Hacene Rahmani

Poet and Writer

I- Biography:

Born in a small city not far from Algiers capital of Algeria.
Fatherless he lives with his mother, sisters, and brothers. He was fond of his studies that he followed with success and he always remembers his school days with regret.
Young poet, he writes poems, songs and stories in English French and Arabic too.
He published some works in The International Library of Poetry
He was a finalist in a contest of an American poet society with the poem (Shy only with you).
Other works accepted for publication in a magazine in England.
He just finished one true story in French untitled: (coq et le grand choc), he hopes to publish it one day.
Actually, he works as a waiter in one coffee shop when someone asks him about his job he always had the habit to answer (I am a waiter but writer).

II- Poems:

A letter to queen mother

Queen mother! answer me
Tell me how can I get in touch with you!
I forgot to introduce myself
I'm that young of great promise
I've heard that your castle is the heaven of peace
And your garden open to outsiders
I'm a bottle feed child
I'm beginning to cut my teeth
I'm that often, crying out in pain
Enough to wake dead
I'm that boy in the street
I've no diploma hanging on the wall
But I have an answer to everything
You mother of gloomy weather
Diamond of the first water
Tell me where are your good readers?
I'm that bartender, I'm that thinker
And my words burnt to a cinder
Queen mother answer me!
I'm in towering rage
I'm that writer, and my papers yellowed with age
I'm that bird of good omen
A prisoner in my golden cage
And my innocence sold into slavery
I'm that busker, I'm always playing my own accompaniment
And the story of my life is quit romance
Queen mother believe me!
You can't see the wood from the trees
If you come to me, to see how the land lies
You queen mother ! in that island difficult of access
Your all sweetness, pureness, and light
You woman whom I trust
You who have a power to act
I'm in a hell of a mess
Allow me to sing in your beautiful streets
To row round your green wood
That will do me a world of goud
I'll swear queen mother !
To sink in my second childhood
And to distinguish truth from fulschood
Queen mother !
Forgiver me my trespasses
And all my wishes for your happiness

Strange Love

Take me along with you!
I can't wait
With eyes shut
I'll go where you want me to
Where you are my love!
I'll be there with you
I'll be happy with you
From morning to night
In the heat of the moment
On the verge of tears
In the shade of the horizon
In the depth of winter and the summer
In the worse and the better
I miss you, I'm thinking of you
take me along with you
For my college years, much to regret
In my loneliness, for my illness and sadness
For that old flame !
With my school maam
For that innocent love
Washed away by the tide
Buffeted by the the waves
For my heart crushed by grief
! take me along with you
In the middle of a war and the peace
Hight up on the air, why not in the space!
In every nook and cranny
Near you honey, be an earthly paradise


Shy Only With You!
every time I see you passing
without even speaking
your blue eyes
like the sky in spring
to see you smiling
you get my heart flying
to forget my sorrow
and have a hope for tomorrow
try to tell you something
and don't know what I'm saying
to have a shaking
and get my tongue frozen
if you'll approach to take a seat
and hear my heartbeat
what you did to my heart!
never met anyone like you in the earth
drowned in the crowd!
I see only you!


I love you for all kinds of reasons
I love you with every beat of my heart
I love you with every air I breath
I love you with every drop cry for you
Makes me love you more
I love the way you treat me
I love the way you laugh
I love the way you cry
I love the way you make me feel when I'm down
I love the way you are
I hope that the love you have for me never fades away
Because mine for you never will
I will never stop loving you
Till I'm dead and forgotten


Innocent Feeling
your nice smilling
attract me towards you
without any words
I'm still looking to you
why I missed the words
when I saw you!
I spent the night dreaming of you
I spent the night running after you
if hearts could be linked
I would trow mine
just to spend a moment with you
you nice smilling
attract me towards you
without any words
I'm still looking to you


Big Brother
suddenly the house is coming alive
what's the matter?
The girls and boys
Flopped onto armchairs
Jumped with joy
A mother and father
Staying near one another
Glued to the telly
To watch big brother
No one is getting sick
All animated !some say this, the others say that,
All like that cat on hot briks
Is there any more pleasant than that!
Everyone is flocking to see the talent
That girl !the sleeping beauty!
Or that boy with a great flow of words
Walking at a brisk pace
That good loser
In the first flush of victory
Taking the road to success
Nobody knows,
What the future has in store
Big brother is a fantastic show
Brings entire happiness in every home
For poor and rich
Always ending with a flourish
Between Heart And Mind
really my heart you may beat again!
and you have me suffering twice!
so sensitive my heart!
Where you're driving me with your romance!
You just get saved from the wreck
you still have a place for another break!
why my heart you always make me sick?
I promised the moon and stars!
to never fall in love again!
it's cry shame my heart !
ican't face them again!
dreamer my heart!
how could you rich that angel in a castle!
and you my heart so poor from the jungle!
please, my heart doesn't beat again
wait me to bring you far afield in that continent!
where that noble sentiment is extent
there be free and beat again
swim in love beach to never get out again


Maid of Honour
in all honesty when i first saw her
iwas in flame temper
iloved her with all her faults
I wonder why you blamed me!
All consumed with curiosity
So woman she!
Her name is Kristy
If you saw that innocent beauty
How much she's pretty
Who she marries will be lucky
I wonder why you blamed me!
My feeling for her
It's sheer lunacy
But I'm not creasy
Believe me, it's not easy
If you were in my place
You can feel what love can do
I need her for my life
To live as man and wife

Fighter - Lifeblood and peace by poet Hacene Rahmouni

All poems are copyrighted ©2004 Hacene Rahmouni