Karim El Koussa

Poet and Writer

Award Winning Lebanese Author


My work is a mixture of Religion, History, Philosophy, Spirituality and Esoteric inner insights. Life itself is nothing but a deep hidden insight, emerging out of the Mind of God, a Journey, which I am trying to discover - a strange, yet magnificent Journey inside the Human Life.

It has always been a query of the Human mind to know and comprehend the world we are living in and the world that lies beyond.

Philosophy, Religion, and Science have been the Knights that have fought the great battle; the lifting of the veil of the unknown.

Humanity, however, has been embedded in a labyrinth, one that very few escape. This liberation that we're all seeking as Human Beings, does not occur through the belief in Philosophical, Religious and Scientific "Dogmas", & I repeat "Dogmas", but rather through the free will and the in-depth implication with & into their Esoteric hidden side - with & into OUR inner Spirituality.

As Above so Below, echoed in the ears of the wise. These few Initiates recognized in man the Microcosm of the Macrocosm. It is upon each one of us to seek Individual Consciousness, thus to be able to commune a Collective one.

It is now the age of the Homo-Cosmicus. So Meditate on the Human Potential of Becoming Cosmic.


I was born in 1971, up in the mountains of Northern Lebanon. It was in Ehden, a village claimed by many historians to be the garden of Eden itself, the beginning of civilization. I live up there during summers, and in warmer Zgharta during winters.

I graduated from Carmelia High School in 1989 with a Bacc. II Diploma in Exp- Sciences. A few years later, I left Notre Dame University with a BA in Advertising & Marketing Communications.

In 1994, I became a member of FOHE (Friends of Horsh [forest] Ehden)

I am also a member of the Committee of Writers and Artists in Ehden - Zgharta, 2000.

Reflecting Unitas was my first self-published book. I wrote it between summer 1994 and summer 1996. It was released shortly after that same year in October. The initial book caused a lot of controversy, especially in the very conservative Christian town of Zgharta.

That didn't stop me from writing of course. My first book was an objective essay that didn't appeal to the masses, so I started working on something else that did; a story with symbolic meaning. Blooming Planes was the result, and it was released in the summer of 1998.

In 2001, Pythagoras The Mathemagician was released and won the Saiid Akl Prize on December 19, 2001.

Other than writing books, I worked as editor of Al Rahala, a magazine that dealt with many intellectual issues, such as science and religion, theosophy, history and geography. I write in three languages, English, French and Arabic, a tri-lingual characteristic many Lebanese hold.

In the Summer of 2003, I launched my fourth book, a novel on the Mystery of the Alphabet, in the Authentic Tradition of the Kabala.

In 2003 - 2004, I had the chance to publish three historical and spiritual articles for Szirine, an American Electronic Magazine.

In 2004, I became member of the Society of Authors (UK).

Later, in March 2005, I signed a contract with an American publisher, Cloonfad Press, to publish my historical fiction/philosophical novel Pythagoras: The Mathemagician. And by the end of Sept 2005, Cloonfad Press announced the US release of the book. However, the contract with this publisher has been terminated a year later.

After the Lebanese July war of 2006, I received an invitation by email from Trevor Hill, the Publisher of The National Free Press of Canada. Consequently, my first article, of political nature, “The New Middle East: The US Democracy in Middle Eastern Key Countries!” was published as a Feature Editorial on Sunday, November 12, 2006.

During March-April 2007 I signed a contract for both my books, Pythagoras the Mathemagician and The Alphabet Code - the Holy Grail Revealed (changed later into The Phoenician Code) with a new UK based literary Agency, Write Literary Agency Ltd. This agency, and due to various circumstances, has unfortunately closed down. At any rate, the books had been listed and promoted at the 2007 London Book Fair which took place from Monday April 16th to Wednesday April 18th at Earls Court, London.

In 2010, Sunbury Press Inc., USA, signed me for the Publication of my 3rd expanded edition of «PYTHAGORAS the Mathemagician.» Literary Genre: Historical Fiction/Philosophical. It was released in October 2010.

In 2011, Sunbury Press Inc, USA, signed me for the Publication of my latest work: «The PHOENICIAN Code.» Much more than just an anti-thesis to the Da Vinci Code. Literary Genre: Religious Mystery/Fiction Thriller. It was released in October 2011.

In 2013, Sunbury Press Inc., USA, signed me for the Publication of my latest work: «JESUS the Phoenician.» A book that is sure to challenge conventional thinking about the hidden Phoenician origins of Jesus Christ. Literary Genre: History/Religious History/Christianity. It was released in October 2013.

Published Books:

Jesus the Phoenician

Jesus the Phoenician. A book of religious history that is sure to challenge conventional thinking about the origins of Jesus Christ, not only among Christians in the west, but in the entire world. It conveys important historical, geographical, archaeological, cultural and theological findings regarding the possibility that Jesus was not Jewish, but rather Phoenician.

Could Jesus have been a non-Jew? Of course!
He was Phoenician in every possible way.

Be ready to experience a World Revelation and a Christian Revolution...

The Phoenician Code - Unveiling the Secrets of the Holy Grail

The Phoenician Code. A fictional novel based on astounding historical and religious facts. Manipulated by the underground lobby since the coming of Christ, and revealed today by The Phoenician Code, those hidden facts come to light to reassess some major realities. Much more than just an anti-thesis to: The DaVinci Code.

What is true and what is false in the Old Testament? What is the relation between Cyrus II and the Babylonian Brotherhood, the founding brothers of the Hebrew people!? Why Cyrus II was called the Messiah in the Old Testament!? Who were the Templars and what were they searching for in Jerusalem? Who was the 'Head' they venerated? Who were the Freemasons and why they considered the Tower of Babel as important as the Temple of Solomon?

What is true and what is false in the New Testament? Why have we been manipulated to believe that a Galilean is a Jew, although Galilee has been considered as Gelil Haggoyim, which is translated into “Circle of the Gentiles,” or “Galilee of the Nations,” which is “Galilee of the non-Jews.” Was Jesus a Galilean-Phoenician? What did the Galileans believe in? Why Jesus was named “Immanuel,” which means “El with us?” Why there were two Bethlehems?

The Phoenician Code answers all these questions and more...

- Pythagoras the Mathemagician

Pythagoras the Mathemagician. Winner of Saiid Akl Prize. Discover who the real Pythagoras was within the pages of this philosophical work of historical fiction. This controversial novel looks at the first philosopher from an unfamiliar perspective to most Western readers and scholars. El Koussa stands in the vanguard of a new generation of writers and thinkers who are bringing the rich and diverse history of the Phoenician culture to a new audience.