Meilena Hauslendale


I - Artist Biography:

Modern Day Artist, Meilena Hauslendale began her career as a professional artist back in 1997 with the help of Sharpie Markers and watercolors, a medium she still uses today. There are no sketches just intuitional drawings placed directly onto watercolor paper. Her bold lines open the window to self discovery and self awareness for all that stumble upon them. She conveys a universal expression for spirituality both in her paintings and in her inspirational sayings.

Her work has been featured in publications in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, Denmark and Australia. Several of her pieces have been licensed for use on apparel, posters, and magazines. Her art has recently been branched to custom skateboards and shoes. Her inspirational articles have been featured in personal development magazines and newsletters. You can visit the writing section her site at to read more about her articles and book publications.

Published books include, Making Your Purpose, Your Business: Guide to Self Discovery & Achievement, Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships: Guide to Healthy Love & Self Discovery, Natural Parenting: Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, & Beyond, Spiritual Revolution: Guide to Spiritual Development & Independence, and Onward Rising: A Memoir available at Barnes & Nobles, Borders,, and Bertrams & Gardners in the UK.

The works of this artist can best be described as a self reflection of her surroundings and of her life. She engages her viewers through a journey of true self exploration and actualization. Her works portray characters and subject matter that identify with people's inner being, their relationships with others, and their relationship with themselves. Her art truly does imitate her life and the lessons she takes with her.

Her works are sought after by publishers, corporate art buyers, interior designers, and private collectors. She is the founder of the Silence Speaks Artist Association, an association for artists and writers. She was inducted into Who's Who of American Women for 2004-2005-the definitive biographical resource featuring the most accomplished women in all areas of human endeavor.

"The sayings are basically journal excerpts and thoughts. We don't always have the power to choose our life's situations, but we do have the power to choose what we do with the outcome or the experience. I've taken life situations that may not be so "pretty" and added color to them, and added a lesson learned at the end."

"For me personally, whatever your situation in life may be, it should not be an excuse to become the equivalent or worse, it should however give you a reason to strive to be even better."

II - Artist Exhibits:

Our recent Silence Speaks Partnerships:

OnAWhim Digital Magazine - A monthly syndicated column that Tait writes called, "Making Your Purpose Your Business"

BornFree - Our Silence Speaks eCards are syndicated on this site. - Our Silence Speaks eCards are syndicated here. - Our Silence Speaks eCards are syndicated on this site.

Mothering Magazine - We have donated art for's fundraiser to support their discussion boards. This is a six month event beginning November 2003 - May 2004. Each month a different image is being released on tshirts, journals, and reproductions. Link soon to come.

National Organization for Women (NOW) - Sacramento, CA chapter is featuring iAm II for their fundraising event on the Capitol steps, called "Take Back the Night", October 11,2003

Up and Coming Events:

Spire Press - New York, NY, featuring "MotherMoon II" and "iAm I" in their Fall ,2003 edition of their magazine.


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III - Artist Statement:

"When I first began my artwork back in December of 1997, I had no intentions of being an "artist." I never had any intentions of showing people what I had created. Each piece represented to me a missing link within myself. And for some reason it was perhaps easier to see when it was presented with lines and color. I would understand my struggle or whatever I was dealing with at that moment when the painting was complete. Showing people my artwork was comparable to standing naked before an arena. I was admitting to myself and to others the nature of my own truth and my own healing."

"As I reach an understanding of the concepts described in my paintings I am then capable of releasing them for the public eye. My intentions are not to make happy people sad nor to make sad people happy. I believe that whatever someone needs to see, they will see."

Featured Works

 One of the Masterpiece by Meilena Hauslendale
One of the Masterpiece by Meilena Hauslendale
 Broken Yoke
Broken Yoke

Sometimes the lion we fight is inside  Original 18x24" watercolor paper Medium: Watercolor & Sharpie Marker Creation Year: 1997 Location: Morgan Hill, CA

 Decada Ventrada
Decada Ventrada

The spiritual side of ourselves tells us the truth... and the human side of ourselves has to grieve about that truth Original 18x24" paper Medium: Sharpie Marker Creation Year: 2001 Location: Erie, PA

 Inner Scope
Inner Scope

If you don't like other people to waste your time, then why waste your own? Original 18x24" paper Medium: Sharpie Marker Creation Year: 2001 Location: Amelia Island, FL

 Sacred Right
Sacred Right

It is our duty to protect that which is sacred to us Original 18x24" watercolor paper Medium: Watercolor & Sharpie Marker Creation Year: 1999 Location: Atlanta, GA

 Selective Reasoning
Selective Reasoning

Life patterns are chains around the neck; to break them one eye is open, to deny them, one eye is closed Original 18x24" watercolor paper Medium: Watercolor & Sharpie Marker Creation Year: 1997 Location: Morgan Hill, CA

 Three Fold
Three Fold

The foundation of trust begins at the earliest stages of our lives Original 8x10" paper Medium: Sharpie Marker Creation Year: 2003 Location: Atlanta, GA