Victor Haddad

Artist Painter


1935. Victor Boulos Haddad, born 1st June 1935, at Ghazir, Lebanon.

1954 - 1957. Professor of Art, College of the Apostles, Jounieh.

1955. Instilled with a love for musical theatre, he wrote and directed his first play “Lea MArins.

1956. Participated in UNESCO's International Childhood Congregation, Lebanon.

1958 - 1962. Awarded a scholarship by the Spanish government to study at the San Fernanda University of Fine Arts, Madrid.

1962. Inspired by a love for his homeland, he wrote and directed his second play entitled «La Ville n’est pas pour Les Gitans».

1963 - 1960. Returned to Lebanon to continue teaching at the College of the Apostles, Jounieh.

1964. Adapted and directed for the theatre Antoine de St.Exupery's novel ale Petit Prince".

1970. Having previously studied the techniques of stained glass design and manufacture, he created and had installed his first windows in St. Stephen's Church, Batroun.

1974. Designed and created a further 12 stained glass panels for the chapel of the Sisters of Charity, Zouk.

1982. Traveled to Paris to collaborate with the artist Philip Andrieux, President du Syndicat de Verriers de France, on the design and execution of the stained glass windows for St. Teckle's Church, Southern Lebanon.

1991. Commenced his research into Lebanon; Land of Phoenician History, encompassing the various and varied civilizations that have occupied the country of his birth. 6,000 years of Roman, Greek, Assyrian, Egyptian, Persian, Crusader and Arab history, together with their distinct architectural styles, inspired him too develop the highly personalized style for which he is today renowned.

1995. Nominated by the Lebanese Government to decorate the official residence of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, which subsequently acquired 11 of his paintings for the palace collection.

1996. Engaged by H.E. Sheikh Khaled Bin Saqr el Kasimi, governor of Ras el Khayma, United Arab Emirates, to decorate the governor’s palace including the acquisition of 20 paintings fox the palace collection.

2000. Selected by the Minister of Culture to represent Lebanon during “Culture Week” at the Culture Foundation, Abu Dhabi.
Invited to membership of the Lebanese Artists Association of Painters & Sculptors and membership to the International Association of Art, UNESCO.

2001. Honoured by the Lebanese Culture Club of “La Jaconde” with “Best Artist of the Year 2001”.

2002. Published his first book “Lebanon Through The Agee” consisting of 53 paintings depicting the mythology in which his country is steeped.
Awarded with a Letter of Commendation by H.E. Emile Lahoud, President of the Republic of Lebanon.
Further awarded by H.E. Mr. Rafc Hariri, Prime Minister.

2003. Honored by the Lebanese Movement Culture (Antelias).

2009. Honored by General Jean Ahwajeh for the day of the Lebanese Army (Casino du Liban).

2014. Honored by Mubadarat, USEK (Jounieh - Kaslik)

2016. Worked the masterpiece painting of "Le Bienheureux P. Jacques Haddad" (210 x 130 cm)


Throughout his professional career, Victor Haddad has been considered one of his country's finest artists with his work the subject of debate by art critics both at home and abroad. In his role as a member of the Lebanese Artists Association of Painters & Sculptors, he continues to contribute to the Lebanon’s artistic fabric by organizing and participating in numerous national and international art symposiums.

Julia Mamaea (126 x 96 cm, Oil on Canvas) - One of Haddad's masterpieces.

In 1839, the U.S. Frigate “Constitution”, sailed into the harbors of Beirut. On board where Commodore Jesse D. Elliot and his officers, amateur archaeologists. They went to work and in no time unearthed two sculptured sarcophagi of imported Preconnesian marble buried side by side.

One sarcophagus bore an inscription to Julia Mamaea mother of Alexander Severus. They placed them on board the frigate and took them back to U.S.A as Commodore Elliot thought it proper and fitting to offer the emperor’s sarcophagus to General Andrews Jackson, The president of United States 1828-1836, as his last resting place…


The items of information are taken from the book "Victor Haddad - Lebanon Through the Ages in Fifty Three Paintings", 1st edition 2002, trilingual English - French - Arabic, 142 pages, Size: 31 x 24.5 cm. If you are interested to own a book, please contact the artist. Order the Book Here

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