if it were a piece of cloth floating in the air. As soon as it reached the floor of the room, the three of them rushed to touch it and to their great surprise they found it solid unmovable rock. They also found the two verses of poetry written on it by Halim Dammous. They realized then it was the same rock on which they sat when they were at Shbaniyyeh. They bowed and glorified God and understood at that moment what Jesus meant when he said: “For verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove and nothing shall be impossible unto you”. (Matt. 17:20).

The rock remained for a long time in Dr. Dahesh’s house exposed to hundreds of visitors who came to see it. Later on it was crumbled by workers and taken away.

During the persecution campaign launched against Dr. Dahesh, the speaker of the house of parliament, Sabri Bey Hamadeh, had decided to visit Dr. Dahesh to see in person and witness his miracles. A Spiritual Session was held. There were about 30 witnesses, of these were the following members of parliament and others: Adib Firzli, Wadi’ Shoucair, Mohammad Abboud, Baheej el Khateeb, the ex-President of the Syrian republic, Messrs. Philip Andraos, Khalil Ma’atouk, Georges Najjar, Sheikh Hassan Makki of Al Azhar, Mrs Gwen, Wife of the ex-American consul, and other ladies and gentlemen.

Dr. Dahesh turned towards Sabri Bey Hamadeh and asked him what he desired to see. The latter replied: “I would like to see here a thing which I have in mind”. Dr. Dahesh replied that he knew exactly the thing which speaker was thinking of and asked whether he would like to see it all. Sabri Bey replied: “Only part of it please!”

Dr. Dahesh then said to him: “Open your hand, close it, and re-open it again”. And there he found in his hand five Ottoman Dinars of an antique date. He was amazed and the people who witnessed this miracle asked Sabri Bey whether it was the thing he was thinking of. And Sabri Bey replied that he was thinking of the boxes which were hidden in his land during the World War I and which were full of golden Dinars as he was told. Apparently no one was able to locate the hidden treasure.

Of those who were present one of them asked Sabri Bey: “But why did you not ask for all?” And Sabri Bey replied: “I was afraid the golden treasured would be shared with you all.” And of course he kept the five golden Dinars with him.

The above is a negative of a prophecy in Dr. Dahesh's handwriting which was handed over to Mr Basheer Osman, later on Member of Parliament, long before the Lebanese Legislative elections and in which He predicted his success in the elections by 11856 votes


Since the dawn of history, humanity did not witness so much anxiety, growing despair, so many calamities, and a life so cruel and desperate, as the peoples of this 20th century are experiencing.

They are being tortured by the difficulties of existence, by the uncertainty of tomorrow, by the unbalanced psychic order, by the instability of the mind amidst creeds and contradictory troubled philosophies and by the absence of a moral value which gives life hope, consolation and force.

The human society is anxious because of the disharmony in individual’s interests, because of the tearing unity among its subjects of the contradictory means of salvation used by different sects and parties, and of the desperate ways to build up a just peaceful state.
The world is troubled by the competition of all these countries in their desire to prorogate peace while at the same time they are provoking wars and fomenting enmities. Moreover the fear of the feeble peoples from the unlimited ambitions of the strong creates a reciprocal mistrust.

Also the competition of nations in developing armaments for destruction and their desire to possess such armaments allows the approach of the phantom of a world atomic war which destroys life and civilization.

And in all this, science has become an instrument consecrated to the passions of the soul and to the force of evil. The role of the mind has been restraint and replaced by madness.

This tragic anxiety, this psychological tearing would not have dominated fully the 20th century had man not weakened spiritually to such an extent as to become captive of evil.

People have abandoned the highly true ideals which can reinforce the spirit that leads to the road of personal stability, to psychic harmony, to cultural perfection and consequently to real civilization. They have instead been attracted to fake ideals taken from hazardous and circumstantial laws and the imaginative human force thought of as being the ideal truth while as a matter of fact it is nothing but a looming mirage at which the deceived eyes were suspended, and the weakened minds, due to caprices, were unable to see the genuine reality.

