Jean Jabbour

Artist Painter


Born March 14 (in passport 27), 1958 in in Bejjé-Jbeil, Lebanon, a small village surrounded with oak trees and hills which dominate this small paradise.

He began his elementary studies in his native village and completed his education in the schools of the Lebanese Maronite Order ( Kfifane - Mayfouk - Tamiche).

He studied the "Oud" with Marcel Khalifé at Holy Spirit University in Kaslik, Lebanon. He obtained a degree in theology at Holy Spirit University in 1984.

He was ordained a priest in the Lebanese Maronite Order on September 16, 1984.

He studied art with the artist Joseph Mattar and received diplomas as follows:

1990 - In Icons in Meudon, Paris
1991 - In painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome
1991 - In fresques in Rome
From 1992 to 1995 he served as the Superior of his Order at the Convent of Notre Dame de Mayfouk and Kattara.
From 1995 to 1998 he served as the Superior of his Order at the Convent of Sts Sarkis and Bakho in Kartaba-Jbeil.
From 1998 to 2000 he resides at the convent Notre Dame de secours at Jbeil and professor at USEK.
From 2000 to 2001 he resides in Rome Italy to specialize in stained glasses.
From 2001 to 2003 , Priest of a Maronite Church, Ste Rafca at Denver - Colorado, USA.

II- Expositions:

Around 4000 art works including watercolor and oils on canvas, etc.

Certain arts works are on exhibit at the Vatican and at the Kremlin.

1. His career in art began in 1980 with the success of his first art exhibition at the Convent of Notre Dame of Tamiche and the following:
2. 1982 Lebanon, University of the Holy Spirit, Kaslik
3. 1982 Lebanon, Gallery Chahine at Hotel Alexandre, Beirut
4. 1983 Lebanon, Convent of Notre Dame at Mayfouk
5. 1984 Lebanon, Convent of St. Antoine, Hboub, Tannourine
6. 1985 Lebanon, a permanent exposition in the convent of Notre Dame in Mayfouk
7. 1986 Lebanon, exhibition in Hboub, Jbeil-Byblos
8. 1987 USA, New York City, Cleveland, Ohio and Youngstown, Ohio Easton, Pennsylvania, New Brunswick, New Jersey
9. 1988 Switzerland (Pura, Caslano, Lugano)
10. 1989 Germany, Hambourg, Hofgaismar and Munich
11. 1990 France, Rueil-Malmaison
12. 1991 USA, Boston-Mass, Miami, Florida, Needham-Mass.
13. 1991 Germany, Hambourg, Landau- Pfalz
14. 1992 USA, San Diego, California
15. 1993 Lebanon, Notre Dame de Mayfouk
16. 1995 Lebanon, "Coin d'art" Zouk Michael
17. 1997 Lebanon, Jounieh (Goethe Institute)
18. 1997 Germany, Prien Am Chiemsee, Goethe Institute
19. 1999 Lebanon, Sts Pierre and Paul at Azra
20. 2000 Lebanon, Bambino, Amchit
21. 2000 Lebanon, Hardine
22. 2001 Italy, Rho (Milan)
23. 2001 USA, Shrine, Youngstown, Cleveland, OH.
24. 2002 France, Suresnes
25. 2005 Byblos - Jbeil "Katarat el Ward" - St. John Marc.

He taught art and artistic design at the school of Notre Dame in Mayfouk and the Holy Spirit University in Kaslik, Lebanon.

He is a member of the association of Lebanese Artists.

He is a member of the cultural Council of Jbeil.

He is a member of the committee of traditional Arts of the Maronite Diocese of Jbeil.

He is a member of the committee of traditional Arts in the Maronite Lebanese Order.

He contributed to several collective art exhibitions: Hboub, Jbeil; Lebanon, Unesco, Beirut and Sursok Museum, Beirut; Italy, Rome; Kuwait, Biennal (1997), Bengladiche (2000), Chahine Galery, Dbayeh, Bouar, Ehden, Jounieh.

III- Concerts:

With Chorale:

Radio and Television's concerts with the chorale of Kaslik in Lebanon.

1. 1977-1985, Rome-St. Peter Vatican - Paul VI Hall
2. 1981 Spain-Granada (Audalus) - Seveilla
3. 1983, Germany-Hamburg (Fabrick)

Solo Appearances, Songs and Oud:

1. 1987 USA, NY City, Cleveland-OH, Youngstown, Easton - PA, New Brunswick, NJ
2. 1988 Switzerland, Tessin-Pura-Caslano
3. 1989 - 1991 Germany
4. 1990 - 1991 USA-Boston-MASS
5. 1992 Venezuela, Caracas, Margherita
6. 1993 Lebanon, Beirut and Jounieh - Goethe institute (Kaslik)
7. 1997 Lebanon, Jounieh, Goethe Institute
8. 1997 Germany, Prien Am Chiemse
9. 2001 Italy, Rho (Milan)

In the year 2000 he registered his own reparatory on compact disk

He taught the "Oud" at Usek, Lebanon from 1978 to 1987.

"His humor and artistic talent justify the reputation of his happy sensible artist who expresses his inner self with spontaneity. The instrument which he uses "The Oud" gives an oriental tone to his musical interpretations with a particular touch which finds itself through his artwork of Lebanon. His work transmits a very particular conception of God's love of nature and consideration that heaven can begin on earth".

- Mentioned in the "Dictionnaire Drouot Cotation 2006 - Larousse Diffusion

Featured Works

 Homage to Pierre Zghendy
Homage to Pierre Zghendy
 Watercolor of Hasroun
Watercolor of Hasroun
 View from Ghosta
View from Ghosta
 Bell of an old church
Bell of an old church
 Jbeil Byblos Port
Jbeil Byblos Port
 View from Keserwan to Beirut
View from Keserwan to Beirut
 Old Woman
Old Woman
 Wadi Qannoubine
Wadi Qannoubine
 Monastery in Wadi Qannoubine
Monastery in Wadi Qannoubine
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