Woroud Toufik Al Ajami

Artist Painter

Curriculum vitae:

Personal information

- Name: Woroud Toufik Al Ajami
- Address: Masnaa, MajdelAnjar, Bekaa, Lebanon
- Telephone: 08620735 or 71317193
- Email: or
- Nationality: Lebanese
- Date of birth:28/7/1986
- Gender: female

Work experience:

- From 2011 to 2019: Taught science courses for BT stage at the Technical & Industrial Bekaa Institution
- From 2016 to 2019: working as health guidance at Al Omariya public school
- Participating in the art exhibition “Draw Your Dream” at Azhar AL Bekaa 2016 supported by Youth Initiative association.
- From 2009 to 2013: Assistant Biology Labs at the LIU University Bekaa Campus
- From 2009-2011: taught science subjects for six & seven grades at AL Manahel school
- Summer 2009 & 2013: teaching painting as private sessions & drawing on walls for kids

Education and Training:

- From 2012 to 2013: Master in Education Management, school of education, at the LIU University
- From 2010 to 2011: teaching Diploma (TD), school of education, at the LIU University
- From 2004 to 2008: Bachelor (Bs) of Biology, school of art and science, at the LIU University

Training and Occupational Skills:

- Conducting research about Managers & Leaders Essential Skills & Attributes of Today’s Higher Education at the LIU University site June- July 2013
- Holding a presentation at the LIU –educational day during the LIU cultural city event 2013
- Participating in the educational field trips for Ecology lab course 2009 & 2010
- Taking essential rescues and safety rules lectures with the Red Cross summer 2012, Majdel Anjar
- Taking painting Lectures with the teacher “ Abd AlRahman Khatib” summer 2007, Majdel Anjar

Personal Skills and Competencies:

- Languages: Arabic & English
- Computer skills: word processing, Excel and powerpoint Microsoft.
- Social skills: Good ability to adapt to a multicultural environment, gained through my work experience in different institutions
- Other skills: Drawing oil & watercolor paintings from 2008

Artist's Statement:

My name is Woroud Ajami and I just found out your website as a chance to introduce my self and share with your group members. I was born in 1986. During my childhood, I was interested in drawing so at the secondary school stage, I have started doing some drawings on a cartoon's paper using wax colors. Later, I have got the chance to present them in my town exhibition in 2007. During the summer vacation of that year, I was being taken painting classes with Mr. Abd Alrahman Khatib. For that reason, I started to develop my painting hobby in order to perform true oil painting icons. Referring to my oil paintings contributions, twenty-three items are included in my collection. Most of the items were accomplished between 2008&2011 of different sizes and corresponded to various subjects that are mainly inspired by nature.

In addition, here's some information about my experience as a painter. I have just invited by graphics and interior design coordinators in LIU University (Bekaa Campus) and Nade Alhodood in Majdel Anjar spring 2011 to participate in their activities; first to draw oil or water paintings and second to present owns members paintings performances. My paintings were being exhibited for two weeks of May in LIU University and then for only three days of June in my town 2011. A nice collection of paintings were shown to the public existed in my region.

Featured Works

Roses and Flowers - Oil painting on canvas 75x90 cm
Cherries - Oil painting on canvas 75x90 cm
Landscape - Oil painting on canvas 75x90 cm
Graces - Oil painting on canvas 75x90 cm
Rhythm - Oil painting on canvas 75x50 cm
Old house in a Lebanese village - Oil painting on canvas 50x75 cm
Path - Oil painting on canvas 75x50 cm
Reflection and rain - Oil painting on canvas 75x50 cm
Still life - Oil painting on canvas 55x75 cm
Embraced by Wind - Oil painting on canvas 60x40 cm
Thinking - Oil painting on canvas 40x60 cm
A Lebanese Town - Oil painting on canvas 75x100 cm
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