Hiba Darwish

modern artist

Born 1981


• L'Ecole Doctorale des Lettres & des Sciences Humaines & Sociales - Lebanese University, Sin el fil, Lebanon.
• 2013 - Master in research at L'Ecole Doctorale des Lettres & des Sciences Humaines & Sociales - Lebanese University, Sin el fil, Lebanon.
• 2011 - Master in Mural Art - Lebanese University-Institute of fine arts, 3rd branch, Tripoli, Lebanon.
• 2003 - Diplome Etudes Superieures (D.E.S.) - Lebanese University, Institute of Fine Arts, 3rd branch, Tripoli, Lebanon.
• 2002 - Bachelor of Business Administration, Lebanese University, Faculty of economic science and business administration, 3rd branch. Tripoli, Lebanon.

Summary of work experience

• Oct. 2016- up to date - L.U., Lebanese university, Institute of Fine Arts, instructor for Fine art students.
• Sept. 2013 - up to date - L.I.U., Lebanese international university, instructor for graphic and interior design students.
• Oct. 2010 - up to date] M.U.T., Al Manar University of Tripoli, Instructor for architecture students.
• Sept. 2009 - 2013 - Institut Freddy Atalla , Instructor for graphic and interior design students.
• Feb. 2008 - up to date - A.U.C.E. university, Instructor for graphic and interior design students.
• June 2009 - aug. 2009 - Safadi Foundation - stairs of change, In charge of teaching art of mosaic.
• March. 2009 - up to date - Dar El Chimal, Production and design of book covers and artistic sketches.
• June 2006 - nov 2006 - Shabab news magazine, Advertising and public relations department.
• April 2005 - jun 2006 - Tripoli Post magazine, Advertising and public relations department.
• March 2005 - july 2005 - Idrak art center, (Saudi Arabia), Fine art teacher.
• Sept 2003- july 2004 - Rawdat el Fayhaa elementary school, Art teacher.

Other Activities and Experiences (expos and symposiums)

Apr 2001 - Rachid Karameh's int’l. fair, Tripoli, Lebanon
Jun 2001 - Hariri's int’l. fair, Saida, Lebanon
May 2002 - Rachid Karameh's int’l. fair
Aug 2002 - Ehden Symposium for Professional Int’l. Artists
Oct 2002 - Ehden expo, Ehden municipality
Dec 2002 - Lebanese University Fair faculty of art, rachid karameh's int’l fair
Jan 2003 - Lycee int. school fair for fresco
Apr 2003 - Goethe institute of art, Beirut, Lebanon
Apr 2003 - War and Peace Symposium, participant and organizer, Mina, Lebanon
June 2003 - Rachid Karameh's int’l. fair
July 2003 - Beshmezzin symposium
August 2003 - Ehden symposium
Sept 2003 - Denniyeh symposium
Dec 2003 - Group Expo - les Oliviers - Ras Maska
Jan 2004 - Tavelled to Jordan to discover new painting styles
March 2004 - Express Yourself symposium, participant and organizer
April 2005 - Opera expo for professional artists, Egypt
June 2005 - Isis expo for professional artists, Egypt
March 2006 - Ville de Vie symposium Tripoli
Oct 2006 - Assisted a 3d max class at formatech computer center
August 2008 - Al Koubra expo, ehden
Dec. 2008 - Deco Expo at Rachid karameh's int’l fair
April 2009 - "Shed some light on" expo, Tripoli – Mina
Nov. 2009 - Bet el fann masahat fannia
[Dec. 2009 - Festival de la peinture – faubourg bou khalil tripoli
April 2010] - Expo at the L.A.A.P.S. – Beyrouth
August 2010 - Expo at Moussa Tiba museum – Qana
Sept 2010 - The Lebanese Saudian expo – LAAPS - Beyrouth
Oct. 2010 - Visual art forum – Unesco – Beyrouth
July 2011 - MUT festivals – Tripoli
Oct 2011 - Visual art Forum 2- Unesco – Beyrouth
Dec 2011 - Visual art Forum 2- University of Balamand - North
Dec 2011 - Biel design expo- Beyrouth
July 2012 - Al Kobra expo – Ehden
Oct. 2012 - Sabah el Kheir Ya Lebnen, TL.
Nov. 2012 - Visual art Forum 3, Unesco.
May 2013 - Talia exhibition – Unesco – Beyrouth
Nov. 2013 - Visual art Forum 4 – Unesco – Beyrouth & Bet el fan – Tripoli – Mina
Aug. 2013 - Art Residency program – Abou Dhabi art hub
Sep. 2013 - Beirut Art Fair - Biel
Sep. 2013 - Live painting performance – Theplav – Beirouth
Dec. 2013 - Ras Al Matn Symposium
Jan. 2014 - Committee board – L.A.A.P.S Verdun & Safadi foundation – Tripoli
May. 2014 - Experimental art forum III – The Venue Gallery – Beirut souks & Al manar university of Tripoli M.U.T.
May 2014 - Live performance at the Experimental art forum III – The Venue Gallery – Beirut souks
May 2014 - The first Marian cultural exhibition – N.D.U.
Sep. 2014 - Visual art forum 5 – Unesco – Beyrouth & Bet el fan – Tripoli – Mina
Nov. 2014 - collective exhibition – Saida – Khan al ifranj
August 2015 - Kfar Qatra symposium contribution
Sept. 2015 - Experimental art forum IV – The yacht club –& Al manar university of Tripoli M.U.T.
March 2015 - Baaqline Library – Shouf
May 2015 - Tajalliyat al nour wal iman – Ontosh Jbeil
Nov. 2015 - Visual art Forum 6– Unesco – Beyrouth & Bet el fan – Tripoli – Mina
Nov. 2015 - 961 entrepreneurs – Salle de wagram - Paris
Feb. 2016 - S.O.S. art forum – unesco palace
March. 2016 - Art for Life- Le yacht club – zaytounay bey – Beirut
March 2016 - OPUS – L.I.U. university – Beirut campus
June 2016 - Macam – the age of recycling
Oct. 2016 - Le Stanze dell’ arte - Mentana art Gallery – Florence - Italy