The marks of such deviation appeared due; to growing day after day despair of people and to the beginning of a general collapse in ancient hopes of building up a world where peace, justice, love, virtue and happiness would reign.

Man would not have directed himself and deserved such a catastrophic end had he not accepted it willingly.
He preferred rather to follow an external materialistic path in order to satisfy his animal instincts, his egoistic and individualistic desires, his social enmity and aversion through obtaining an immediate, easy and empty sensual satisfaction a rapid terrestrial glory, and a superficial regional egotism.

He deviated therefore from the internal spiritual path which alone can, in its ascension, realize the perfection of man, his real elevation, the correctness of his plans and his institutions that would allow the domination of the humanitarian tendencies over the malicious inclinations in individuals and society. Because of this spiritual weakness man has preferred this superficial materialistic civilization to satisfy his mortal senses and to keep away from the inward light and from profound peace and happiness.
What has seduced man to tread along this unbefitting road of life was his keeping away from real and steady faith which confirms the existence of the Soul and its immortality. This dissertation provoked the inclination towards the wrong path. Thus we find today the total majority of the people are either plunged in doubt or in atheism.

This psychic state of anxiety, influenced by materialism in conception, judgment and behavior, coupled with a scientific practical mind has provoked the world to ask, whether consciously or unconsciously for a positive non-theoretical confirmation of the existence of the Soul. A scientific proof that would ease their anxiety, heal their bleeding wounds give hope in the salvation of their souls, eliminate the doubts which have arisen out of the discoveries and inventions which dazzled their eyes. In other words a confirmation that would be up to the standard and the measures of this century.

The doctrinated philosophies could not offer this positive affirmation, as they are the works of different mental and theoretical edifices based on different foundations which are approved by some and denied by others.

Also the present different religious sects could not as well propose such affirmation because all their arguments are theoretical.
And the known logical sciences also could not have the possibility of advancing such practical proofs because the Soul can neither be measured nor subjected to man’s wishes especially when the scientific instruments used are limited and are of a material nature.
In front of such a total human incapacity and the urgent need for faith to save the souls of mankind, nothing was left for the Omnipotent, Omniscient Spirit but to directly materialize itself by appearing and declaring its existence to the people through the help of God and His Grace. This is how the Spirit coming from its divine heights, had chosen a man from Lebanon, enabling him to fulfill the required task, by filling in the vacancies of the Souls through the affirmation of the Divine Truth, by dazzling and fascinating the eyes of the incredulous and by consoling the hearts of the humble.

How could man be able to ascertain the existence of the wind which he cannot see if it were not for the agitation it provokes in the branches and the leaves and for the gentle breeze that is felt when it envelops his face?

How could man ascertain the existence of the mind, if it were not for the works it creates and the intelligences it engenders? Man is not within the power to see it or touch it, yet he does not doubt its existence. For the manifestations of the mind and its intellectual works are indisputable witnesses which prove its existence.

The same is true with the Spirit; man would not have been able to ascertain its existence, if it were not for its supernatural effects, and its miraculous manifestations which affirm its existence.

The Sciences - those deeds through the excellence of the intelligence -are nothing in their progressive course except a simple trial to enrich the discoveries of natural laws which express only some traits of the Divine, Eternal Truth. Nevertheless, these sciences remain a sufficient proof for man to admire the strength of the mortal mind which imposes all respect.

The prodigies of the Spirit which challenge the human mind surpass by far the possibilities of human intelligence in its possibilities, experiences and discoveries - a fact which makes man stand astonished like an incapable dwarf. Would not that be a sufficient proof of the greatness of the Spirit, of its Omnipotence and its supernatural force?

What a great difference between a force limited by the dimension of matter and subjected to its laws, and another which is far superior and surpasses the laws of matter and conditions of time and space.

There is a great difference between a fading lantern which represents the mortal mind and the dazzling blaze of the Sun which represents the Spirit.

This powerless, inferior, human intelligence which failed and as a result thereof became pretentious and incredulous will stand in a critical position, this time, in front of the supremacy of the Spirit. The human intelligence therefore must either realize the possibilities and the miracles of the Spirit or submit to the all-powerful messenger of God.

