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One Fine Art direct sale, available order, purchase paintings, authentic, original artworks
One Fine Art - Direct sale, available artworks, order, payment made, paintings, credit card


Art Direct Sale offers for artists listed in its site the possibility to have their artworks shown in our new section "Art Direct Sale".

In this section, art-lovers will have the possibility to surf the pages of and check available authentic and original artworks ready to be ordered and shipped as soon as payment is made. The section will have a secure credit card form to make easy the acquisition of artworks.

For secure credit card payment, we are accepting only original works that are priced less then US $ 10.000 to be listed... for above that price kindly contact us.

The price of each work covers cost of shipment. OneFineArt is chargeable for the shipment through first class international courier, so you will not be charged. You can expect your work to arrive within 10 days from the date you place your order!

In general we do not sell the artwork with a frame unless the artist offers a free frame with his work

We list only works of artists who have already a profile in

To eliminate fraud, AVS electronic verification of the credit card must be available.

Chafic Abboud
Ghada Kazan Abboud
Joseph Abi Daher
Sami Abou Kheir
Woroud Toufik Ajami
Nouri Al Rawi
Camille Allam
Joseph el Arid
Alfred Baccache
Nabil Bader
Fadi Barrage
Joseph Bassil
Antoine Berberi
Rana Bissat
Ghadi Boustany
Antoine Bridi
Rodolphe Chamoun
George Chanine
Rafic Charaf
Pierre Chedid
Patrick Clerc
Georges Corm
Georges Cyr
Abdallah Dadour
Hiba Darwish
Elias Dib
Saliba Douaihy
Naim Doumit
Galina Eydi
Joseph Faloughi
Rodolph Farah
Mustapha Faroukh
Adib Fattal
Choucrallah Fattouh
Renée Fawaz
Bahij Gassoub
Miriam Ghubril
César Gemayel
Paul Guiragossian
Antoine El Hachem
Michel Elmir
Marie Hadad
Victor Haddad
Daria Hadichian
Zaven Hadichian
Fayek Hassan
Mario Hayek
Youssef Houwayek
Silwan Ibrahim
Jean Jabbour
Jacqueline Jabre
Ibrahim Khalil Al Jor
Hassan Jouni
Halim Jurdak
André Kalfayan
Elie Kanaan
Marie-Claude Kawak
Omran Kaysi
Maha Bayrakdar Khal
Jean Khalifeh
Joe Khoury
Joseph Khoury
Sally Khoury
Jean Lahoud
Ghassan Mahfouz
Waleed Mahmoud
Antoine Mansour
Tony Hadjar Mardelli
Ibrahim Marzouk
Assia Massabki
Antoine Matar
Jean-Pierre Matar
Joseph Matar
George Mattar
Odile Mazloum
Jamil Molaeb
Fateh Moudarres
Philippe Mourani
Maria Moussalli
Khalil Mufarrij
Samir Muller
Mounir Najem
Wajih Nahle
Munir Nasr
Yolande Naufal
Samira Nehmé
Omar Onsi
Joseph Panayoti
Saif Qassim
Abdul Kader El Rassam
Aref El Rayess
Bernard A. Renno
Ghazi Riman
Michel Rouhana
Rami Sabour
Michel Sacre
Shaker Saed
Nathalie Saikali
Stelio Scamanga
Darine Semaan
Juliana Seraphim
Georges Serhal
Amine Sfeir
Jean-Cesar Sfeir
Habib Srour
Haroutioun Torossian
Ghazi Toutounji
Rachid Wehbi
Alexandre Yordanov
Bibi Zogbe

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