Juliana Seraphim

artist painter


The painter Juliana Seraphim has divided her professional career between Lebanon and the great capitals of Europe. On three occasions she was chosen by the government of Lebanon to represent her country, at the Biennale of Paris, the Biennale of Alexandria and the Biennale of Sao Paulo. French, Italian and Spanish scholarships gave her the opportunity for pursuing advanced studies in the following academies:

- Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy.
Anatomy, History of Art, Oil-painting and drawing.

- Academy of Fine Arts, Paris, France.
Copperplate Engraving.

-St.Ferdinando of Fine arts, Madrid, Spain.
Book Illustration.

She was awarded several distinctions, namely:

-The Florence Prize.
-The Prize of the Ministry of National Education, Lebanon.
-The second Prize for Foreigners at the City of Viarregio.

As a painter of fantastic Art, Juliana Seraphim appears in the Anthology du fantastique of the Revue Planète and several works of considerable rarity. In 1971 she completed twenty-seven engravings on copper for Shorewood Publishers of New York, plates which illustrated nine winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Yasanuri Kawabata, St. John Perse, T.S. Eliot, Samuel Beckett, Thomas Mann, Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda, Erik-Axel Karlfeldt and Miguel Asturias. It is a strictly limited edition. As painter, draughtswoman and engraver, Juliana Seraphim played a role in the great movement of the parallel arts including poster design. Her works were chosen by the French publishing company Mic-Mac for printing in colour, after which they were circulated around the world.


Seraphim's canvases are exposed in the following museums:
Museum of the City of Viareggio, Italy
Museum of "La Femme Célèbre", Neuilly Paris
The "Musée du suréalisme", Paris
The National Gallery, Amman
The Nicolas Sursock Museum, Beirut
Museum of the Arab World Institute, Paris



La Licorne Art Gallery 1961
Elie Garzouzi Art Gallery 1964
Journal l'Orient Art Gallery 1965
Journal l'Orient Art Gallery 1967
Cassia Art Gallery 1969
Samir Nassif Art Gallery 1971
Brigitte Shehadeh Art Gallery 1975
Samia Toutoungi Art Gallery 1978
Bekhazi Art Gallery 1981
La Toile Art Gallery - Rimal 1987
La Toile Art Gallery - Rimal 1988
Khayal Art Gallery - Ehden 1990
Station des Arts Gallery 1992

Tabet Art Gallery 1977
"X" Art Gallery 1978
Art 3 Art Gallery 1979
Art 3 Art Gallery 1985
Suzanne Pons Art Gallery 1983

Internationale Art Gallery 1960

Amadis Art Gallery 1989

Alef Art Gallery 1980

National Gallery 1980

Gulf Hotel Art Gallery 1985

Hotel Chahba-Cham Art
Gallery 1991


Nicolas Sursock Museum Beirut 1961
Barcaccia Art Gallery Rome 1962
Chenill's Gallery London 1967
Motte Art Gallery with the painters
Dubuffet, Kaimakoff and Luc Simon Paris 1968
Smithsonian Institution, with a selection of seven Lebanese painters Washington 1969
First National City Bank, with a selection of seven Lebanese painters Beirut 1969
Imperial Museum of Tokyo Japan 1971
Bibliothèque Nationale, engravings exhibited together with Dali and Picasso Paris 1971
Heirlooms Gallery, Arab-Alabama USA 1975
Museum of Neuilly Paris 1978
Belvedere Museum Tunis 1980

The ORTF (official French Radio-Television) devoted a 40-minute film with commentary to Juliana Seraphim, which was shown in forty-five francophone countries around the world.

Featured Works

Hachtar 40 x 80 cm, Acrylic
Femme Fleur, Flowers Lady, Huile, 100 x 80 cm, 1966 - Collection Dr. Georges Ghosn
Venus 50 x 70 cm - Acrylic
Ain Al Bassassa Toubla Bi Rassassa 95 x 110 cm - Acrylic
Les Gardiens Phéniciens de Venise 35 x 40 cm - Acrylic
Si la Ibère m'était contée 35 x 40 cm - Acrylic
Man Nassaba Fakhan Li Akhikh Waqaa Fihi 75 x 85 cm - Acrylic
Le masque de Cassandre 80 x 100 cm - Acrylic
La danseuse Sacrée 50 x 70 cm - Acrylic
Femme Fleur aux Pétales d'Or 50 x 70 cm - Acrylic
Sitt Balkiss 100 x 120 cm - Acrylic
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