Individual exposition

June 2004 - 1st individual expo at faubourg bou khalil, Tripoli, Lebanon
April 2008 - 2nd individual expo at faubourg bou khalil, Tripoli, Lebanon
Feb. 2013 - 3rd individual expo at Zaman Gallery, Beirut
Sept. 2016 - 4th individual expo at Exode Gallery, Beirouth
Oct. 2016 - Exhibition moved to Tripoli – Beit el fann


August 2010 - In charge of more than 30 mosaic art pieces placed on the street walls.
July 2009 - "Peace nostalgia" 12 m2 mural mosaïc – Maarad street, Lebanon, had the medallion of honor of the municipality of tripoli.
Member at the L.A.A.P.S. Lebanese art association for painting and sculpting, since 2010.
Member at the committee board at L.A.A.P.S. since 2013.
Second award winner at Le Stanze dell’arte - Mentana art Gallery – Florence - Italy

Artist statement

It was a day to remember… I was about 13 year old when I visited the United Arab Emirates embassy exhibition, I'm never sure where it took place in Beirut. Only one book captured my interest, I still remember standing and being astounded by the greatness of the pictures "Hunting with hawks" as I was taken by the holiness of flying, the sound of the flutter of a wing and the freshness of the breeze beneath it. A man noticed my full interest in this book, he approached me put it in a white plastic bag and said " please accept this as a gift from the embassy". The joy that filled my soul was unbelievable I read this book everyday for a thousand times. I kept it as a precious piece in my library, that used to have comic books with lots of drawings, and some pictures in black and white for my father sitting between his paintings that I treasured. We were seeing our father once a year, he was working abroad, but he was with us all through his paintings that filled our house, and some letters we used to write to each other. He always favored my letter with sketches in ink for some bouquet of flowers. I never know when I started to love painting and why. Maybe I wanted to be like my father who believed in the credibility of painting the exact scene or portrait, and never had the chance to fulfill his dream, or maybe I was taken by an enormous power that wanted me to live truly through art.

Years passed by, until I had to do my graduation project at the fine art institute, and the "Hunting with hawks" came back to life again. Inspired by every detail of a wing, I finished successfully 11 mural paintings on rough sackcloth in acrylic. The satisfaction I had was by a single phrase an Iraqi artist said to me "Dear, you flew along with your hawks". Since then I never stopped painting birds and especially hawks, since they represent (for me at least) love, motherhood, tenderness, sacrifice, determination and the extreme power of dominance.

Passing from one level to another, and gaining more experience using my brush strokes, I developed my painting style from expressionism to semi abstract to emotive abstract art related to music. Emotional music has always been a part of my art, as it has been for lots of artist, brushes or tips of fingers or bare palm of hands they are all part of the artistic scene, my painting is the "interior me, now" it captures the moment and the words I can't express. My work is a feeling, a movement, an unspoken secret, revealed by color and restless hand motions, it is in brief the portrait of a human condition. Light has a very important part in my work, it symbolizes hope in the far background explaining that there will be no life without a dream even if it was faraway, there will always be a road through the difficulties of life to reach happiness. Yet the wings never disappeared, hopefully they never will, as I always see myself as that little child playing with colors trying to draw a bird hoping that one day they will be one…

Artist Hiba by her father artist Malek Darwish

Featured Works

The smell of the earth - 90 x 70 cm, 2010, Acrylic
Rage - 90 x 70 cm, 2010, Acrylic
Night love - 60 x 40 cm, 2011, Acrylic
Tomorrow with you - 80 x 60 cm, 2010, Acrylic
The immortal me - 100 x 100 cm, 2012, Acrylic
Hiba - 80 x 100 cm, 2012, Acrylic
April returns - 50 x 70 cm, 2013, Acrylic
Flutter of a wing - 40 x 60 cm, 2013, Acrylic
Discretion of woman - 50 x 70 x 90 cm
Adam - 50 x 70 x 90 cm
Peace and Nostalgia, Tripoli - Maarad street Facing Safadi Foundation - 3 x 4 meters
Birds - 80 x 110 cm
Composition - 120 x 80 cm
Composition, bas relief and mosaic - 125 x 60 cm
Composition, colored glass and mosaic - 190 x 70 cm
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