Bassam Lahoud


Curriculum vitae

Architect - restorer & urban designer

Photographer - reporter

Professor at the Lebanese American University – Byblos & Beirut

Chairman of “Escwa arts council” at the United Nations

Founder & president of the Lebanese house of photography
Founder member of prestige magazine

Member of the international jury of the world press photography
Lebanon contest 1996
Member of the Franco Lebanese jury of the "Mois de la photo"
Lebanon contest 1998
Member of the international jury of "les jeux de la francophonie"
Photography section, Ottawa-hull, Canada 2001

Member of the international jury of architecture at the international seminar of architecture of camerino Italy 2004

Many pictures were published in the international & Lebanese Medias


40 exhibitions in Lebanon, Tunisia (Tunis), USA (Houston & New York), France (Paris & Llille), Czech republic (Prague), Syria (Damascus), Jordan (Amman),
Germany (Frankfurt & Berlin & Erfurt), Italy (Cameroon), Bulgaria (Sofia, Kustendyl, Plovdiv), Macedonia (Skopje), Qatar (Doha)


-1996 the Maronite Patriarcat - History and mission (publication of a book in collaboration with
father Michel Awit)
-2004 the Greeks and the Phoenicians in antiquity (publication of a book in collaboration with Ms Nina Jidejian)

Photographic exhibitions & researches & publications

-1981 Heritage of Amchit (Amchit-main square)
-1982 Private collection Byblos-Ahiram restaurant
-1983 People, Amchit-images studio
-1984 Amchit XIX century Beirut-goethe institut
-1984 Present & past in the architecture in Lebanon, Tripoli Goethe institut
-1985 exhibition 85: 25 years of photography in Amchit (Amchit Theater)
-1985 Lebanese villages: for the same landscape, photo & watercolor Jounieh kulturzentrum
-1986 Berlin: the 2 sides of the wall
- Beirut -goethe institut
- Tripoli -goethe institut
- Jounieh -usek
- Amchit -amchit club
- Miziara -culturel club
- Batroun -serail
- Beirut - Alba
-1986 Liban-Tunisie: cousin-cousin, tunis-meridien hotel
-1988 Du debut jusqu' femme: 14 years of photo on women jounieh-epreuve d'artiste gallery
-1989 the Soviet Union Beirut-soviet culturel institute, jounieh-epreuve d'artiste gallery
-1991 16 ans deja l'Italie (in collaboration with the Italian cultural institute) Jounieh-Usek. Tripoli-rabita sakafia
-1993 Notre mer...Beauty of pollution-pollution of beauty
(Our sea...) Beirut -goethe institut
Tripoli-goethe institut
Amchit - Amchit club
-1994 notre mer... Houston, Texas usa photo fest
-1996 notre mer... paris France-Espace Beaujon, Mois de la photo
-1997 notre mer... Prague Tcheque republic
Manes gallery-spring festival
-1997 Eeternelle (collective exhibition-Kodak) mansourieh-entretemps gallery
-1998 die neuen mauern (the new walls) Berlin 1984-1998 , Beirut -Goethe institut, Tripoli Goethe institut, Damascus- Goethe institut
-1999 die neuen mauern (in collaboration with the Goethe institut) amman-university of Jordan
lau byblos, lau beirut
-1999 human heritage of Lebanon Frankfurt Germany-book fair
-2000 die neuen mauern Berlin Germany east side hotel-art forum
-2000 Lebanon 2000 Beirut, unesco palace
-2001 Beyrouth, l'âme d'une ville (collective exhibition), Paris france-francophonie metissee, Centre wallonie-bruxelles
-2001 instant-annees (retrospective 1961-2001 in Lebanon), Beirut Goethe institute, Amchit-atelier bel
-2002 Beyrouth, l'âme d'une ville (collective exhibition)
Beirut-espace sd
-2002 the old architecture in Lebanon (light & space)
Camerino Italy, University of camerino
-2004 heritage of Lebanon sofia bulgaria (the lebanese cultural week), kustendyl bulgaria, plovdiv bulgaria (international photo festival)
-2004 the power of selection of the look, lille france, palais des congres
-2004 our sea...(the beauty of pollution or the pollution of beauty) escwa at work with graphics & arts, new york united nations headquarters
-2004 ...of the father and the son...amchit (byblos), atelier bel
-2005 heritage of lebanon skopje macedonia
-2005 a trip to lebanon erfurt germany, erfurt university
-2006 landscapes of lebanon, doha qatar (the asiatic games)
-2006 salon d'automne (collective exhibition), beirut-sursock museum
-2007 discrimination & tolerance in the middle east, beirut-lau
-2007 mobile art beirut-goethe institut
-2007 mobile art dubai (dubai summer surprises) ibn battuta & city center deira malls

Featured Works

 Fashion au camping de Amchit Liban
Fashion au camping de Amchit Liban
 Eclipse du Soleil du 29-03-06 Liban
Eclipse du Soleil du 29-03-06 Liban
 Père Noël en Egypte
Père Noël en Egypte
 Nu en Noir et Blanc
Nu en Noir et Blanc
 Pollution de la mer Amchit Liban
Pollution de la mer Amchit Liban
 La voilée à Homs Syrie
La voilée à Homs Syrie
 Regard Mobile
Regard Mobile
 St. John Marc Cathedral
St. John Marc Cathedral