Upon the firm ascertainment of the existence of the Spirit and its universal presence which is beyond all dimensions and human forces, man will perceive all things from a different angle. His condition will be transformed, his reasoning, his estimations, his judgments - all will have a different outlook. Even his divers activities which used to derive from fictitious, ephemeral, material force, will now derive from a spiritual force with eternal dimensions.

At this time, it will be possible for him to understand what is not being seen is the unseen, and beyond the touchable is the untouchable. That the unseen and the untouchable spring from the Powerful, Just and Divine who accords to every one what he deserves whether it be reward, punishment or compassion.

Man at this stage will be able to comprehend the continuity of his spiritual existence the link between his coming future with his present state, the building up of his next life over past one, the obvious manifestation of the Creator as the great source to Spiritual forces and as a final aim to the perfection of the being and the continuity of his life. He will also be able to look into the after death period and will be able to direct his way and thinking, through spiritual awakening, into a path which will guarantee his real perfection, his real salvation and real profound peace.


The Spirit of God, the only God, is the same one which bestowed the doctrine upon the prophet Moses and let Jesus approve and complete what was done before Him, saying: “Think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets; I came not to destroy, but to fulfill”. (Matt. 5:17)

The Spirit of God which inspired the Koran also declared and approved of what was done before: “The book was bestowed upon you in confirmation of the truth, as was done before, for the Bible and the Gospel were for the guidance of the people”. (Sourat el Bakara 3)

And as Jesus imposed the faith in Moses as a way to believe in Him, when he said: “For if ye believed Moses, ye would believe me, for he wrote of me. But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?” (John: 5: 46 & 47).

The Koran equally imposed on the believers to believe in all the prophets without any differentiation: “Those who do not believe in God and his apostles and wish to differentiate between them saying that they believe in some and do not in others are unbelievers indeed, to whom is reserved infinite suffering; while those who had believed in God and his apostles, and did not make differentiation between them, will be rewarded for God is all Merciful”. (Sourat Al Nissa: 150 – 152)

People have forgotten or seem to have forgotten this spiritual religious unity. Especially in this part of the world, the land of prophets, they have with their own hands woven a veil to cover their eyes, whose threads are of the terrestrial covetousness and personal sectarian interests.

Out of the only one God they have made a multiple of divinities through their disputes and allowed the religion of the unique spirit to be torn by different creeds which consequently led many of those who work for national social affairs to put aside the religious loyalty, replacing it by national loyalty and civil statutes or to completely abandon religious creed and replace it with atheism as a way of life and religion. They have been led to make such an invitation when they felt have given up hope regarding the return to spiritual unity and to the essence of religion which is based on love and virtue.

No ladies and Gentlemen, neither abandoning religion nor atheism would solve our difficulties. And it is impossible for us not to worship a divinity, for religion is inherent property of the Soul. It is part of its essence. Banish it while you are awake, it will appear to you in your sleep.

Religion is a fundamental psychic need and man should observe to constantly satisfy it, lest it might provoke in him restlessne
ss and confusion. This is a truth which has been confirmed by great psychologists, such as the Swiss, Carl Jung, the German, Wilfred Deim, and Schtoker the Frenchman.

Actually those who pretend to live without worshiping a divinity imagine so and deceive themselves by putting a mask and by changing its form because in reality they cannot expel from their souls the real existence of the divinity.

Instead of believing in a perfect God, God of love, Justice and truth eternal God, Creator and Organizer of the Universe and mankind, they have set up for their usage and necessities false and imperfect divinities which they adore.

They have made a God out of a nation or a party; they have considered earth, nature or life as a God; they have worshipped their own pretensions and their own desires. They have replaced the Absolute by the relative, the whole by the partial, the essence by the superficial, the veritable by the false, that which is permanent and eternal by the unstable and ephemeral.

That is why their perspective of realities shall be wrong; their measures of values shall be erroneous, for they are subjected to the effects of a false ideal which dominates them.

