Maroun Nemer


Artist Curriculum Vitae

General Maroun Nemer started painting for his own personal enjoyment. For him, every day is a lesson and an opportunity to explore the forms of art; he became somewhat of a "sponge" and keeps on learning as much as he can about art. He worked on perfecting his skills without formal education or training by painting as much as he can on a regular basis as well as attending art exhibitions and reading books about various art movements, cultural influences, artistic genres, artists, and their artwork.

He got influenced by several well known artists, studied them and kept on learning tricks and combining them to create a style that was uniquely his. He always lived his life with a passion for art and its creation. It's a never ending learning experience and he never stops
challenging himself. In the past year, he participated in several collective exhibitions and held his first solo to get feedback and critiques on his work so he can keep growing as an artist.

Solo Exhibition:

• Jun 2014 é-toiles - "Exode", Beirut, Lebanon

Permanent Exhibition:

• 2014 till date - "Exode", Beirut, Lebanon
• Mar 2017 till date - organized by Exode at "Riviera Hotel", Beirut, Lebanon

Collective Exhibitions:

• Oct 2017 In the Presence of the Masters - organized by Exode at "Riviera Hotel", Beirut, Lebanon
• May-June 2017 Talents en Mouvement I - "Exode", Beirut, Lebanon
• Dec 2016 Les Ateliers de Noel - "Exode", Beirut, Lebanon
• Sep-Dec 2016 Mashrou' Proletkult organized by AUB - "AUB", Beirut, Lebanon
• Oct-Nov 2015 Windows of Nature organized by Exode - "Beirut Arab University", Beirut, Lebanon
• May 2015 Nawwar organized by LAAPS - "Unesco", Beirut, Lebanon
• May 2014 Visual Art Forum V organized by LAAPS - "Unesco", Beirut, Lebanon
• Oct 2014 Limitless Creativity organized by FloukArt - "Beit El Madina", Tyre, Lebanon
• Sep 2014 Visual Art Forum V organized by LAAPS - "Unesco", Beirut, Lebanon
• Aug 2014 Sol-ective - "Exode", Beirut, Lebanon
• Jun 2014 Kessab in Our Hearts organized by Haigazian University Art Center Matossian Gallery - "Haigazian University", Beirut, Lebanon
• May 2014 Marian Cultural Exhibition organized by the Marian Studies Center - "NDU", Louaize, Lebanon
• May 2014 Garden Show & Spring Festival 2014 - "Beirut Hippodrome", Beirut, Lebanon
• 1996 Group Exhibition organized by LAAPS - "Solidere", Beirut, Lebanon
• Aug 1995 Art and Military Heritage organized by LAAPS Golden Jubilee of the Lebanese Army - "Solidere", Beirut, Lebanon

Artist Statement:

Why I paint? My answer is love. I love colors and liberty.

Lebanese army retired general, I feel that my life has gone full circle and I am ready for another colored-loop around. When I paint, I am absorbed into the process. I work freely and intuitively in the now, leaving behind a hostile world. Painting escorts me from this reality
to a higher one, to beauty, flying away to my own world without moving.

Featured Works

Abstract composition, acrylic 19x28 cm
Abstract composition, acrylic 23x34 cm
Abstract composition, acrylic 27x32 cm
Abstract composition, acrylic 33x40 cm
Abstract composition, acrylic 37x16 cm
Abstract composition, acrylic 37x47 cm
Landscape, acrylic 37x47 cm
Landscape, acrylic 41x31 cm
Abstract composition, acrylic 41x56 cm
Abstract composition, acrylic 60x47 cm
Abstract composition, acrylic 80x115 cm
Abstract composition, acrylic 100x140 cm
Abstract composition, acrylic 110x130 cm
Landscape, acrylic 85x157 cm
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