Farid Mansour

Artist painter & Sculptor


A Life's Journey 1929 - 2010

Born In 1929 in Beirut - Lebanon, Farid Mansour embarked early in his artistic journey and enrolled in the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) in 1946, and was also was mentored by the Italian artist Fernando Manetti between 1946 and 1949.

Seeking to secure financial stability, Mansour migrated to Liberia for several years. Realizing that he cannot stay away from the art he returned to his homeland in the mid 50’s to pursue his lifelong passion.

In 1961 Mansour traveled to Italy where he continued his studies until 1963 when he returned to Lebanon again.

In 1969, he traveled to London and enrolled in the City and Guilds of London Art School, acquiring additional skills in sculpting and painting.

During his stay in London and as a consequence of his outstanding skills he was assigned his own space in the Pharaonic and in the Greek-Roman sections of the British Museum between the years 1974 and 1976.

Towards the end of 1976, he worked in Madame Tussaud museum where he participated in the making of several statues.

In 1977, following of the Lebanese war eruption, and not accepting the idea that he would be far from his country’s turmoil and suffering, Farid Mansour decided to return once again to his homeland.

He never left Beirut since that time and endured the various phases of the Lebanese war refusing to flee his house even during the darkest days of blind bombing and shelling.

Farid Mansour died in Beirut in 2010 at the age of 81, leaving behind an exceptional artistic heritage ranging from various painting schools from Classical to Modern to Abstract. He also left behind many sculptures of varying topics and techniques.

His artworks during and after the Lebanese war were greatly influenced by the tragic events, humanitarian issues and dilemmas resulting from armed conflicts. Since then many of his artworks embodied the need for change towards a better future, freedom, and equality.

In addition to being an artist, Farid Mansour was also a poet, a critique and a writer publishing in several Lebanese and Arab journals such as Alsafir, Alanwar, Alnidaa’, Alanbaa’, Alshiraa’, Alarabi, AlazminaAlarabiyaAlkhalijiya, etc.

His personality was that of a humble person, close to the causes of the poor and oppressed people, he never looked for fame or wealth despite the sharp artistic gifts and knowledge he possessed.

As a result, many of his paintings were left unattended and exposed to weather conditions causing damages to these paintings ranging from mild to severe.


Farid Mansour participated in many solo exhibitions:
1962- West Hall, American University of Beirut
1967- Soviet Cultural Center – Beirut
1980- Choueifat Municipality Hall – Choueifat, Lebanon
1980- Ras El Matn – Ras El Matn, Lebanon
1988- Soviet Cultural Center – Beirut
He also participated in many national exhibitions since the year 1959 in the Sursok Museum, UNESCO Hall, Ministry of Tourism, Beit El Din Castle, Lebanese University, Soviet Cultural Center etc.
On the international level, he continuously participated in the exhibitions of the Mall Galleries in London between the years 1971 and 1976.
Alturath Gallery, New York 1983
National Museum, Damascus 1988
Barbican Center, London 1989

Oussama Mansour Abou Faraj
Mansour Building, Hamra
Beirut – Lebanon
Phone: +971554575584
Facebook: FaridMansourartist

Featured Works

Pastel 18x25 cm
Pastel 18x25 cm
Pastel 18x25 cm
Pastel 18x25 cm
Pastel 18x25 cm
Nephew's son - Pastel 18x25 cm
Pastel 25x35 cm
Untitled, watercolor 31x24 cm
Waiting, 40x30 cm, oil, 1970
Nephew Oussama Abu Faraj, 40x50 cm, oil on canvas
Still-life, 50x70 cm, oil on wood
70x50 cm, oil
Auto-portrait 20x18 cm, ink and charcoal, 1979
Portrait 40x50 cm, oil, 1983
Portrait 28x24 cm, watercolor and pastel
In Memory of Late Kamal Jumblatt, 110x150 cm, oil on wood panel, 1979