The fact of putting religion on the margin of life, of facing it with indifference, or according it with a secondary importance, all these lead progressively to atheism, or even worse than atheism
Many are those who have their Souls paralyzed, who are neither cold not hot. To these Jesus said: “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot, I would thou wert cold or hot. So because thou art lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth”. (Rev. John 3: 15, 16)

“What is then the solution?” Says the exalted for national and social problems. “Shall we keep fanatic sectarianism divide the nation into pieces and let each one of them claim the exclusivity of God and heaven until we finally lose both religion and the world?” The solution has been given by God, and even if it were not, the pure and the intelligent should have created one. It constitutes the return to the foundations of authentic faith in the unity of religions and the essence of their teaching through a new spiritual mission supported by miracles as planned by God to guide the lost wanderers and to Lebanon before others.

The Divine Spirit which realize the miracles through the intermediary of Dr. Dahesh is coming down from its heights and performing them in the name of God and Christ, in the name of God and Mohammed, in the name of God and Moses, or Buddha. Because all the prophets are the fingers of the Divine Mercy that spreads the arm over this miserable world.

In the presence of the Divine Spirit and in the presence of miracles man feels that he is the brother of man, that there is no difference between a White and a Negro, between rich and poor, between the great and the humble, between a Christian and Mohammedan, a Jew or a Buddhist.

The Christian continues to maintain his faith in the teachings of the Gospel, the Moslem in the Koran, and the Jew through the Bible (Thora). And all will have the certainty that the Spirit which inspired their different prophets was nothing but one and the same Spirit.
They will then become aware that what separates them is not the good but the evil, and their return to God will be performed on the bridge of authentic faith which will not be the “Opium” of the peoples.

The faith which based not on theory but also on practical spiritual life, where virtue realizes the acts, the words, and the thoughts and where cooperation, love, brotherhood and social justice dominate.

And if people withhold then from evil, it will never be because of fear of human laws, but because of an inward urge which springs from the elevation of the Spirit and which is skinned of superstitions, rites and sectarian formalities invented by man. These formalities are the cause of reciprocal enmities and obstacles.
Some may protest saying: “Supposing that we believed in the unity of religions, how could we succeed in reconciling the contradictions in beliefs and interpretations?”

My answer to that is this: “The Daheshite faith has offered a solution to each problem.” This was not and is not invented but is revealed through the Divine Spirit. I shall satisfy myself with only one example which offers a contradictory problem between Christianity and Islam with regards to the crucifixion of Christ. The Gospel indicates that Christ was crucified whilst the Koran says: “They did not kill Him; they did not crucify Him. But what they saw was an identical resemblance”. Sourat Al Nissa IV: 157)

Which one of the two books is right? The truth is that both of them are tight. However, this truth cannot be clarified except through the Daheshite Faith, by applying palpable and material proofs.

It has been obvious to me and to dozens of people that Dr. Dahesh possesses six personalities apart from his own human personality. These personalities are spiritual extensions fluids i.e. his spiritual extensions located in different celestial worlds. These extensions are permitted sometimes, through God’s wish, to incarnate in order to fulfill an important spiritual mission, using Dr. Dahesh’s human form in such a way that it would be impossible to differentiate between them.

It is then possible for those present to talk, touch, and sit by the personality without being able to notice any difference in the order personalities and the real Dr. Dahesh except when they are dressed differently and when one knows before hand what Dr. Dahesh had as a dress before the appearance of these personalities.

Very often these personalities appear and disappear suddenly while looking at them or talking to them. Sometimes two or even more than two-up to six can gather at the same time in one place and can incarnate at the same moment in two different places far from each other.

It was evident to me and to many others who have seen these personalities that they are not subject to the laws of this earth at all.
They penetrate obstacles and walls and move freely with the velocity of lightning from one place to another. They subordinate the law of gravity by ascending in the air, walking over the water, increasing or decreasing their volume or weight. In brief, they are capable, through God’s will, of doing what the spirit can do in the way of miracles.

