Sundus Ibrahim


Sundus grew up within the warm environment of a close family life where three generations lived affectionately together, amongst her loving parents and her great grand parents & with her darling brothers.

The enchanting and varied region of the Middle East, where so many different civilizations -The Sumerian, Assyrians, Babylonian, Arabian nights and Othman Turkish – left their lasting imprints, was an abiding source of inspiration for Sundus’ artistic work.

Early nineties Sundus started her numerous journey with her beloved husband Imad and their two very special daughters.

Sundus acute sense of observation, allowed her more to appreciate the fascinating natural and social environment of the region. The captivating cities rich in history , the ancient monuments, the enchanting sites of this splendid area, elegies; these elements has provoked a profound source of inspirations for Sundus.

Immigrated to Canada 1990 and has achieved recognition for her contribution to International Art communities in Italy, Germany, and Saudi Arabia.

Sundus is a Female certified Teacher by:
* International Porcelain Artist And Teachers (IPAT)Inc USA
* Ontario Porcelain Artist Guild Canada
Participated in:
* International Porcelain Exhibition & conventions,Como, Italy 2000
* International Porcelain Exhibition & conventions, Germany 2001
* Solo Exhibition Alyamama Feb 2001 Riyadh.
* Desert Energy Art Exhibition-Canadian Embassy, Riyadh, KSA 2001.
* Fine Art International Exhibition by IPAT, Riyadh, KSA 2002
* International Porcelain Exhibition and conventions,Como, Italy 2002.
* Solo Exhibition March Alyamama 2002 Riyadh.
* Ontario Porcelain Artist show Oct 2003 Canada.
* Exhibition at the learning club Dec 2003 - Canada
* Solo Show at Springbank-arts Center January 2004 Canada
* Exhibition and seminar, Porcelain Artists Of Canada (PAC) Inc.Stong College -York University. May 28-30, 2004

Awards Winner of:
* Bronze Meissen Tropae Dresden -Germany 2001
* First place Jury's Choice Award Canadian Embassy- Riyadh 2001
* Bronze Award, Exhibition of Fine Art Porcelain - Riyadh 2002

Seminars and Classes:
Sundus teaches techniques of porcelain painting, you can attend the courses to obtain a continuous and individual training. She can easily adapt her programs to your personal requirements and aspirations. If you are interested, please email the artist. Sundus then will get in touch with you.

Featured Works

 One of Sundus' masterpieces
One of Sundus' masterpieces