In 1947, one of His personalities was put under arrest in Azerbaijan, an Iranian province and was shot and later on buried in the same region.

Newspapers in Lebanon and in other Arab countries announced the news of Dr. Dahesh’s death and published the photographs of his execution. At that time Dr. Dahesh was found among his disciples in Beirut, pursuing the teaching of the truth. His personality which was shot in Azerbaijan, through a miracle, resuscitated from death, not being subject to the laws of this earth, as it is not from this earth and death cannot dominate over it.

If I were not limited by time, I would have mentioned many cases and detailed events dealing with the appearance of Dr. Daheh’s multiple personalities so many occurrences that would fill a big volume. However, I would like to content myself by stating some names of those, who like me, have witnessed the incarnation of these personalities namely:

Mr. & Mrs Edward Noon, Dr. Shaheen Salibi, Dr. George Khabsa, Dr. Farid Abu Sleiman, Dr. Najib Ashi, Dr. George Haddad, Messrs Boulos Francis, Nicholas Daher, Emile Kassatly, Amine Nemer, and from the ladies: Mary Haddad, Zeina Haddad, Nadia Gabriel, Victoria Slim and many others. 

One of Dr. Dahesh's Personalities before it was shot at Azerbaijan in 1947... and after execution

The Gospel in affirming the crucifixion of Christ meant the crucifixion of one of his personalities. But the Gospels, due to spiritual reasons, did not clarify this fact. They were satisfied to state that the crucified Christ had resuscitated from death, appearing and disappearing in front of his disciples.

The Koran in assuring the non-crucifixion of Christ, meant therein the non-crucifixion of Issa, the son of Mary. The human person who was born, and clarified that the one crucified was an identical personality to Christ, this identical being cannot be except one of his personalities.

Daheshism demonstrates as you can see the unity of Islam and Christianity and the unity of the revelations of the anterior and the posterior - not by theories and contradictory points of view but with palpable proofs.
It has been confirmed through substantial proofs and thousands of witnesses that Dr. Dahesh has been for the last half century, dazzling the minds of people and astounding the scholars and the theologians with his miraculous performances in all fields. Despite the storms of doubts and the jealousy raised around him by interested individuals; despite the hard attacks of blackmailing launched against him by some hired cheap newspapers, and despite the desperate trials to let his miracles appear as deceiving illusions... All these persecutors, cruel calumniators and imposters failed in their attacks no matter how numerous and powerful they were. Dr. Dahesh remained immutable radiating the truth, confounding pretentious and calling all, especially those who are sincere to the cause of undeniable, authentic spirit, and those who are faithful to prorogate faith in God and to bring back those who went astray the atheists.

With all this as a premise, I consider the study of his teachings and his miracles as an urgent necessary affair. Because He alone can straighten the erroneous conceptions of men and make them revert to the right path to goodness and justice.
Should the minds be able to direct themselves audaciously towards this force, seeking salvation, and should it be possible for them to ignore the superstitions of traditions and the interests of sectarianism, then no force can sow hope in the desert of life better than the one bestowed upon Him.

So it is fit for those perspicacious believers to prepare the way in front of Him. For half a century of experience is sufficient to be able to denounce his acts, had they been false or untrue. But if these acts are true and positive, then woe and misery would accompany those who would have put obstacles in His way and who would have deformed his purity. For the burden which will be suspended around their necks by the future generations shall be heavier than the mill-stone.

History has never witnessed, not even once, the truth emanating from the multitude. The scientific certitudes were always found and declared by a few and were given to the multitude who doubted and refused to accept them.

Do you remember Socrates, Galileo, and Vanini?
As for the spiritual truths, they were preached by the few to the lost humanity who protested against them and persecuted them. The prophets and the apostles are shining examples.

Those very few guides or messengers of peace among the overwhelming lost majority of men appeared as insane at first, but it was they - the so-called fools - who built up the great civilizations and pushed man in his forward march towards progress and nobler causes. In fact they are the only immortals!

Prodigies of Dr. Dahesh and the Unity of Religions by Ghazi Brax.
Translated by A.T.Z Touma

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